Friday, March 02, 2007

Small and annoying delay (again)!

So, I've been writing Omen of Chaos, but then all of a sudden a new problem popped up: My internet broke down. I have been without internet access the last two days, and right now I am using my university PCs, but I was dumb enough to actually forget and not save the document on a USB Drive or even a CD, and so right now I am unable to update the blook with a new chapter. I am sure that in these next two days the new chapter will be (Friday or Saturday), but if by any chance they are not then the next update (which I hope very much will be Monday) will be a double-chapter update. If I am once again unable to update the Monday then I'll post again, but it is very UNLIKELY that a new delay will occur, so I can assure you that by Monday there will be two new chapters up. Once again, sorry for the delay, and bear with me for a while! Thanks for visiting us!


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