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Chapter XXXIV: Lord and Princess

Chapter XXXIV: Lord and Princess

“Where am I…”

Alexandra slowly opens her eyes and everything she sees is just a big blur. She lies over a small white bed by the side of a window, and outside its raining.

“You are very determined,” says a male voice by her side sitting in a wooden chair. Quickly she turns her head and witnesses a blonde-haired man. He is wearing a white leather cape, jointed in the front of his chest by what seems to be a circular logo with an eagle inscribed in the gold. Above his shoulders he has a gold plate that extends around one foot from it. In both of the gold plates the inscriptions (or drawing) of a sword are visible, and in the outer edges of the plate there seems to be spikes inscribed. He was totally dressed in white, from neck to toes. He also is wearing a gold gauntlet over both hands, with a Christian cross drawn in it and a snake surrounding it.

“My name is Lucian and I am the leader of the Iusta Vindicta,” says the NanoBIO.

Alexandra’s eyes open widely and immediately she takes a deep breath and moves as far away as she can from him, hitting the wall she has behind.

“Get… away…” she says, scared to death.

Slowly, Lucian stands up from his chair showing his omnipotent figure to Alexa.

“They must be looking for me,” was all she could say. “Who, my brother and that bunch of ass-kisser experiments?” replies Lucian. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably, and her breathing was inconsistent.

“You have guts to say something like that in my lair, human,” says Lucian as he moves forward towards her, extending his right hand ready to caress her face skin. Immediately she slaps his hand, “Don’t you dare touch me”.

“Yes, you have guts to even deny me,” says Lucian with a grin. He backs away a bit from her and stares a few seconds at her body and face.

“My brother has nice tastes,” he says with a smile, “yeah, very good,” and that smile grows darker and more devilish, “you are perfect,” he begins to extend his arms to each side, “you will be a nice container,”. Suddenly Alexandra’s body was paralyzed.

“What…” was all she could whisper as she witnesses his cape go off on his own. “He’s gonna rape me!” was all Alexandra could think.

“You will be the container for my race, a perfect kind who will create a utopia where WE rule and humans disappear. You will be the Virgin Mary of my kind,” whispers Lucian as his clothes begin to fall off on their own.

“I can’t move…”

Eventually all of his clothes are off and he’s left naked in front of her, from head to toe. He smiles and slowly moves forward, eventually caressing her face with his right hand.

“For a human, you are very beautiful,” he says as he puts his left knee on the bed.

“No, no, no…”

With his left hand he begins to touch her neck, eventually the hand moves down towards her breasts. He begins to fiddle with them and a psychotic smile draws in his face.

All Alexandra could do was close her eyes and breathe, and even that was out of control. Each breath was faster and faster than the previous one. Lucian moves his face forward, and stands face to face with her. He smiles and thrusts forward, kissing her in the mouth, his tongue inside hers. A few seconds later he pulls back and stares at her. Tears were coming down her face.

“You do love my brother, don’t you?” he asks with a smile. She slowly opens her eyes and looks at him.

“I knew this would be disgusting,” says Lucian, backing off away from her frightened body. “I shouldn’t do things the way humans do them… Hmm…” says Lucian as the clothes begin to float on their own. Later they begin to dress him, piece by piece, until the moment he’s dressed back as normal.

After that Alexandra could move again. The first movement she made was raising both of her knees and putting her head between them, and immediately begins to cry. Some seconds pass and she stares back at him.

“Don’t you love too much my princess, because you will suffer,” he says, piercing right through her eyes with his.

A coffin is seen, with a big cross in the middle of it with many people, indistinguishable surround it.

“Yeah, don’t,” says Lucian, extending his arm at her. “Come with me,”

“Wha-“ was all she could say.

“I mean no harm to you, especially when you are my brother’s lover,” he says with a nice and gentle smile. “Is he crazy?” thinks Alexandra.

