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Chapter XL: Next Target

Chapter XL: Next Target

“Where am I?” asks himself Dwayne as he finds himself in a purely white room. Then he notices Alexandra sleeping by his side, sitting in a chair.

“What happened…” he says, grabbing his forehead.

Images of him then began to appear in his mind, images of death and of him as Crnobog killing Shana and Adrian. Tears begin to flow from his eyes as he remembers what he had done to his friends and enemies.

“So I did kill them all…” he whispers with his eyes closed.

Alexandra moves a bit and slowly opens her eyes, staring at Dwayne with his eyes closed and grieving for what he had done earlier. “Dwayne…” she whispers. The young man opens his eyes and looks back at her. “What have I done Alexa? This power of mine is a curse… I killed those who aided me, and I showed no mercy to my enemies,”

Alexandra stood quiet, watching and hearing what he had to say. “The last image I remember is of you screaming my name and telling me to stop, that’s the last visible image I have. So, you did see all that I did,” he says.

“Yes but you couldn’t control yourself Dwayne, you lost control of your thoughts and body,” “No… I can control myself; I just gave in to the tempting power, that cursed power,”

“Don’t blame you,” she says, getting closer to him. “And who’s to blame for their deaths? Crnobog? Crnobog is me Alexa… I am Crnobog, a cursed experiment” he replies.

“Yes but you had no idea what you could do, and in that moment you weren’t yourself,” as she uselessly tries to comfort him.

“I killed them… but I swear to you that I shall never give in to that power again, I swear that I will never let you see me like that again Alexa, I swear to everyone I hold dear, that I won’t,” he tells her, sharply looking at her eyes. “See, that’s all you need to say,” she replies.

“I will remember Shana and Angel forever in my mind…. Though I met them for a short time, I will remember them as long as I live,”

“Good, at least you have won some spirit back…. Now come with me, there are people waiting for you outside,”

“Oh … wait, where the hell am I?” he asks in a humorous fashion. “Umm… I think we are in a flying aircraft,” she replies in the same humorous and stupid manner. “And, what the hell are we doing in a flying aircraft?” he asks again, totally lost. “That’s what they are going to explain you outside,”. “Ooooh, then I better get going,”

- - - - - - -

Immediately outside Dwayne is greeted by Sylvia, who retells all she had told the other teammates. Upon hearing what she had to say, and after admitting Dwayne was subject to experimentation, he decides to help along the Terra Contego and the Silver Cross against the Iusta Vindicta.

“Then, we will meet in three hours to discuss our next actions,” says Sylvia. “Very good,” replies Dwayne as he extends his right hand at her. They salute each other and each go their own way.

As Dwayne backtracks all he had walked he finds Alexandra sitting in a small chair close to a plastic palm standing in the middle of another monotonous white corridor. “Alexandra,” he says staring at her.

“Don’t you get all depressive with me again or I’ll be sure to kick you in the balls,” she replies with a gentle smile, but letting a few giggles out as she spoke.

Dwayne walks towards her and sits by her side, then he turns his head and looks at her.

“What is it…” she whispers, a bit nervous. He smiles at her and then closes his eyes, taking a deep breath as he does. He opens them again and thrusts his head forward, kissing Alexandra in the mouth. She replies the kiss and both of them kiss for the second time ever. Finally he backs away a bit and nervously says “Sorry,”. She, with eyes closed, replies “It is more than fine,”. “I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time but I never could, and when I lost you again, because you are always getting captured like a damn cliché girl, I felt like I couldn’t delay this any longer. Alexandra, I-“ and he was just interrupted by Alexandra. “Don’t say that please, it’s a bit too corny, why don’t you try and say it in some other way?” she replies with a devilish smile.

“You know… the only way to say that is ‘I love you’,” smiling he replies. “Yeah, but you were gonna say it in such a cheesy way and I would have laughed at your face if you said that the way you were planning to,” she says.

“Whatever… I love you dammit, and there’s no way in hell I am going to lose you again. I am sorry for all that you have seen and suffered because of me… but you were the first and only person that spoke to me in the University when I first appeared there, not muttering a single word. ‘Hey’… those words are saved in my mind, the way you spoke them,”

“Stop… you are going to make me cry damn it,” she replies with a tear almost dropping from her right eye. He moves his right hand and pushes the falling tear away from her eye.

“Oh shit I never thought I would say this but… I.. I….” she says as tears start falling down.

“ I know what you are going to say… but I want to hear it with that unique voice you have…” he says. “Oh shit…”

“I love you”

“There, are you happy,” crying and smiling at the same time she replies.

She then moves her right hand and grabs his right hand, and raises it a bit, holding it tightly.

“But promise, no… swear to me that you will never put my life in first place, risking the lives of others. Don’t risk others for my sake… I won’t allow it,” she says with strong determination.

He opens his mouth a bit and looks at her sharp eyes, “Fine,” he replies, stuttering a bit.

“Good,” she says. “So can I ask you when we will have sex?” he says with a cunning smile. “Keep waiting,” she replies with a smile of her own.

Just in that moment Alphonse appears, passing right through a door and staring at the two lovebirds. He smiles as he then continues his way.

He enters the command room, a room with a large hologram in the middle and with many people reunited around it, including all of the Terra Contego and Silver Cross. “Where are Dwayne and Alexandra?” asks Maxwell. “Playing the lovebirds.” He replies with a smile. “What, for real? I gotta see that!” he laughs. “Let them be,” says Ulysses with a smile.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“So, this is it,” says Lucian, looking from the window of a Widow Helicopter towards a small island in the middle of the sea with a big steel-like building in the center that almost covered all the island.

“Yes my Lord,” replies Mack. “Then, let’s go…” says Lucian, standing up and opening the side door of the Helicopter. Lucian smiles and then throws himself from the helicopter all the way towards the building. Immediately automatic guns open fire on him. He smiles and waves his hand diagonally, causing a massive blast of air to fall upon the whole structure. It trembles and at the same time stops the incoming bullets, turning them back and falling over the building. Lucian confidently lands on the middle of the small front yard of the building, which leads to the entrance. The gates open and over 20 soldiers come running from the inside at Lucian. He extends his right arm, aiming at them. From his fingers he shoots lighting which immediately make the soldiers collapse as they receive the straining amount of electricity.

Then by Lucian’s side appear Mack, Gregori and Alexander, having jumped from the helicopter as well.

“Let’s go…” says Lucian walking forward and entering the building. And so the confident Lord enters the secret building… seeking something that is inside.

- - - - - - - -- -

“EMERGENCY REPORT MISS SYLVIA!” yells one man in the Command Room from inside the Methuselah, the name of the aircraft they were riding.

“Status,” she says.

“We are receiving a distress signal from building #345… in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,” says the man.

Sylvia opens her eyes widely, “It can’t be… how can he know…. PUT COURSE TO BUILDING 345”

“What is going on?” asks Professor Ulysses. \

“Building #345…. Don’t worry Professor, I shall explain all later, but first we must arrive, assemble a fighting force Professor… we must stop them THERE, if we fail then the possibility of the Iusta Vindicta taking over the world is very possible,” she nervously replies.

“What is there?” asks Ulysses. “Many things… get Crnobog… no, Dwayne, ready. This time we must set up for a hard battle,” says Sylvia.


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