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Chapter XLII: The Professor vs. The General

Chapter XLII: The Professor vs. The General

Ulysses, Maxwell and Marcus run forward, heading towards a three-way intersection, connecting corridors A and B with corridor C. The three man team moves forward, rushing their way for an impending battle.

“I detect movement,” says Marcus. Immediately the three men stop in their tracks and look forward towards the intersection itself. There, General Mack makes appearance, coming from corridor B (right one). He stands in the middle of the intersection with a defiant look in his face. He smiles and closes both fists. Ulysses smiles, and for the first time ever, rushes towards Mack.

“Professor!” yells Maxwell.

Professor Ulysses sends a punch straight to the General’s face. The latter throws a punch of his own, and both punches collide.

“Impressive, you can hold my attack,” says Mack struggling to push back Ulysses with his punch. “Well, I made some mechanical modifications to my body some time ago… Hey! I am a genius,” he replies smiling. “This time, we can have… how should I call it… an intellectual battle with fists,” says Mack with a smile. “Fine,” replies Ulysses as he jumps and impressively sends a kick to Mack’s way. The General quickly takes notice and retreats back, his back at the wall.

Ulysses smiles and throws a very thin thread with a needle at the end towards Mack. The General quickly avoids the needle. “That needle has poison in its tip!” says Mack as he then counter attacks with bare fists thrown at the Professor. The man struggles to avoid the punches. Mack grins and with his knee hits Ulysses’s stomach. “You might have enhanced your fists, but your body will still be as slow as ever,” says Mack, backing away from Ulysses after giving him that powerful blow.

A bit of blood comes falling down from Ulysses face, who doesn’t seem any desperate. “Hey old man, you need help!” says Maxwell charging at Mack. Brother Marcus meanwhile draws a massive rifle from his back. He immediately opens fire on Mack, who runs towards corridor A, avoiding the incoming storm of bullets. He takes cover behind the fall, but suddenly his neck is being held by something. Whatever it was, it was putting more pressure on the neck every second.

“It’s going to break my neck!” thinks Mack, as he sends a knee-hit to his front. Impressively it did hit something. Then after the impact Maxwell appears in front of Mack. “Oh yeah, you can turn invisible,” says Mack with a smile as he delivers a powerful blow to Maxwell’s face, sending the poor man crashing to the northern wall. Mack quickly draws a gun from his jacket and aims at Maxwell, but then Ulysses appears and grabs the gun, unloading it of its cartridge at the same time. With his left hand he grabs Mack’s right arm (the one he was using to aim) and with strength throws him towards the same northern wall. His body crashes in it and he falls to the ground kneeling.

“It’s over Mack,” says Ulysses, ready to grab Mack’s neck. Suddenly the old General grabs his hand and stares at him.

“Like hell Ill lose to you!” yells Mack as he pushes forward and grabs Ulysses’s other hand. Both begin to struggle in the middle of the corridor, while Marcus reloads his rifle.

“I am a man thirsty for power, a man who gave up his own body to gain what no one else had achieved: ultimate power! I won’t lose to an old fart like you!!” yells Mack desperate as he pushes Ulysses to the wall. “The greatest of men’s weakness: Greed! That will be your finale, General,” struggles Ulysses.

“I sacrificed all that I had to my body could be modified to gain the greatest physical power… and you, the first GenoBIO ever created, won’t hold me back!” yells Mack quickly pushing Ulysses into the wall. The General hits Ulysses in the guts with a mighty punch. Then he continues his assault as he gives a one-two combination to Ulysses, who begins to bleed. He then proceeds to grab Ulysses’s neck and push him even more towards the wall, slowly raising his body. Ulyssess feet were no longer in the tiled floor, instead they were over two feet in the air.

“The first GenoBIO… that’s a title I sure don’t like,” says Ulysses, struggling.

