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Chapter XLV: Funeral

Chapter XLV: Funeral

Loud bells are heard in the background. The day looks gloomy and the skies are clouded. A big crowd gathers around the Cathedral St. John the Divine. Thousands are gathered there, leaving only a small space in the middle which leads to a big wooden door which is open. Inside the cathedral is full, with a red carpet which leads from the entrance to the altar. Inside many personalities are gathered from around the world, and in the very first line was the president of the United States, Adam Goodwill. On the left side of the cathedral, in the very first line is Alexandra, with a veil covering her face. The bells sound more. Helicopters are flying around the Cathedral, filming the event, and one of the reporters covering the event was Laura Schieffman. Rain begins to fall from the darkened sky.

Then a black limousine arrives and stops in the entrance of the Cathedral, trying to make way between the gigantic crowds reunited there. Police surrounds the car and keep people away from it. Then six men appear… Alphonse, Ulysses, Maxwell, Guile, Kevin and Martin. They open the car and grab a large white coffin. Three on each side, they walk towards the entrance, walking over the red carpet. The six men, dressed in formal clothing, walk forward, slowly but steady, People sniff and cry as they see the coffin in the middle which has a silver cross in the middle. They walk, walk, and walk. Some people bow as they see the coffin pass in front of them, while the six men holding the coffin walk forward.

“We are reporting live from St. John the Divine’s cathedral in New York City, the funeral of the hero that has saved thousands of lives, not only in New York but around the world,” says Laura Schieffman, looking closely at the white coffin as it passes by her. The men enter the cathedral and walk toward the altar. People look closely at the coffin as it passes by them. Constant mourns and cries are heard in the aura of grief and sorrow surrounding the cathedral. A catholic priest stands in front of a table put just before the altar, where the coffin will soon lay.

The men walk forward and slowly put the coffin over the table. Alexandra stands up from her seat. Chloe sits by her side crying. Tears start coming down Alexandra’s eyes.

Alphonse then whispers to the coffin “I will protect all that you once protected,”. Finally he takes a bow to the coffin and walks to the right side of the coffin. “A respectable man indeed,” whispers Maxwell, bowing to the coffin and then walking to the left side of the coffin and standing there. “You are the most respectable man I’ve ever met, and you are one to look up to. I thank you for all the aid you’ve given us and this world in it’s need. Thank you…” continues Ulysses, then bowing and walking to the right side of the coffin, by Alphonse’s side. “Though we didn’t have enough time to talk, I admire you for your courage and for what you’ve done to this world. Even though I am still hurt inside by Angel’s and Shana’s deaths… I pardon you,” whispers Guile, bowing and then moving to the left side of the coffin.

“A great, but strange friend you were. Thanks for your friendship and all the help you gave me when I needed it. You are, and will forever be, my best friend,” says Kevin, taking a bow and walking to the right side of the coffin. Then Uncle Martin walks forward, and in loud voice says: “I found you alone, lost and hungry. I found you crying in a sunny day, where people ignored you as just another bum. But I and your aunt saw something in you, and we rescued you from there and gave you all you needed. We raised you like our own. And you did end up being a very fine lad… thanks for everything, my kid… I will love you for all time. Thanks, thanks a million times,”. Then he bursts in tears as he slowly takes a bow to the coffin and walks to the left side of the coffin.

A deafening silence falls over the cathedral, with just the water of the rain being heard along the mourning and cries.

President Adam turns his head and looks at Alexandra, who is just staring at the coffin. Behind the President was a man in a gray suit with long grayish, near white hair. He was David.

“You won’t say anything Alexandra?” asks Kevin to the young woman. “I… will…” she replies with her voice cut. Slowly and nervously she walks towards the coffin. She touches the cover of the coffin with her gentle hands. Drops of tears fall over it. A second later she falls to her knees in front of the coffin. “I…” she whispers.

A tear drops down the President’s chin, a tear which is photographed by a journalist. “A savior has gone…” says the President. Alexandra meanwhile puts her face over the coffin as tears fall down.

“It was my fault… I… I should have stayed in the helicopter. If it wasn’t for my stubbornness you would be here. If you hadn’t promised that you would never allow me to see you like that then you wouldn’t have hesitated and you would be with me now. But no… I was too darn stubborn and wanted to be with you, I caused your death. And when I saw you laying there in the floor, letting blood go out of your body all I could do was cry like a baby. I didn’t try anything. I caused your death and I let you die there without calling for help. I killed you… I never believed that love could be a deadly thing but now I am sure of it. You were my best friend and eventually became the man I would fall in love with. I met you in the weirdest of ways… falling off the stairs. But it was that ability of laughing with yourself and that determination to help others that made me love you. It was how you treated me and those around you. There was a moment where I even got scared of it and decided to back a bit off you and see if I could love another person, but I failed and I realized you were for me. I…” whispers Alexander before stopping and taking a deep breath, “I killed you. I killed you..”

Then she looks at the ceiling of the cathedral as tears slide down her face. “I KILLED YOU!” she finally yells.

“I killed you, I killed you!” she cries.

“Come Alexandra,” says Alphonse, reaching to grab her. Then she slaps his hand away, “Leave me here!” she cries. “Come…” he gently says, staring at her crying and yelling, holding the coffin with all her strength. Her yells echo through the cathedral. News were recording everything and asking opinions to the people. The headlines of newspapers read: “The Demon Hero has fallen”, “We lost a Hero,”, “ Who will protect us now?” and many more.

People were gathering around the holograms and screens all over the city to witness the funeral of their hero.

A man covered in a brown jacket is walking through a crowded street with hundredths viewing the funeral. The sun shines over his face, revealing the white face and blonde-hair. It was Lucian. He looks at the screen and then stares at the people who were crying.

“And you don’t know what’s next,” he whispers as he makes way through the crowd. He touches a button in his wristwatch and calls someone. When the person replies he says: “Alexander, get ready,” .

“And so the Lord of the Abyss triumphs over the world having defeated the only that could stop him… his own brother. And so he shall rise to the skies and become the sole ruler of the whole world becoming what he most desired to become… the Lord and King of not only the world but of the Universe. To spread his kin and destroy the human race that gave birth to him in their greed of power and superiority. Lucian shall rise to become the ultimate God of the whole Universe …. The Lord of the Abyss has won. Humankind has lost its last war…. The one against its own greed. The Earth and Mankind now stand destroyed…”

The En-

“I won’t let this place be destroyed…” says an old man looking from the roof a building down to the cathedral, staring at the thousands reunited there attending the funeral. Suddenly a strong wind blows and a small silver plaque falls to the ground which reads “Dr. Hyde”.

“Stupid plaque…” says the old man, bald in the middle of the head but with weird white hair in the sides and absolutely no hair in the back. He’s very small and has a big nose. His black eyes are witnessing the suffering of the people.

“I will redeem myself,” says the old man turning around and giving his back to the cathedral.

Will be continued in the next chapter…

PD: The next chapter still continue the Lord of the Abyss arc, it hasn’t ended yet. I just added a fake ending up there to make you guys feel uneasy, hehe. Since I am so nice I’ll name the next chapter: Attack of the Iusta Vindicta. We are on the climax now so don’t miss a single chapter!


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