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Chapter XXXIII: Battle of the MET

Chapter XXXIII: Battle of the MET

“We are just here, following orders,” says Gregori.

Dwayne begins to transform into Crnobog. His nails grow, his hair grows longer and spikes up and the process repeats itself until he’s totally transformed. He extends his right arm and the scythe begins to form. Finally the two wings sprout from his back.

“That’s the fifty percent state,” says Alexander. “I know,” says Gregori.

“Come on!”

“Helga,” yells Alexander. “As you wish my Lord,” replies Helga who from her backs draws one huge axe.

“Your opponent is her,” says Alexander. “My opponents are all of you!” yells Crnobog as he lifts from the ground and flies full speed towards the group of the Iusta Vindicta.

“Shield up,” says Ed B. In front of them an electromagnetic shield appears, coming from a small artifact in the floor. Crnobog unleashes the full rage of his scythe and lets go a potent attack that crashes right on with the field. It begins to give up to Crnobog’s power.

“Strong” says Alexander with a smile, “but not enough,”.

Helga opens her mouth wide and let’s go a high pitched yell. From her mouth and along the yell she shoots powerful sound waves aimed at Crnobog.

“Boom,” says Gregori as he looks at Crnobog still trying to break the shield. The sounds wave hit him straight on in the back, causing a small explosion. Crnobog hits the floor, letting his left knee hit the floor.

The hero quickly stands up and turns around and sets ready to unleash a powerful electric blast with his scythe.

“That’s a no good, with all the people here you will just kill them with that,” says Alexander. This made Crnobog stop his attack.

“You might even hurt your precious Alexandra,” says Alexander with a sinister grin. There Crnobog stands still, not moving an inch. “Yeah, shoot the blast and kill many… you will be the responsible for their deaths,” whispers Alexander. The shield goes off and he walks towards a frozen Crnobog, who didn’t know what to do.

“We play a bit dirty don’t we,” says Alexander, face to face with Crnobog. “You must be so full of hate and rage inside,” he continues.

“Whatever you do, we will still make you suffer with what you most love in this world,” whispers Alexander to Crnobog’s ears. The monster opens his eyes widely and waves his scythe horizontally.

“You’ll cry and suffer like we do,” says Alexander. “Stop,”. “Why should I?”. “Because I don’t know what I can do!” “So after all this time you still don’t know how to control your powers?” “I don’t know the extent of my powers and I am losing myself already. Stop!” “You are so selfish, just because we want to take away what you most love, that girl; you are willing to kill all the people here with your power? Perfect! Go, do it! Or I’ll force it out!” yells Alexander.

“Stop!”. Lightning begins to surround Crnobog’s body. “STOP!” he finally yells. “Selfish loser,” says Alexander who raises his arms to the ceiling. Lightning begins to appear over his hands and a white sword appears. The blade itself is white, and the hilt is white as snow. “I have a similar weapon creation system as you NanoBIO, plus I can also use electricity,” replies Alexander, grabbing the sword.

“I’ll force that power out of you,” says Alexander with a grin as he runs towards Crnobog, charging at him

Crnobog’s scythe then slowly begins to transform into a red and black sword and charges at Alexander. Both swords clash, sending a potent impact wave to every side. Both push each other away, but Crnobog extends his wings while mid air and begins to fly inside the theater.

Alexander aims his left hand and shoots lightning from it. Crnobog raises his sword upwards and then lets it go downwards with great speed, releasing a lightning blast from it. His blast neutralizes and stops Alexander’s blast, but Crnobog’s blast keeps on going.

Helga opens her mouth and shoots her sound waves. The waves stop the lightning and spread it to the ceiling. The impact breaks part of it and debris falls towards the unsuspecting people below. Crnobog extends his wings all the way to the back, and finally releases them (like a spring). The resulting effect is a powerful wind blast that pushes the debris all the way to the western wall of the room, saving the people below.

Ed B then enters the battle and draws his whip.

“This is getting messy,” says Gregori.

Crnobog is flying inside the room while everyone else stares at him. Ed B is the first to attack as he jumps towards Crnobog

“Break your brakes… unlock your rage and let them die! This was the reason you were created for!”

