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Chapter XXXVII: Lord of Sorrow

Chapter XXXVII: Lord of Sorrow

“You are mine now!” yells Gregori, holding a weak Crnobog who falls to his knees quickly after that. “To think that you, the so called Grand Weapon can fall to his knees so easily! You are just all talk! You are nothing compared to Lord Lucian!” yells Gregori with a satisfying smile.

Down on the street, a bunch of cars appear. From them some people come out, all looking menacing.

“So, those are GenoBIOs of the Iusta Vindicta,” says Shana, looking at the big group. “Well, we just need to keep them away from the main fighting group,” says Angel. “That can’t be too hard,” continues Guile.

Alexandra meanwhile, was hiding behind a trash container, not losing a second of the fight.

Alphonse and Alexander run at each other with sudden speed. Both swords clash, breaking the wet ground beneath them. Alphonse quickly turns around and does a 360-grade turn, eventually reaching Alexander’s back. The sharp-eyed man quickly does a similar turn and blocks Alphonse’s attack. The blonde-haired man then jumps and from his left hand shoots a green fire blast. Alexander counters that with a lighting bolt headed straight at the fire blast, immediately creating an explosion mid-air. Alphonse lands again in the muddy ground as he doesn’t lose sight of Alexander. The fearless man of the Iusta Vindicta smiles and just in that second an explosion takes place behind him. Guile, Angel and Shana were already fighting against the GenoBIO thugs the Iusta Vindicta controlled.

Not far away from there another explosion took place as Adrian and Maxwell continued their fight. Maxwell had managed to jump right before the fire blast hit the ground, landing right behind Adrian. The man set ablaze by its own fire quickly turns around and throws a raging fist to Maxwell’s face. “Shit!” lets go Maxwell as he barely avoids the incoming punch, and even yet some of the fire burns a bit of his left cheek. The man of the Terra Contego quickly disappears. “Same trick won’t work!” yells Adrian as he grabs both of his hands and lets go a massive hit that impacts the ground, immediately rising all the mud around him in a 360-grade radius of about 3 meters. Suddenly Maxwell reappears, having lost balance and about to fall to the still-breaking ground. Right then a ring of fire appears over Maxwell’s body. “You won’t dammit!” yells Maxwell as with his right feet he boosts himself from a piece of rock that had appeared when the ground began to break. Immediately he charges at Adrian, saving himself from being held by the fire ring. He quickly counters with a lighting fast right punch that hits its target right in the center of the face, right there in the nose. Adrian almost falls to the ground due to the impact but maintains his legs right in place. Maxwell continues his attack with a left hook that connects right on, sending Adrian to the mud, his back hitting the mud and rocks.

Meanwhile, Ulysses put a black-leathered glove in his left hand. He smiles as he puts it on, and then with the left hand puts a similar glove in his right hand. “I say fighting is meaningless, but if that is what you wish,” says Ulysses. “Oooh…” smiles General Mack. The Professor moves his hand towards a pocket in his jacket. With style he draws out a very red rose. “You fight with roses, heh?” says Mack, mocking the Professor. “Fatal mistake if you underestimate me,” says Professor Ulysses. “If there is something that I have learnt through the times is that I should never underestimate an opponent,” says the General, closing his right fist, ready to begin the fight.

The General charges at the Professor, who just smiles. With his left hand he takes some petals out of the rose and throws them at the General’s face. Suddenly from the roses what seems to be red spikes appear. The General quickly stops in his path and jumps back, away from the Professor.

“I may not have the most amazing physical ability, but I have an IQ so great your mind would shatter with just thinking the number. I am a genius… this rose is a genetically enhanced one, and it will crush you to dust… yet it is not my only weapon,” says Ulysses smiling, “Your greatest strength is strength itself, my greatest strength is mental prowess,” concludes Ulysses.

On the ceiling of the building Gregori kept holding Crnobog, slowly tearing apart his jacket and skin as the threads grew deeper and deeper as he put more pressure on them.

“Come on! Why don’t you unleash the power you unleashed when you battled at the MET! Show me that power Crnobog!” yells Gregori as he moves his hands upwards, eventually raising Crnobog’s body with the threads. “You are weak!” yells Gregori as he jumps from where he is standing and pulls back the threads towards him, pulling the demon’s body. With a swift kick he hits Crnobog right in the chest. He continues the attack by kicking his face and punching him a few more times in the gut, yet Crnobog didn’t reply the attack… the hero just stood there, receiving hits.

”Why won’t you… FIGHT!” yells Gregori, finally losing control and giving him a kick so strong that it sends the demon away from the edge of the roof and falls crashing down to the ground. Gregori, of course, let go of the threads before he could be pulled entirely. The body of the Demon Hero comes crashing down, shattering the ground to pieces.

“DWAYNE!” yells Alexandra, getting out of safe cover, and running toward the hero’s body.

