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Chapter XLIII: Battle of the Swordsmen

Chapter XLIII: Battle of the Swordsmen

“Yeah, the odds are very good…” says Alexander showing off his amazing white sword to Alphonse and Guile.

“Guile, let me handle this,” says Alphonse aiming his blade at Alexander. The man of the Iusta Vindicta grins. Immediately both men clash with their swords, struggling to break a deadlock. Finally Alexander pushes further, sending Alphonse to the eastern wall of the small laboratory. Alphonse quickly jumps and using both of his legs boosts from the wall and towards Alexander. The black haired man quickly evades the incoming attack. Meanwhile Alphonse lands atop the metal table in the middle of the laboratory. Alexander does a back-flip, and then another, finally doing a third back-flip and turning around right in the middle of the jump, giving a clean hit to Alphonse’s face with his feet. Alphonse falls from the table, but amazingly does a single-handed handstand with his left hand. Immediately he begins to turn around, landing in his feet and with a swift movement boosts towards Alexander. The man of the Iusta Vindicta blocks the attack but is pushed back by Alphonse’s strength. He seems disappointed by the turn of events, but then a cocky smile quickly draws in his face. Not hesitating nor losing a second he attacks Alphonse again. The blonde-haired man quickly avoids the incoming vertical slash. Alexander’s blade sticks into the metal floor. He smiles and then lightning could be seen around his hand. The lighting goes from the blade and into the metal floor.

“Guile, get out!” yells Alphonse as he jumps. Sparks begin to fly as some electrical equipment explodes by the current of electricity. Alexander takes action and kicks Alphonse right in the face while he was jumping. Alphonse hits the western wall but manages to respond and stabs his sword in the concrete, not touching the electrified floor. A split second passes and the floor loses the electricity.

Alexander then aims his blade at Alphonse, like he was ready to stab him right in the chest. Alphonse quickly pulls away the blade off the wall. Alexander begins his next wave of attacks by thrusting his sword forward. Alphonse moves his sword horizontally while keeping the blade vertical, effectively blocking the attack. As soon as he counters the attack he runs forward, finally hitting Alexander in the stomach with his left knee. Alexander slides a few inches back because of the impact, but finally resists and holds on, pushing Alphonse back. Immediately he raises his left leg and kicks Alphonse in the face and then quickly in the chest. The man of the Terra Contego replies the attack by pointing his left arm at Alexander. His hand lights in green fire and finally he shoots it at Alexander. The man of the Iusta Vindicta shoots lightning, countering the incoming green blast and causing a small explosion in the middle of the room.

Suddenly a wave of small green fire blasts appear incoming from the smoke. Alexander opens his eyes widely as he sees the amount of blasts coming at him. He tries to evade them, but eventually three hit him, causing small explosions on impact. Not stopping for a second Alexander makes a wide 360 degree turn with his left arm extended. From his fingers and while turning he sends lightning at Alphonse. He takes evasive action and manages to get free from most of the impact, but yet he receives a small hit.

“Alphonse,” says Guile, almost ready to enter the fray. “Come, I can take you two at the same time,” says Alexander while breathing heavily and sweating.

“Oh really,” says Guile with a smile, taking fighting stance. “You sure,” says Guile as suddenly all image of him vanishes. “Hey,” says Guile while behind Alexander. He quickly turns around and tries to slice his head off, but Guile kneels down and immediately after he evades the attack sends a uppercut directly to Alexander’s jaw, which makes clear impact sending the weakened GenoBIO backwards and almost knocked out.

“Ultrasonic speed,” says Alexander as blood falls from his mouth. “No Guile, this is my battle,” says Alphonse. “This is our battle… because of them many have died, we need to stop them. Pride doesn’t matter here, forget one on one battle… we need to take them down as fast as we can,” says Guile, taking once again a fighting stance.

Alphonse closes his eyes and seems to go into a deep meditation for a second or two. Then, while slowly opening his eyes he says: “ Let me fight him, if you see I am failing then enter the battle and kill him, but also kill me,”. Then confidently he walks forward to Alexander.

“Alphonse…” whispers Guile. “A just fight… then so be it,” says Alexander as a smile once again draws in his face. He sheathes his sword and takes a bow. Alphonse follows the same procedure. Then both of them grab the hilt of their respective swords.

