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Chapter XXXVIII: Twisted Lord

Chapter XXXVIII: Twisted Lord

“Death is just the beginning of a new life…” says Crnobog as he stands still, electricity surrounding him.

“Professor…” says Maxwell to Ulysses. “He’s losing control of his body functions,” replies Ulysses.

“So, that’s the mythical Original Program…” says General Mack as he stares at the monster meters away from him. Meanwhile Shana and Guile ran away from the incoming vortex of fire. “I can’t anymore…” whispers Shana, watching her legs grow weaker every step she gives, “Don’t give up now,” yells Guile.

“Heh…” says Adrian as he passes by Maxwell’s side, “Let’s have some fun, shall we?” says a confident Adrian, walking towards Crnobog.

Crnobog stares at him and immediately a evil grin draws in his face. Adrian runs towards Crnobog as his body ignites in fire. Crnobog extends his right arm, aiming at him. Immediately from his nails he shoots lightning. Adrian swiftly avoids the incoming bolts. He slides in the muddy ground and makes a 360-degree turn and after that jumps. While mid-air he shoots fire blasts at Crnobog. The electric shield surrounding Crnobog stop the blasts their tracks. A raging Adrian lands in the wet ground and with a smile stares at the Lord of Sorrow. Crnobog opens his mouth widely and then shoots a massive fire blast from it. The blast heads towards Adrian who counters the incoming blast with a blast of his own. Both blasts collide with each other, causing an explosion of immense proportions.

Adrian is fighting him....” says Alexander with a smile.

Crnobog’s scythe slowly transforms to a dark bladed sword with a black hilt and a spiked chain attached to it.

“That won’t scare me!” yells Adrian as he charges at the demon monster. The electric shield dissipates and allows clear passage of Adrian to Crnobog. The GenoBIO shoots a straight fire blast at Crnobog’s face, and it impacts. The monster’s body stands still as the smoke clears away revealing his bloody face. Slowly it begins to heal itself, closing every wound and the burnt skin.

Adrian doesn’t stop in his attack and sends a punch right to Crnobog’s chest. The punch impacts, but it was like punching steel.


The Demon Hero takes action and thrusts his sword towards Adrian’s body. The human torch backs away avoiding the stab. Crnobog smiles and the sword disappears.

“Fatal Mistake”

Crnobog’s wings extend backwards and he charges at Adrian with lighting-like speed. He stabs the nails of his right hand in Adrian’s chest and stomach. Adrian opens his mouth as blood falls from it. The fire surrounding him is shut off.

Adrian!” yells Alexander.

Crnobog grins and lets out a small high pitched laugh as he twists his right hand into Adrian’s body. The GenoBIO yells in pain as blood pours out of his body and unto the ground. Struggling, he backs away from Crnobog, watching as he nails went out of his body. Crnobog stood still staring at the weakened man.

“Mo-ns…ter…” whispers Adrian as he knees weaken and he’s about to fall. Yet his body stays floating in the air.

“You aren’t going down yet,” smiles Crnobog.

Crnobog’s left hand suddenly grows pitch black. What seems to be a dark mist covers it. He raises his left hand, pitch black… like a never ending abyss surrounded by a dark fog. He puts it back and then smiles and says, “Say hello to the Devil for me,”. He lets go of his left hand and with power he hits Adrian’s face. The monster wings extend and he charges towards a nearby wall while grabbing Adrian’s face with his left hand. He flies towards the wall, leaving a trail of mud and smoke behind as he crushes Adrian’s face and body into the concrete wall.

The wall shatters to pieces as it receives the impact. Then a crushing sound was heard amidst all the chaos and confusion. Adrian’s body falls to the ground, headless.

Meanwhile Crnobog holds in his left hand the crushed head of Adrian. He crushes it more, letting blood fall from it. He gets close to the blood in his hand, smiles, and then licks it. He gives it one final crush and blood and gore fall to the ground.

Not far away, Alexandra vomits. “Dwayne…” she thinks as a endless stream of tears come running down her chin.

“We must stop this!” yells the Professor. “But, how?” asks Alphonse, seeing his friend in that devilish state.

“The Original Program… what was originally written. A blood thirsty machine, ready to kill everything…. I thought that scientist had deleted the coding inside Crnobog’s head… but it looks like he didn’t truly delete it,” says General Mack.

“It is impossible to delete the Original Program… it is written and coded into all the nanomachines and the Main CPU itself…. What Dr. Hyde did was just writing over the Original Program… a new program… the Dwayne we have come to known….” Replies the Professor.

“But the real killing machine is the Original Program… and it seems to only activate in certain circumstances,” continues Mack. “We must try to revert back to the Idle Program!” yells the Professor. “No… I want to see what he’s capable of… because if he’s capable of that then imagine what the perfected version, Lucian, can do…” says Mack with a smile all over his face.

