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Chapter XXXIX: Silver Cross

Chapter XXXIX: Silver Cross

“Where are we?”

The whole place was dark, and Alexandra could not see anything inside that pitch black place. She was just lost, with no sense of direction.

“Where am I?” she once again asks herself.

Suddenly many lights are lit. She was in a small room with a nice, cozy bed dressed in white. The room was small, but still felt comfortable. Everything was white, with gold streaks decorating the otherwise monotonous walls.

Then the doors opens, sliding to the right swiftly. A masked soldier, with a hose connected to his mask, aiming at the nose. The hose connected in a backpack.

“Please, come with me,” the soldier says, in a robotic-like voice. “Sure,” she replies.

The soldier escorts her through a beautiful corridor with paintings in the ceiling, alluding to Christianity, like a crucified Jesus. “Here,” says the soldier, pointing at a huge door. Alexandra walks towards it and it opens automatically.

Inside the room was a gold round table, and a woman sat in the opposite side to Alexandra. Her long and curvy brown hair was very beautiful, glimmering with the soft light illuminating the room. She was young, maybe about 34 years old. Her skin was soft and very white. Sitting in the chairs around the table were Ulysses, Maxwell, Guile and Alphonse.

“Welcome Alexandra Kingston,” says the woman dressed in a long and antiqued red dress with blue lines and gold terminations in the sleeves and neck.

“My name is Sylvia Remora, I am the leader of the Silver Cross organization, secretly funded by the Vatican and the seven super powers of the World… our objective is to protect Earth and avoid useless wars,” quickly informs Sylvia, the woman in the red dress.

“Silver Cross…” responds a shocked Alexandra, just sitting in one of the chairs.

“We have been following every single movement your small organization has been making for the past few weeks, and at the same time we have been investigating any movement made by the Iusta Vindicta. The Great Seven Powers and us have acknowledged that the Iusta Vindicta poses a greater risk than anything before in the history of mankind, and such we must stop them. We don’t have enough manpower to successfully challenge the Iusta Vindicta, since their leader is the remnant of a long cancelled project… a NanoBIO, this I understand you know,” narrates Sylvia as he stares at every single person reunited in the room with her sharp blue eyes, “The BIO Project was started by the United States and funded by themselves in total secrecy from other nations, and the creation of the program was for a simple reason: To create a war machine, a warlord greater than anything ever seen by mankind. The US was expelled out of the Silver Cross after this was known, but they didn’t cooperate. What we do know is that they created one initial NanoBIO…codenamed Crnobog, with tag number 00666, denoting ultimate imperfection. Then, from the failures they learned creating Crnobog they set off to create a perfect version… codenamed Belobog, tag number 00777 denoting maximum perfection,” kept explaining Sylvia.

Everyone was attending her with great interest.

“We do not know the specifics of the BIO Project, there are many things unclear and the United States hasn’t explained anything, that’s the reason they were expelled from Silver Cross. Still, with secret sanctions, they haven’t even responded to any of our queries,” says Sylvia, while standing from her chair, “I will not go into further details about this problem, but I think you know where I am going. Since we don’t have any information on the NanoBIOs, we need to gain it. Sometime ago, one of our doctors, Dr. Richard’s from St. Helena’s hospital unsuspectingly took blood samples from Dwayne Erickson, by then unknown to be a NanoBIO. This information reached us through him, and was further confirmed when Arthur Longheart, known in the media was ‘Mordred’, revealed Dwayne’s identity to thousands. Of course, not everyone knows this and the government took measures so the information of Dwayne’s identity won’t be revealed to anyone,” says Sylvia.

“But!”, says Alexandra, “the US Army sent aircraft to kill him,” she finishes.

“We know… this must all be the work of the current President of the United States, Adam F. Goodwill… once a scientist in the NanoBIO project, or maybe even the Lead Scientist, but we are short in information. We just know that the US wants to finish Dwayne Erickson at any cost, so it would seem obvious for them to activate Lucian to kill his own brother. At this point we don’t know if this theory holds true or if it is true Lucian acted on his own and decided to destroy humanity. We are short on information… but we need to take tests of Dwayne Erickson so we can see how NanoBIOs were created, and in fact we are already taking them since he’s been unconscious for a few hours now,” says Sylvia.

“So Dwayne is fine… “ whispers Alexandra.

“But why not contact us earlier?” asks Professor Ulysses.

“We had to make sure you were of trust. Of course, seeing the recent actions and the fact that you risked your own lives to combat the Iusta Vindicta proved this to us. We avoided contact though, when Dwayne lost control of his powers as a NanoBIO. When he reverted back to normal we took action, though now they know there is someone else against them,” replies Sylvia.

“So, do you know any of the current plans of the Iusta Vindicta?” asks Alphoonse.

Sylvia sighs and then replies, “No… we don’t. We have absolutely no clue on what they are planning to do…”

“So, you need us to battle the Iusta Vindicta?” asks Alphonse.

“Yes, we don’t have any special people in here. We cannot battle them evenly… plus the fact that Lucian alone could destroy our whole small fleet and force. We need Dwayne to battle Lucian… and even then it would be an uneven battle, as Lucian is superior to Dwayne in every sense,” says Sylvia with a saddened look.

“What? Dwayne can’t beat his own brother?” reacts Alexandra.

“…. I don’t think so, but trying wouldn’t hurt,” replies Sylvia.

With a sad and broken voice, Maxwell speaks: “We have lost comrades… but we have nothing to lose by joining forces,”

“I agree…” says Guile, sad as well.

“I have no objections with helping protect the world… as long as we aren’t used as mere trash,” says Ulysses.

“Very well,” replies Sylvia with a relieved look on her face.

“We will battle the Iusta Vindicta and uncover this complex plot,” she continues.

“But, where is Dwayne?” worriedly asks Alexandra.

“We are taking blood tests and taking some of the muscle threads. He can of course reconstruct them… but we have found out that truly his blood is swarming with millions of nanomachines controlled by a central computer just below his human brain. Also, the DNA has been altered, it is very similar to a normal human DNA, normally one would have 46 chromosomes, but his DNA has over 78, the order of the proteins have been exchanged and some of the organs work way differently. His human brain also has greater power than any human would even remotely have… while one uses 20% of his overall brain, his changes from 20% to over 80% of the total brain power,” says Sylvia amazed.

“Even more incredible is that he possesses special glandules in the esophagus that can create fire, and other smaller organs in his hands which can create electricity by burning huge amounts of sugar and sodium,” she keeps speaking.

“Wow, how much have you investigated on him with the little time you’ve had?” asks Ulysses surprised by their speed.

“We have the top technology in the whole world;” replies Sylvia with a smile.

“When will I be able to see him?” asks Alexandra.

“They are almost done with him, maybe in the next hour or two,” says Sylvia. “Fine,” answers Alexandra.

- - - -

“We lost Adrian sir,” says Alexander to Lucian, who was sitting by the window of a building, inside a luxury suite in a hotel.

“The weak ones must go out first if we want to create a perfect race,” replies Lucian with a cold blooded smile.

“So, will we still proceed with the plan?” asks General Mack.

“Oh sure we will… it is time to steal the Heracles, but first of all we must steal the rocket…. Is all what I asked up there?” mysteriously says Lucian.

“Yes, everything is there,” replies Mack. “Good… then lets proceed with the plan, you know what to do,” speaks Lucian.

“I am sorry for not killing your brother sir,” excuses himself Gregori.

“No… I actually thank you. The Princess was there, it would have been horrible to make her see her love die in front of her,” replies Lucian, “but next time… I can’t be so forgiving,”

“Next time, I will kill my brother,”


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