“You are the very first being on this cursed earth to be able to battle me evenly, for I am the strongest of the Iusta Vindicta and no one can match me… except my Lord and God,” says Alexander. “I would say the same, because I never found anyone with a sword to battle me at this level, so I wanted to have this duel at any cost, to be able to fight someone with a sword and fight to death,” says Alphonse. “Then let us put an end to is, let the best man.. no, the best GenoBIO, win,” says Alexander with the smile of someone whose wish has been granted.

Both of them begin their respective assaults. Alphonse draws his sword and attacks from above. Alexander puts his right knee in the ground and puts his blade horizontally in front of him, blocking the attack. Then with a sudden boost of strength he pushes Alphonse back and finally with his head hits him in the chest. Alphonse resists the attack and raises his sword, grabbing the hilt with both hands. Finally he hits Alexander’s head with the back of the hilt, practically knocking him down. Blood begins to fall, flowing down his neck. Alexander falls to his knees and let’s go of his sword.

“So, I lost,” he says, lamenting his defeat.

Alphonse coughs and throws blood from his mouth. “But it was not in vain,” says Alexander seeing Alphonse also fall to his knees. “I pierced your liver… you will die a slow death,” says Alexander with a smile. “But I have finished my duty… to stop you and at least eliminate one of you,” says Alexander struggling to stand up, raising his sword over his head.

“But this will not be my death, Alphonse, this was just a defeat,” says Alexander, “you stood up, so you won,”.

Suddenly an alarm begins to buzz. Lightning begins to surround Alexander’s body. “No, you won’t!” yells Alphonse, letting go of his sword downwards, to give the final blow. But to his surprise Alexander stopped the attack with his left hand, even though it pierced right through it.

Blood flows down the massive injury as Alexander begins to laugh. Suddenly a hissing is heard. “Gas…Boom you should notice your surroundings before entering a fight,,” says Alexander as he stands up, looking at Alphonse with a psychotic look.

“This is my maximum, my final power given to me as a GenoBIO, I am breaking my own limits… you might have defeated me in battle, but you will not get out of here alive!!” yells Alexander. Alexander shoots lightning towards the floor, causing sparks. Suddenly that sparks lights the whole room in fire.

“OXYGEN!” yells Alphonse as a massive explosion takes place. The whole building trembles and is sensed far away.

“What the fuck!” yells Maxwell feeling the trembling. “What could cause that,” says Ulysses.

“An explosion,” thinks Dwayne as he runs forward.

Back in the laboratory everything was in flames. Alphonse yells in agony as his body burns. Meanwhile Alexander stands in the middle of the room laughing like a maniac as the fire surrounds and consumes him. “I WIN! I WIN!” he yells as the fire burns deeper and deeper.

“Alphonse!” yells Guile as he gets inside the laboratory and grabs a burning Alphonse. He gives one final peek at Alexander as he burns, laughing like a maniac. Guile, using his supersonic speed, gets away from the hellish fire with Alphonse in hands. He runs through the burning corridor, towards the stairs.

Alexander laughs like a maniac, a laugh which echoes down the corridor. Guile takes a sharp turn and puts Alphonse in the floor, quickly throwing his own military jacket over him and turning the fire off an unconscious Alphonse. He takes the blonde’s man shirt and his pants as well, leaving him in underwear. He succeeded in turning off the fire around Alphonse, leaving only a few marks and scars. Meanwhile Alexander’s laughing slowly fades.

“Alphonse!” yells Guile. Slowly, he opens his eyes.

“That bastard had set everything up before… he was letting oxygen escape for a long while now,” says Guile. “No… he actually did it when you hit him… if not it would have exploded when he sent electricity down the floor. Whatever the case is, he died,” says Alphonse.

“But, how did you escape alright?” asks Alphonse. “I had charged my energies for sometime now, so when I saw the explosion I quickly ran away as fast as I could, then after the explosion ceased I ran back in… sadly I couldn’t use this power to save Saya or Angel for I hadn’t prepared enough energy to do it and had wasted energy fighting the other GenoBIOs that appeared. It’s a technique that uses far too much energy… I need to ‘charge’ up before using it,” says Guile.

“At least he’s dead…” whispers Alphonse.

Meanwhile Dwayne runs forward and reads a sign: “Command Center 45 ->”

“There it is,” says Dwayne as he begins his transformation as Crnobog at a 25 percent state. His teeth and nails grows, his hair spikes and his clothing changes to the gothic one with a jacket. He extends his right arm at the door and blasts it away.

“Welcome, Mr. Dwayne,” says Gregori, ejecting a disk from a drive and turning around facing Crnobog. “Stop,” says Crnobog standing right in the middle of the entrance.


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