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Chapter XXXVI: Face-Off

Chapter XXXVI: Face-Off

The wet ground shatters as it receives the impact of two lightning bolts crashing with each other.

“Lord…” whispers Gregori to Lucian. “Fine,” replies the leader of the Iusta Vindicta.

“I will stop them on their tracks…” says Mack as he puts a black leathered glove on his right hand and quickly closes his fist. The mature man walks forward, around 20 meters way from Lucian. He smiles and raises his right arm upwards.

“Boom,” he says as he punches the ground in front of him. The earth rises violently, creating a shockwave that is sent towards the Terra Contego.

“Scatter,” says Crnobog as he evades the incoming shockwave. Alphonse, Maxwell, Ulysses, Guile, Shana and Angel repeat his action and evade the blast.

“Come,” says Gregori to Lucian as the later jumps upwards towards the ceiling of the demolished building.

“They are escaping,” says Angel. “They won’t go too far!” says Alphonse as his right hand begins to shine green and a fire of the same color surround it. “Take this!”. From his hand he shoots a very wide fire blast towards Gregori and Lucian. The blast heads towards the duo.

“That won’t go far!” yells Alexander who jumps from the ground and positions himself in front of the incoming blast. In front of him a white-bladed sword with a hilt as white as snow appears. He grabs the sword that appears in front of him and waves it horizontally, crashing with the green blast, stopping it in its tracks.

Gregori and Lucian make their way to the top of the demolished building. “Go, Lord,” says Gregori. Lucian turns around and looks at the brown-haired man. “Don’t fail me,” he whispers.

“They won’t do that!” yells Crnobog as his wings extend upwards and then come crashing downwards. His body raises and he flies towards the top of the building.

“No you won’t!” says Mack, but suddenly Ulysses appears in front of him. The General quickly reacts and jumps away from the Professor.

“Here we go again!” says Maxwell to Adrian who was looking at everything from away. He walks towards Ruphir’s dead body and pulls the sword out from her impaled head. “Yes, here we go,” says the man in the white tuxedo with a smile.

“I’ll take the black haired one,” says Alphonse as he draws his katana from his back (inside a hidden sheath).

“You won’t get away!” yells Crnobog.

“He’s raising his power,” says Lucian with a smile staring at his transformed brother. “Leader!” yells Gregori. “Fine…” says Lucian, giving his back to both Gregori and the incoming Crnobog. From his back two white wings sprout and he sets off flying away towards the full moon, the only light that could pass through the cloudy night.

“No you won’t!” yells again Crnobog as he waves his scythe horizontally shooting a potent lighting bolt at his brother. Gregori jumps in front of the bolt and moves his arms like a snake (up and down). The lighting bolt suddenly stops and disperses in a bunch of sparks.

“Your opponent is me!” says Gregori as he aims his arms at Crnobog, who was already preparing another blast.

I can’t move!” thinks the beast hero. His numb body comes crashing down, eventually hitting the upper roof of the building. Part of the concrete breaks and Crnobog comes falling down, eventually hitting a floor with broken tiles below the ceiling.

“Heh, so much for a NanoBIO…” says Gregori with a smile. Crnobog slowly stands up and turns his sights to Gregori.

Below, Alexandra was watching everything from away, and around the building the Terra Contego began their face off against the Iusta Vindicta.

“We will serve as back up,” says Guile. “Yes, do that… I am afraid they are going to increase their numbers,” says the Professor while not losing sight of General Mack in front of him.

“Fine,” replies Guile.

Meanwhile, Alexander walks forward towards Alphonse. “A Japanese katana…” says the sharp eyed man. “And yours is… a weird type,” replies the blonde haired Alphonse.

“This? It’s just weapon generation, the same as your little friend Crnobog,” replies Alexander as he takes a fighting stance.

Alphonse puts his left feet in front of him and backs the right feet. He sheathes his sword again and puts his left hand in front of him while the right hand grabs the hilt of the sheathed sword in his back.

Alexander raises his sword vertically, with the blade facing him. He grabs it with both hands and closes his eyes.

Alphonse’s left hand begins to glow green. “Here I go!” shouts Alphonse as he charges at Alexander.

From his left hand he shoots a green fire blast. Suddenly what seems to be lightning appears in front of Alexander, blocking the incoming blast and dispersing it… just leaving smoke. Alphonse keeps on his charge and unsheathes his sword with impressive lighting-like speed.

Alexander easily blocks the incoming attack with his sword and then proceeds to do an attack of his own as with his right elbow he hits Alphonse in the liver. The blonde man backs a few feet away and then attacks again. Alexander smiles as he sees the incoming Alphonse fall right in his trap. Suddenly Alphonse hits the ground with his left knee.

“I can charge my attacks with electricity,” he says smiling as he looks at Alphonse falling to his knees a struggling to get back up.

“Impressive,” says Alphonse with a weak voice. “Bye,” says Alexander. He raises his sword upwards and vertically, ready to give the final blow to Alphonse. Finally he unleashes the mighty attack. But…

Alphonse raises his sword and puts it horizontally, grabbing the tip of the blade bare-handed with his left hand. He resists the attack as his knees crash into the muddy earth.

“What!” yells Alexander. “My turn,” says Alphonse with a smile as he quickly stands up and hits Alexander right in the chest with his left hand. Right on impact the hand causes an explosion which sends Alexander back away a few meters.

