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Chapter XLIV: Reunion of Brothers

Chapter XLIV: Reunion of Brothers

“STOP!” yells Crnobog. Gregori stares at him and smiles, “The great and mighty demon hero… begging me to stop. Most impressive indeed,”.

“Whatever you are doing… stop,” says Crnobog. “Sadly, you are not the one to command me,” says Gregori with a smile. “Where’s my brother Lucian?” asks Crnobog. “You mean our Lord? He’s one his way to give you a pleasant surprise,” says Gregori, hiding the disk. He turns around and hits a red button in the keyboard.

The room was a quite big-sized room, with computer panels on the northern wall of the room (where Gregori was standing) and in the middle was a small computer with a hologram in the top of it showing what was an aircraft, looking much like an UFO. On top it read “Heracles”. There was also a gigantic screen in the northern wall, over the keyboards and computers, but it was shut down.

“So, that is the Heracles,” says Crnobog. “Yes, the key to the destruction of humankind,” says Gregori, “an aircraft created by themselves and that will ultimately destroy them,”

“That is… if I allow it,” challenges Crnobog. “What will you do? I’ve already witnessed your power… and I assure you it’s nothing compared to Lord Lucian’s power,” replies Gregori. “There’s no logical way my brother can be that powerful when we are the same,” says Crnobog. “Error. You are an imperfect version, he’s perfect, everything that you are not,” he replies with a cocky smile.

“But…” whispers Gregori, putting his hands behind him. Crnobog looks closely at every action he makes. “I was ordered with your annihilation, I won’t fail now,” says Gregori, looking straight at the Demon Hero’s eyes.

Both stare at each other for a few seconds. Both watching closely every action they can make, thinking ahead the battle. “Funny, you haven’t tried Hellfire yet,” says Gregori, “What are you so scared of? You fear that you might go all crazy like last time heh? Well then… I’ll make sure that happens again,” says Gregori.

Gregori then takes immediate action and with one swift movement aims both of his arms towards Crnobog, with all the fingers extended aiming at the same spot. Over a dozen of threads fly from one side of the room to the other, effectively surrounding Crnobog and grabbing him, tying him up in an instant. “Now I’ll squash you out,” he says as he slowly pulls his fingers back, doing slight and slow movements with his hand. The threads begin to have more pressure on Crnobog and begin to pierce his jacket and then quickly getting to his skin and piercing it little by little. Crnobog falls to his knees, unable to move. Blood begins to fall from the injuries as Crnobog struggles to break the threads.

“Too easy,” says Gregori with a smile.

Suddenly Crnobog’s eyes grow red and shine. Electricity begins to surround his body and in a swift move he sprouts his wings out, effectively breaking the threads holding him down. Electricity quickly flows through the cables and to Gregori. “Not again!” he yells, letting go of them. Then Crnobog stands, with his wings extended, barely a few meters away from him.

“You lose,”

The Dark Scythe begins to form in his hands. “Shit!” yells Gregori as he takes action and sends more threads towards Crnobog, “piercing threads!” he yells. The needles head towards Crnobog but suddenly are blasted away by the electromagnetism surrounding Crnobog.

The Demon Hero sways his scythe horizontally with great power and speed, sending a lightning ray right towards Gregori. The young man avoids it by jumping but then…


The scythe pierces right through his chest. Blood quickly spreads everywhere, as then Crnobog pushes forward and crushes Gregori into the gigantic screen, shattering it to pieces. Gregori lets out an agony yell as he throws out blood. There his body lays, stuck into the screen by Crnobog’s scythe.

Tears begin to come down his eyes as Crnobog looks fiercely at him. Blood flows down his body and falls to the keyboard and floor like a cascade. He struggles to breath or talk, looking at Crnbog with a very amazed look. “It was wrong to challenge me I guess,” he says with a sadistic smile.

Finally he pulls the scythe out of Gregori’s body. The young man falls near dead to the ground, falling just over the pool of blood he had made. “How does your own blood taste?” asks Crnobog. Gregori tries to move but is unable to. Crnobog laughs for a second or two then looks at him with a look of pity.

“Are you enjoying it?”

Crnobog opens his eyes widely and quickly turns around, facing Lucian who is standing in the middle of the opened door.

“My Lord…” struggles to say Gregori. Lucian looks at Gregori with a smile. “My master…”. Suddenly, Gregori’s body lights up in fire. “You are useless now,” says Lucian, who the changes his sights to Crnobog, “And don’t come shitting me now, you were more sadistic, enjoying his poor death,” he says to Crnobog.


“Dwayne…. My big brother. It seems you haven’t yet developed all your abilities,” says the blonde-haired brother, dressed in his usual “king and god” attire.

“So you finally have the guts to face me in person, not through some useless intermediary,”

Actually I was a little busy, taking care of some things for the very close future,” says Lucian with a smile. “What do you seek?”. “You know what I seek… it is useless to ask that,” he replies, then closing his eyes, “Remember… Light is blinding, while Shadow hides…”

”Does that have anything to do with this?” “Actually no, but I felt like saying that… now brother, I must take care of certain things for I must finally destroy this worthless race… and procreate our mighty one,” “Procreate? Hah… how, it’s impossible, you cannot pass our nanomachines to a human baby, maybe our genes, and all you will create is a GenoBIO,”

“Who says I am looking to breed with a human woman? I’ve finally found my own method to easily and quickly procreate… clone myself,” says Lucian with an evil grin. “Clone?!” “Yeah I don’t want to depend in the stupid human race like our creators wanted to,”

“You psychotic bastard…” says Crnobog, losing his temper. “And what will you do to avoid that? ‘Cuz… I am sure you came all the way here to stop me, am I right?” asks Lucian with a grin.