“There’s a nice feast downstairs, come and join us… grab my hand,” he says. Hesitating, she grabs it. “Good, come now,”

He leads her downstairs, to the second floor. “You are at our headquarters, you should feel proud,” he says as he walks her towards a nearby door. He opens the door and reveals a room with a large round table in the middle, with the ceiling and floor made of pure gold. Sitting in the table were Adrian, Mack Mach, Gregori and Alexander.

“We are currently lacking two members, one killed by my brother and the other one is doing her mission,” says Lucian as he walks her towards a chair by the side of a throne.

“Her? Is that…” whispers Alexandra. “Yeah, that beautiful woman is Ruphir, and she must be out there ready to kill my brother,” says Lucian.

“What?!” was Alexandra’s sudden reaction.

“Please sit down, and enjoy this day, princess,” he says taking a bow to her. “I am sorry for the earlier, but I had to test something,” he excuses, “you see, I am trying to spread my kind over the world, but I don’t want to do the ways human do them. I want my own ways,” he explains.

“So, you did not get her pregnant?” asks a surprised Mack. “No Mack… I did not, I just did not find it suitable for the god of the new world to… you know, become god by getting a female human pregnant,” replies Lucian.

“Besides”, he says grabbing a piece of bread, “she’s my brother’s lover,”. Quickly after that he sits down in his throne. “Please, take a seat, princess,” says Lucian.

The young girl sits in the chair by Lucian’s throne and stares at every member of the Iusta Vindicta.

“I am sorry for what happened, but I will make arrangements for you to return to your house immediately, but please do eat here,” says Lucian.

“He’s so kind…” thinks Alexandra, “Just like Dwayne,”.

In the middle of the table were two turkeys, ready to be eaten, and lots of other things. Vegetables, potatoes, even Pepsi Coke.

Adrian, serve our guest please,” says Lucian.

“What? Me?” he asks surprised. “Just do it,” replies Lucian, giving him a menacing look. “S-Sure,” he replies.

“Eat!” says Lucian with a smile at Alexandra as she was served.

“So, your name is Alexandra, am I right?” asks Lucian as he grabs a piece of turkey and begins to eat it.

“Yes…” she shyly replies. “Beautiful name, yeah…” says Lucian.

“Alexandra is a form, a variant of the Greek name Alexian, which means defender. So your complete name means ‘men’s defender’ while your short name ‘Alexa’ means defender, quite ironic right? We are seeking to destroy, while you defend… and we are sitting side by side,” says Lucian.

“Life can be ironic right?” questions the young woman.

“Yeah it can, and it is,” he replies. “So, are you- are you like Dwayne? Can you transform too?” she asks. “Sure I can, but I barely use it. I need to save my energies for the war,” he replies.

“War?” she asks. “Isn’t it obvious, the best way to eradicate humanity is through their own method, war. And though I said I didn’t like to do things the way human do them, I will devise my own method of war,” Lucian replies.

“And are you planning on killing Dwayne?” she worriedly asks. “My brother is getting in the way of my plans, and if he gets too annoying then I’ll be forced to kill him. That’s why,” Lucian says, cleaning his mouth, “I told you not to love too much because you could suffer,”

“But why kill all humans?” she asks.

“Simple… they are annoying pesters that think they are almighty. They destroy, they don’t adapt to living with nature, they just kill it. They are the weakest of animals, and their only way of extending their power is using machines and technology, if not they would be long gone. Humans are pathetic, with only a hint of mind and logic… pfft, they barely use 20% of their brain. Meanwhile, we, created by them as means of extending their own power through technology, will finish them off and really create a smart and powerful race, one that conquers every planet for itself. That’s my dream… to see a universe full of us, special beings,” is Lucian’s long reply.

“We will rule along our Lord,” says Adrian.

“”Now please eat my lady, and we will deliver you to your home after this. Enjoy it,” he says staring at her.

“He’s…” was all she could think: nothing.


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