Then from the corner appears Brother Marcus who immediately opens fire on Mack. The General quickly lets go of Ulysses and draws a gun from his jacket. He jumps over the incoming bullets and opens fire on Marcus. The bullets quickly pierce over his thick armor, penetrating and piercing his body. The big man backs away as he receives the impact. Mack Mach, with no bullets in his gun, decides to do a full frontal attack. With one mighty blow he sends the big guy straight to the floor. Finally, with his body in the ground, Mack punches right through his chest armor, breaking it in pieces and hitting the heart with a mighty blow that makes the tiles below Marcus shatter.

Ulysses, finally on feet, stares at Mack, who seems to be enjoying his advantage over the opponents. Maxwell was still recovering from the impact he received.

“My physical strength is too much, huh… Professor Ulysses?” laughs Mack.

“Just one punch, and you are all down,” he says with a smile. “I need to outsmart him,” thinks Ulysses. The Professor smiles and runs away from Mack. “Scared huh? Haha!” he laughs, running behind Ulysses.

Both run through the corridor, with Ulysses always in the lead.

“I went through the biggest hardships as man of forty years to this project called the GenoBIO! I submitted my body and soul to them… and they turned me into their second creation! I was the second GenoBIO after you, and we were created of existing bodies and better yet, we both managed to keep our memories as normal humans! You who started the BIO Project with Dr. Hyde! You are the fault and destruction of humanity! Tell me, have you told your precious teammates that you were one of the engineers of the project?” yells Mack while running behind Ulysses.

“You fear that they will turn their backs to you if you tell them the truth, huh?” asks Mack. Ulysses makes a quick turn to the right, and Mack follows him. On the wall there’s a sign that reads “Power Room”.

“That’s why I will do anything possible to stop that from happening. I aided in our creation, and I will aid in the salvation of humanity and us,” says Ulysses, heading towards a closed door in front of him.

With a kick he opens the unsecured door, entering a room with many interrupters and cables. When he reaches the dead end of the room, he quickly turns around. Mack quickly throws a mighty punch at him. With courage the Professor receives the impact in both arms. He had put his arms in a cross position. The man yells in pain quickly after he receives the impact.

“I will fix all my mistakes… and I will redeem for what I have done. I will pay for dealing with God’s creatures!” says Ulysses as both of his arms fall numb to the sides.

“I am very interested to see what you will do in your dire situation, Professor Ulysses,” says Mack with an evil grin all over his face. “Sadly, I don’t think you will get to see much of it,” replies Ulysses with a grin of his own.

“Defiant, even on the verge of death,” says Mack.

“Aw, shut up,” says Ulysses, suddenly extending his right arm, like aiming at Mack, but a few degrees off aim. “You could have made a good chess partner,” says Ulysses with a far more serious look in his face. He then proceeds to pull back his right arm. Immediately some cables attached to a wall are detached. Sparks fall from them as they move towards Ulysses at an amazing speed.

Mack stays put, but with a surprised look in his face, “Threads!” was all he could say at the end. The incoming electricity cable hits him in the back, immediately giving him a mighty shock. General Mack twists in pain and yells in agony as sparks come flying down. Slowly his body begins to burn and finally he falls to the ground dead, just after the breaker shut off the electricity.

“There goes another one of us… but with twisted ideals,” says Ulysses, walking outside the room with both numb arms. He quickly rushes to Maxwell and Marcus, where he begins to take care of them.

Far away, Dwayne keeps running forward, rushing towards the Command Center. He runs nonstop, trying to find the room. Not far away from him a stealthy Lucian follows, with an also stealthy Alexandra checks his every movement.

Down a few levels, Alphonse and Guile face off with Alexander. The black-haired man finally stands up, with his pure white sword by his side. Alphonse, with style, draws his katana from his back and takes a fighting stance. Guile closes his fists and takes a fighting position.

“2 vs. 1… the odds are good,” says Alexander with a smile as he stands in front of the duo, with no seeming fear.


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