“DAMN HIM!” yells Shana as she still runs away from the vortex of fire, running in circles. Shana then charges towards Crnobog. “No! Shana stop!” yells Guile as he tries to grab her but fails.

“No!” she yells as tears come falling down her face. Crnobog calmly turns around and sees her running at him. Shana jumps and then comes falling down ready to kick Crnobog in the face.

“Come back!” she yells.

Suddenly the Dark Blade with a spiked chain reforms in Crnobog’s right hand.


He raises the sword and stabs it right in Shana’s guts. She whimpers and blood comes falling down her mouth. She, still stabbed in the blade, struggles to get it off by grabbing the blade with her bare hands and pushing back. She cries and struggles, but she cannot move.

Crnobog moves the sword downwards, letting Shana touch the earth with her feet.

Crnobog smiles and then lets a massive amount of electricity flow from his body and through the blade. Shana yells in pain as he is electrocuted by the constant electricity. Her agony yells echo through the buildings.

“NO!” yells Guile as he stops in his tracks and fall to his knees. The Vortex of Fire was just a few meters away from him.

“He’s gonna kill us all!” yells Maxwell.

“Shit… retreat Mack!” yells Alexander. “No…” whispers Mack, “I want to see him,”

Gregori was still laying in the ground, in a permanent nightmare caused by the Hellfire attack.

Then Crnobog lets go of Shana’s dead body. Her destroyed body falls to the wet earth.

“You are next,” says Crnobog staring at Alphonse. The Great Lord turns around and walks towards Alphonse.

“Stop, Dwayne,” says Alphonse, slowly backing away.

Meanwhile, Guile tried to escape the incoming vortex, while tears clouded his view.

“STOOOOOP!!!!!” was suddenly heard.

Crnobog turns around, and when he looks at the person that was yelling, his face turns to a surprised one.

There was Alexandra, in her knees, crying and yelling at him, “Stop…” she whispers.

“Who do yo-“ suddenly Crnobog stopped moving.

“I beg of you, please stop… return to your normal self Dwayne, to the real and kind you,” she cries, “I don’t want to see more of this,” she says.


“You, won’t…” angrily says Crnobog, as he seems to struggle to move his body.

“Shut Off!”

“Please Dwayne… stop…” cries Alexandra, staring at the monster walking towards her.

“Alexandra…” says Crnobog, falling to his knees. Tears surprisingly appear in his eyes as he sees the young woman cry in front of him, begging him to stop.

Suddenly Crnobog’s wings disappear, breaking into pieces. His hair comes down, to their normal straight gray state. His red eyes disappear and his normal big black eyes appear. His skin turns from pale gray to its white skin.

“I am sorry,” he says.

The Vortex of Fire disappears, and the Hellfire upon Gregori also stops.

“Alexandra, I am sorry,” says Dwayne, walking towards her, “I didn’t want to… scare you,” he says, staring at her. She looks back at him with tearful eyes. Her breathing was fast and inconsistent. Tears then fall from Dwayne’s eyes, “I am sorry,” he says, looking at his surroundings.

“I didn’t mean to do this,” cries Dwayne, looking at Shana’s dead body, “No…” he says as rain comes down again. It was a gentle rain, cleaning his body from blood.

Then his body collapses. He falls down to the earth unconscious.

“Dwayne?” asks Alexandra, who tries to stand up.

“This is our chance!” yells Mack, “Kill him Alexander!”.

“No you won’t!” says Alphonse, jumping right in front of Alexander.

Suddenly, a missile comes crashing down into the Iusta Vindicta’s Headquarters. The explosion blows out the 4 upper levels to pieces. The debris comes falling down, violently clashing into the ground. Up in the air was an airship, which was invisible to the naked eye.

“There’s an airship here!” yells Alexander.

The airship then shoots a purple laser towards the demolished building nearby the headquarters. It all breaks to pieces as the laser hits the target,

“Lasers?” says Professor Ulysses, running away from the debris.

“In the Holy Name of God, stop right there”

“Retreat!” yells Mack. “Right,” says Alexander, then changing his sights to Alphonse, “We shall finish our duel later on,”

The airship opens fire on the group below. Mack runs away as fast as he can. Alphonse avoids the incoming bullets, allowing Alexander to run towards a unconscious Gregori. He grabs the young man and also escapes.

The airship then turns on a blinding white light.

“Let’s stay still,” says Professor Ulysses. Ropes come down from the invisible airship and from them come down masked soldiers.

And so, all of the remaining Terra Contego, including Alexandra and Dwayne, stand, waiting for the mysterious masked soldiers to come towards them.

“Sleep” says one of the soldiers.

A yellow mist is then let free from the airship.

“Damn!” says Maxwell. “Sleeping gas…” says Alphonse.

“God shall have mercy on thy!” says one of the soldiers.


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