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Chapter XXXII: Lacrymosa

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Chapter XXXII: Lacrymosa

Alexandra was walking with no set path. She was just walking forward.

“What is he thinking?!?” she thinks, mad at Dwayne, “bringing a woman out of nowhere!”.

She wasn’t noticing that at the other side of the street there was a man following. He was Alexander, who was following every step Alexandra made.

“It’s time,” says Alexander, about to cross the street, but just then someone appeared. It was Alphonse who was crossing the street heading towards Alexandra as well.

Alexander smiles, “Damn his timing,”. He stops before crossing the street and goes again towards the sidewalk, watching every movement Alphonse made.

“Alexandra,” says Alphonse. “Oh Alphonse, sorry I hadn’t noticed you,” she says, cleaning a tear off her face. “What is happening?” asks Alphonse. “No-nothing,” she replies with obvious staggering. “Tell me please, did something happen?” asks the blonde man again.

Alexandra looks to the right and closes her eyes. More tears begin to fall as she tries to speak but cannot. After some seconds she takes a deep breath and speaks. “That-that Dwayne, bringing an unknown woman and shoving her on my face,” were the words that escaped her mouth.

“Oh… that woman, the woman dressed with a red jacket and who has a small ruby seemingly stuck in her forehead?” asks Alphonse. “Yes, that… that… bitch…” says Alexandra, biting her lower lip. “She gives me goose bumps. Last night when I saw her and she looked at me I felt something I’ve never felt before. For a second I felt jealous of Dwayne for having that woman on his hands. Then, when I left them… I began to think that maybe she’s a GenoBIO, and her powers are channeled through her eyes,” replies Alphonse.

“Where did you leave them?” asks Alexandra. “In… in his apartment,” says Alphonse, with a look of pity in his face. “Figures…” she says.

“But that’s not the important thing here. I think that woman is controlling our thoughts with her eyes. She’s evil, I am sure of it,” says Alphonse. “You think?” she asks. “I am very sure,” he replies back.

“So maybe she’s controlling Dwayne’s actions?” asks Alexandra. “Yes, she’s controlling them,” says Alphonse.

“That idiot… letting himself to be controlled by such bitch,” says Alexandra as she turns around, giving her back to Alphonse. “I am so going there, ready to kick her sorry face,” she says as a burst of sudden and gentle wind hit her face.

In the McBathy’s Restaurant Dwayne is sitting on a chair, with his head put over a table.

“Don’t feel so down…” says Ruphir as she stares at the confused young man, “It wasn’t my intention to get you two fighting, she just seems a bit too immature for you Dwayne,” she concludes.

“Damn it…” says Dwayne as he raises his head from the table and looks at Ruphir.

“You know… if you want to fix up this little problem then I can give you a recommendation. Tonight at 8PM there will be a beautiful opera at the MET. You could invite her there… maybe that’ll fix things up?” says Ruphir, walking towards the door.

“Give it a try…..” says the woman dressed in red as she walks through the door, heading outside. “I’ll see you later, Hero” she says.

Dwayne sits down and puts his head over the table. “Damn it…” he whispers, slowly closing his fists. A few minutes fly by and Alexandra appears in front of the restaurant. “Dwayne Erickson…” she says, entering the place and walking towards Dwayne. She stops a few inches away from him. But then Dwayne stands up and looks at her.

“What if I invite you to an opera this night!” he says with a very pathetic smile all over his face.

“Wow, that was deep!” yells a drunk Grauchy from behind. “I know I messed up but…” says Dwayne as he scratches the back of his head and smiles, “let me make up for it!”.

Alexandra just stands there, surprised by Dwayne’s words. “Damn you… and damn me for being so stupid. Alright, we’ll go!” she replies with a smile, “but you pay,”.

Dwayne laughs softly as he walks towards his Uncle. “Uncle, mind to save my ass and lend me some dollars?” he whispers to his ears. Martin takes a deep breath and finally replies: “Alright,”

Time flies by, and eventually the sun hides and the gallant moon rises over the city of New York. The MET was full of people dressed in gallant suits and dresses, ready to hear and watch the “Diva” opera that is going to be held that night. Between those people are Dwayne and Alexandra, he dressed with a very fitting suit (“a gentleman’s suit”) and she was wearing a spectacular blue dress with no sleeves and opened right in the middle of the right leg, opened so much that it could ‘reveal something’ if the wrong movements were made.

“So, where’s the entrance?” asks Alexandra. “Don’t ask me, I’ve never been here,” replies Dwayne. “I’ll just ask”. “NO! We will look for ourselves and find the entrance, no need to ask!” he replies. “Men and their stupid decisions and ego,” whispers Alexandra.

News covering the event was there, and even Laura Schieffman from CNN news was covering the event. In fact, she had already spotted Dwayne. “Romantic,” were her words.

Eventually the duo of youngsters was able to enter the Metropolitan Opera House and sit down in their respective chairs in the middle of the center row of seats, not a bad location.

“You know Dwayne, this is romantic, but I still have a score to settle with you,” says Alexandra. “I know you do, but lets just enjoy this and then we’ll talk,” he replies, staring at her after those words.

The Opera finally begins with a sole woman chanting in Japanese a very soft and relaxing song. After that a full orchestra appears on stage and begins to sing classics such as O Fortuna and Dies Irae. The orchestra finally leaves the stage and one woman appears on stage. Most of the crowd was very relaxed and liking every minute of it.

Suddenly everything goes pitch black and a sole light appears, shining directly to middle of the chairs, aiming at Dwayne and Alexandra.

“Wow, did you arrange something special?” asks Alexandra. “No…” whispers Dwayne, a bit nervous too.

On stage was a woman, wearing a Viking helmet (steel and two horns, one on each side). With no sleeves and also dressed in Viking armor she begins to speak: “This is for a sole man,”. That woman was Helga, from the Iusta Vindicta.

She opens her mouth and begins to sign as a gentle violin is heard in the background.

Lacrimosa dies illa

Qua resurget ex favilla

Shortly after those words people began to feel sleepy and a bit too relaxed.

Judicandus homo reus.

Huic ergo parce, Deus:

Pie Jesu Domine,

Now most people were falling asleep. “Dwayne…” whispers Alexandra as her eyes slowly shut on her. “Don’t hear the singing!” says Dwayne covering her ears.

Dona eis requiem. Amen.

“This was the Lacrymosa,” says Helga. All the people in the room were sound asleep, except Dwayne and Alexandra (though she was feeling sleepy).

“What the hell are you doing!” yells Dwayne from his chair as a weakened Alexandra rests her head over his left shoulder.

“Me? Just following orders of your brother,” she yells with a smile in her face.

“You are way too tense,” was then heard from behind. The emergency lights go on, revealing a line of over 4 members of the Iusta Vindicta standing behind the many chairs, right in the back of the theater. They were Ed B, Gregory, Adrian and Alexander.

“We are the Iusta Vindicta!” yells Alexander. “And this is your fall, your sorrow, your pain, your suffering,” says Adrian, dressed in his usual white tuxedo.

“You can screw yourselves!” yells Dwayne as he puts Alexandra back to her chair, who is already practically asleep, and stands up. Lightning begins to surround his body.

“NanoBIO…” whispers Alexander, smiling.

“Come on, CRNOBOG!” yells Alexander.


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