Crnobog’s wings extend and he raises his scythe. Immediately he flies towards Lucian at full speed. He attacks with a horizontal attack but Lucian crouches and avoids it. Quickly he gets up and grabs Crnobog’s right arm. He makes a complete turn around and hits him in the stomach, then lowers himself and prepares a punch. He smiles and sends an uppercut just to Crnobog’s chin sending the Demon Hero flying and falling over the holographic computer in the middle of the room. It breaks and explodes, covering Crnobog’s body in fire and smoke.

Then from within the smoke he stands up, his eyes shining red across the deep smoke. He once again charges at Lucian, but just before reaching him stops and backs down a few feet. He extends his left arm.

“Psychic waves huh!” says Lucian moving away. Crnobog attacks once again with the scythe but Lucian evades it. Quickly Crnobog makes a complete 360 degree turn and transforms the scythe to a sword. Noticing this Lucian backs away a few feet, barely touching the skin in his neck. Crnobog keeps looking at him. Then Lucian’s body is sent flying towards the wall, crashing in it. Crnobog thrust his sword at Lucian, but the younger brother manages to avoid it. Crnobog makes another 360 degree turn and kicks Lucian right in the chest, sending the NanoBIO a few feet away, back into the corridor.

“I knew it would be hard without transforming,” says Lucian. Crnobog goes into the attack again, but then this time sends a burst of electricity which knocks out Lucian for a split second, leaving in open for an attack.

Lucian then moves the fingers in his left hand forward.

“DIE!” yells Crnobog in a very demonical voice.

Suddenly from the T-intersection that connects the corridor appears Alexandra. She rolls over the ground with great speed and heading towards Lucian and Crnobog. She was being pulled by something.

“Alexandra…” thinks Dwayne looking at the girl coming straight to him, hurting over the floor as she rolls over it. This takes concentration and focus out of Crnobog’s attack with the sword, an attack that was sure to slice Lucian’s neck off. Lucian smiles, and quickly crouches, evading the attack. Then he grabs Crnobog;s right arm. “You lose brother,” says Lucian. Suddenly he pulls the arm off Crnobog. The Demon Hero yells in agony as a stream of blood falls from the massive wound. Then Lucian turns around and faces Crnobog face to face, barely a few inches separating each other.

Alexandra stops rolling over the floor and was slightly wounded. Struggling, she stares at the brothers and tries to stand up.

Lucian puts his left arm just in Crnobog’s chest. Suddenly an electric blast pierces through Crnobog, piercing through him from one side to the other. The wound is brutal, and so is the amount of blood that falls from his body. Crnobog shocked by this sways forward and his head falls over his brother’s right shoulder. The last image he sees is that of Alexanda kneeled over the floor, looking shocked at him. His hair goes down and his body slowly grows numb.

“You let the emotions for this woman get the best of you. I knew it since the very first time I saw you together and when you tried to save her. You love this human, and I took advantage of your weakness. She also loves you, and I took advantage of her. I knew she was going to follow me, so I made a gamble… to let you attack me, and when the opportunity arose… use her to take your concentration away and give you one final hit. And I succeeded my brother… and so you will die here and now,” whispers Lucian to his brother’s right ear.

Then a weakened and numb Crnobog slides off his brother shoulder and falls to his knees, finally swaying to his left and falling near dead to the floor as blood flows out of him.

”DWAYNE!” yells Alexandra, finding the energy to stand up and run towards her lover’s side.

“I… didn’t want you…. To… look at… me… like…. T-that…” he struggles to say.

“Poor big brother… I am sorry but there was no other way,” says Lucian. “No! Dwayne! Do what you do! Fix yourself again!” cries a desperate Alexandra.

“Automatic Recovery Function Activated”

Slowly the blood that had fallen from Gregori begins to evaporate.

“No,” says Lucian, extending his arm and pointing at the blood. Slowly with his own psychic strength he pushes the blood back, not allowing it to move closer and evaporate.

Dwayne struggles to move as even more blood flows out of him.

“Oh my God! HELP ME! HELP ME!” yells Alexandra as she cries. “SOMEONE HELP ME!!!” yells Alexandra. Dwayne’s eyes slowly begin to close.

“Alexandra… I am sorry…” he finally whispers as his eyes close.


“For how long do I need to push the blood away before you die?” says Lucian. Lucian walks towards Gregori’s dead body and grabs a disk out of his jacket and slowly walks away. He opens his mouth and from it shoots a blast of fire that evaporates Gregori’s blood.

Dwayne’s breathing grows heavier, and then begins to faint down.

“Sorry, Princess,” says Lucian turning around and staring at his brother. “You deserved it, weakling,” says Lucian, walking away.

“DWAYNE NO! WAKE UP PLEASE! WAKE UP!!” cries Alexandra desperate as tears flow down her eyes and she grabs Dwayne’s body.


Then Dwayne opens his eyes and takes a deep breath. His eyes move and he stares at Alexandra’s face. Finally, he closes his eyes and exhales all the air he had inhaled.

“NO PLEASE, NO!! DWAYNE PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME DAMMIT! WAKE UP GODDAMMIT! WAKE UP!” continues yelling Alexandra, moving Dwayne’s body.

Then she gives one last yell and resigning, moves towards Dwayne’s dead body. She opens her arms and embraces his dead body.

“I killed you… I killed you…”


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