Yet… Crnobog stood up, valiantly and with strength, but with a serious look in his face. Alexandra stops right on her tracks, before getting any closer to him. “I broke my left shoulder…” he finally speaks. Immediately the shoulder is fixed by his nanomachines.

“CRNOBOG!!” yells Gregori who had jumped from the roof and onto Crnobog. The demon, finally free of the threads, sways his scythe horizontally, a very wide turn. He shoots lightning from it which Gregori easily evades. Before he could crash on the ground he uses threads to hold into a nearby ledge and stop his fall slightly.

“Dwayne, stop!” yells Alexandra from away. Gregori cunningly looks at the young woman and smiles. “She’s your lover, isn’t she?” asks Gregori with a very ‘madman’ like grin. “No!” lets go Crnobog.

“Humans can easily die,” he says with a smile and staring at her, “See, even you have a weakness,” he continues. “If you touch her…” warns Crnobog. “That’s what I want…” says a smiling Gregori. He swiftly aims his right arm at her and shoots his vicious threads. They quickly surround her weak body and grow tighter.

“Those are a different kind… they will keep pushing in until I say stop… of course they don’t have as much pressure as the ones I can manually use, but they are sufficient for a sole woman,” says Gregori.

Suddenly the ground shakes violently. Thunders come falling down the skies and around Crnobog. His wings extend back, and as they do he also extends his arms to each side. The scythe disappears, leaving no trace.

“With me, you’ll win and save her…”

His eyes get even redder and he licks his lips with his snake-like tongue.

“You shouldn’t have provoked me,” says Crnobog with a sadistic smile. He raises his arms to the skies, looking at the darkened clouds. Suddenly they begin to glow red, like if fire was inside them.

“Finger of God,”

From the skies fall down a massive column of fire, swirling like a vortex. It comes crashing down like a thunder, and eventually it falls over the GenoBIOs that had appeared from the Iusta Vindicta, who were fighting with Angel, Guile and Shana. The fire column creates a loud explosion as it crashes over the cars and the ground. The ground shakes just like an earthquake. Meanwhile Crnobog stares at an amused Gregori.


The man of the Iusta Vindicta begins to have an even worst nightmare as he feels his body being burnt by fire and bats getting into his mouth. Blood begins to fall like tears from his eyes.

Meanwhile, outside his dream world, the column of fire quickly attacks the Iusta Vindicta’s henchmen, burning them instantly. Loud and agonizing yells are heard as their bodies burn into ashes. Some try to escape but from within the vortex even smaller fire blasts are shot.

“What the hell…” says Maxwell, halting his fight. “Oh no,” replies Alphonse as he and Alexander stop their duel. “This is bad!” yells Ulysses. “Is that the Original Program?” asks Mack with a smile, like someone happy to see something, “Impressive,”. “He’s killing our men!” yells Adrian. “This is bad,” thinks Alexander.

Meanwhile Alexandra was shocked just seeing Dwayne’s true powers. The threads surrounding her body quickly begin to lose pressure and fall down as Gregori is sent to some sort of trance.

“He’s gonna kill us too!” yells Guile as he avoids the incoming vortex of fire. Shana and Guile were running at the same pace, but the fatty Angel was left behind. “I can’t… keep… up…” he says as he tries to breath as much as he can. But then the vortex of fire pursues him,”NO!”.

“He’s our teammate!” yells a desperate Shana from away.

“Oh really..” says Crnobog in a unusual high pitched tone of voice and smiling at the same time, “He still deserves to die,” he replies with an even more darkened tone of voice than ever before, and having a serious look in his face.

“Shana!” yells Angel as he vortex of fire catches up with him. The swirling wind raises him from the ground, and eventually he’s sucked into the vortex of fire, instantly killing him.

“NO!” yells Shana as she sees her teammate burn right in front of her eyes. “This is madness!” yells Guile.

It was an impressive view, just like a tornado made of fire

“Dwayne…” says Alexandra, in shock watching Crnobog in that state. Gregori meanwhile was out of his mind, and his body had already collapsed to the ground. “You are next,” says Crnobog with a devilish smile, and confidently walking towards Gregori.

“I hope that Hellfire was more of your liking,” says the devil as he raises his hand. Gregori’s unconscious body levitates right there, without even Crnobog touching him.

“This is bad!” yells Alexander, passing by a shocked Alphonse and heading towards Crnobog.

“We need to stop him!” yells Shana as she is still pursued by the vortex of fire. “STOP HIM! NOW!” yells Ulysses.

Alexander comes charging at him from the back, but suddenly lighting begins to surround Crnobog. Alexander still keeps going on but before he could do anything he was shocked by the electricity coming out of Crnobog’s body.

“What do they call my brother Belobog? The Lord of the Abyss? Then call me, Crnobog… The Lord of Sorrow”


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