Crnobog’s face seems to change as it turns a bit more sadistic, with a demonical smile. He turns around and flies towards an incoming Ed B. Crnobog unleashes a powerful diagonal slash while Ed B attacks with a stabbing-like attack. Crnobog’s sword hits the whip straight on, but the impact is so strong that the whip is cut in half. Crnobog passes by Ed B but all of a sudden the black man falls to the row of chairs below. Then the secret is revealed… there’s a spiked chain attached to Crnobog’s sword in the hilt.

“ED B!” yells Gregori. The black man tries to stands up as blood pours out of his body. His body sakes violently as he grabs himself to the sleeping people, trying to stand up.

“I saw that! As he passed by Ed B’s side a spiked chain began to extend from the hilt of the sword, eventually cutting Ed B almost in half. He did all that in just a second!” says Adrian.

”Something is not good here,” says Alexander.

Crnobog turns around and stares at Ed B. “Judgment of Hell”. Defying all kind of logic and physics a dark-red colored cloud appears in the ceiling, just above Ed B. “Your sins shall be washed by thy fire”. Then from the cloud a huge stream of fie is shot, heading towards Ed B. “NO!!” yells Ed B as his last words. The constant stream of fire falls over him, burning him to ashes, but at the same time burning the people around him. Over 17 people, including Ed B, die with the fire.

Adrian backs away, scared by the mighty attack. “How did he do that…” says Gregori.

The cloud dissipates, but the smoke caused by the fire keeps going up, activating the alarm system. Water begins to pour from the ceiling as the fire system activates.

“That has no explanation,” says Alexander as his face is soaked with water.

“Damn you!” yells Helga as she shoots her powerful sound waves at Crnobog. He jumps and begins to fly, passing over the sound wave, which hits the southern wall where the Iusta Vindicta were standing a few seconds ago. The wall immediately breaks.

Like a bird, Crnobog flies towards Helga who keeps shooting her waves at him. His left hand nails begin to glow blue as he slashes his hand at the incoming sound waves. The sound waves stop in their tracks, also caused by Crnobog’s powerful hand movement which had caused a strong blast of wind. The electricity hits Helga right on for a few seconds. Eventually her body collapses to the wooden floor. Crnobog lands by her side and grabs her by the hair (grabbing her two ponytails at the same time). He raises her numb body to a height even greater than his. Slowly he puts more strength in the left hand and begins to break her neck. A second later he puts much more strength in it, and snaps the neck in one swift choke. Helga’s dead body falls to the ground after he lets it go.

“He’s killing us one by one!” says Adrian. “We underestimated him!” yells Gregori.

“I warned you” says Crnobog with quite a sadistic smile.

“GO!” Crnobog suddenly grabs his head and falls to his knees. “You don’t understand! With me you can win!” yells Crnobog. Inside his head a voice told him: “DAMMIT LEAVE!”. “I WON’T! I AM THE LORD OF THIS BODY!” he once more yells. “THIS BODY BELONGS TO ME!”. “Damn weak fool!! I can win! You can’t! You are too light hearted! LET ME BATTLE!”. “At the cost of how many more innocent lives, huh?!”. “They are just sacrifices for a better world! For a utopia!”. “LET GO!!”

In that moment Crnobog’s body collapses to the floor.

“What is going on?” asks Adrian. “It is of no matter. Get the girl and let’s get out of here before this gets even worst,” says Alexander. Meanwhile Gregori was smiling, “So, you have double personality,” he thinks.

“NO!” yells Crnobog, now with more sanity it seems. His wings begin to dissipate into nothingness and his lips turn to a lighter purple tone. His sword disappears. He tries to stand up but his body is far too weak.

Alexander walks towards Alexandra, who was sound asleep. “Come on, my princess,” he says, grabbing the girl.

“NO! Alexandra!” yells Dwayne, still transformed as Crnobog but at a meager 10% of his overall power. “You are too light hearted,” says Gregori with a smile. Alexander escapes away with Alexandra on his hands, and both Gregori and Adrian run away as well.

“No…” he whispers as tears begin to come down his eyes, mixing with the falling water of the ceiling. Police sirens are heard in the background, as he tries to stand up. Then a familiar shadow approaches him. Struggling, he stares at the man. It was Alphonse.

“Dwayne…” he whispers. “They took her away…” whispers Dwayne, finally collapsing. Alphonse then stares at his surroundings. People were starting to wake up. “What happened here,” he thinks as he grabs Dwayne’s body.

“I was too late…”


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