Sunday, May 06, 2007

Site Revamp

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying Omen of Chaos so far =). Anyway, I am just posting this to inform the fans and people about the coming changes in the OoC website, which will be totally transformed and revamped in the next 2-3 weeks. First of all the site will acquire a domain so we look more "pro" (hehe). Also, we will be moving from Blogger to an all new webhost so that way I can customize and change everything. With this also comes a forum, exclusive to Omen of Chaos where you will be able to discuss things and exchange ideas and give your opinions and... etc =P. The site layout will obviously change and we will be incorporating drawings and GFX relating to OoC in the new layout. The posting engine will also change, but hopefully the transfer will be smooth and without major problems. More info on the OoC universe will be added, with factoids andn other things. With the release of this new site expect a small prequel and side-story updated randomly which will explain the events that led to World War III and the events that took place in it. Also, expect that by Summer or Fall 2007 the first 20 chapters of OoC will be rewritten and art and images added to them... but the rewrite and the drawings will be released in a commercial book (yeah, sold in bookstores). I am currently in the process of rewriting the chapters so expect more news on this soon.

NEXT! Hopefully I will acquire new affiliates soon that can bring a bigger influx of visits to the site, creating new fans in the process (I hope, hehe). Also, as you can see we have added a Google Adsense banner, please do click on it everytime you visit the site, because the hosting will cost some money and I need a little help with income. And if you feel even more generous then you could donate to OoC =). Every post ends with a "Make a Donation" button, and on the right you can see the Paypal Donate button, so if you have some extra money then maybe you wouldn't mind helping this poor college student, hehe.

Finally.... the Lord of the Abyss arc has reached its climax. Yep, now. Major plot twist? BWAAHAHA. You will have to wait and see... hopefully my schedule won't be broken. I am not sure how many chapters I have left because I am still writing, but rest assured that the ending is getting near and I am picking up the pace of the plot. I actually find the pacing in the first 10 chapters a total disaster, really... too slow. I'll make up for it though! So, hold on for a while because everything will be slowly revamped =). Thanks for your support!!


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