“My hands can explode on impact,” says Alphonse as he stares at his bloody left hand.

Not far away Adrian was already facing off with Maxwell. Adrian holds his sword while Maxwell takes a fighting stance, bare handed.

“Let’s go, traitor,” says Maxwell. “Heh…” smiles Adrian as he throws the sword away, “Fist to fist, power to power,” says Adrian. “Fine,” replies Maxwell as he disappears into thin air… nowhere to be seen.

“That won’t work,” says Adrian as both of his hands light in pure red raging fire. Slowly the flames consume his whole body, creating a living and moving human torch. The falling rain just created mist which surrounded him.

“This isn’t your battlefield,” says Adrian looking at the wet earth. “Your footsteps are easily marked here,” says Adrian as he quickly throws a punch to his right. It hits… and quickly after that Maxwell’s body reappears. He falls to the mud.

“The ground betrays you,” says Adrian. “Damn, no luck,” says Maxwell, standing up.

“Now, what will you do?” asks Adrian as he confidently walks towards Maxwell. “Just fight,” he replies, charging at Adrian. He lets go a punch that passes through the raging fire over Adrian’s body and hits him in the face. “Payback,” he says smiling. Adrian replies by throwing a kick. Maxwell jumps away and disappears mid air. His footsteps are seen when he lands back. “There!” says Adrian extending his left arm at the footsteps. Quickly he lets go a mighty and huge fire blast which comes raging into the footsteps and eventually exploding.

Inside the demolished building, Ulysses and Mack exchanged words.

“We could settle this with a good chess game,” says Ulysses. “Yes we could… but in chess there are no deaths,” replies Mack. “I consider this to be a nice chess game…” continues Ulysses.

“Who’s our King?” asks Mack with a smile. “Your leader, Lucian,” answers Ulysses. “And yours?” asks the General. “The World,” replies the Professor.

“Then… we are the pawns?” asks Mack. “Yup,” smiles Ulysses. “Giving you a checkmate will be easy… we just need to destroy your ‘Queen’… Crnobog,” continues the General as he walks around Ulysses. “Giving you will be easier… we just need to destroy the pawns and all other pieces,” replies the Professor. “But that will be a very difficult task,” answers back Mack. “But it can be done, can’t it?” continues Ulysses.

“We have a peculiar aspect… our King is both our King and Queen… and though that is not possible in a real chess game, in this game it is,” says Mack. “Then breaking your Queen will also cause your King to break? This is far too easy…” says Ulysses.

“But still… the bishops and peons need to destroy each other, right? So, we are like two peons facing each other, not attacking. But… let’s change the rules… and fight,” says Mack. “I am not eager to fight against anyone, but if the necessity pops up then I will…and right know I don’t see the necessity,” says Ulysses. “Oh?”

In the roof, Crnobog and Gregori stare at each other.

“Lucian is a coward,” says Crnobog. “No, he’s just smart… besides… there’s no need for him to fight a monster that fears his own beast side,” smiles Gregori.

“This power… it’s a curse. I still don’t know what I am capable of doing when the nanomachines take over me,” replies Crnobog.

“Then, shall we find out?” asks Gregori with a smile as he extends his arms, aiming at Crnobog.

“I can’t move!” thinks Crnobog. “These are my threads… I am like a spider you see. With these fine and nearly invisible threads I can hold on to your body and stop you from moving,” replies Gregori.

Why you…” says Crnobog trying to move.

“Oh and did I say they are VERY strong?” says Gregori with a smile, “Let’s play now”. Gregori pulls his hands towards him, pulling Crnobog along them.

“Boom,” says Gregori as he kicks Crnobog right in the chest. He passes his right hand over Crnobog, and then his neck gets tighter, stopping his breathing. “Choke now and unleash your power!” says Gregori. The Demon Hero was unable to move, struggling and at the same time choking.

“DAMN YOU!!” yells Crnobog. Suddenly his body began to answer and slightly move.

“What!” says Gregori surprised. Crnobog’s wings begin to extend and their force was so great they broke the threads away.

“Impossible!” yells Gregori as he backs away from the demon.

“You are taking me too lightly,” says Crnobog.

Crnobog raises his right hand to the cloudy skies. His eyes begin to shine red and his body is quickly surrounded by a black mist.

Gregori backs away, scared to death. “Hellfire” shouts the Monster.

Behind Crnobog a cross appears, then it lights in fire consuming it all. The skies turn red and the ground begins to shake. Pillars of fire come crashing down from the heavens and into the hell that consumes the earth below.

Gregori shakes and falls to his knees. A snake surrounds Crnobog as he smiles with the most devilish smile in the world. His teeth are sharp like a vampire and the snake hisses at them.

“That won’t work,” says a shaking Gregori, breaking from his fear and slowly standing up. “Lord Lucian has already trained me for this,” he says, his legs shaking. He closes his eyes and looks away from Crnobog. When he opens them nothing was happening at all.

“That is Hellfire…” whispers Gregori, sweating.

“So he has the same abilities as I do?” asks Crnobog. “Maybe…” replies Gregori as he jumps from where he is. He unleashes a massive amount of threads from his hands, effectively surrounding and grabbing Crnobog.

“I am going to pull all the energy from you and kill you here and now,” he says.

The battle has just begun… but who will win?


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