Friday, February 23, 2007

Omen of Chaos returning March 2!

Hey everyone! I am extremely sorry for not updating the blook in well over a week, but today February 23th there will be NO new chapter either, nor in February 26th expect the next chapter. The series will resume its normal release schedule in Friday, March 2. Why the two week delay? Simple...I have been extremely sick. For some time now I've been suffering shoulder pain. I have a very painful muscular spasm in both shoulders which hurts like hell. So, for the last two weeks or so I haven't written any new chapters of Omen of Chaos, but I still kept updating the blook, until the point when the site caught up with what I had already written (Chapter XXXII). Still, I plan on resuming my 'writing duties' today and I plan on working VERY hard so that by March 2nd there will be a new chapter, and from there onwards the schedule returns to normal.

Aside from all this, I have college and social life to deal with as well. I've been considering reducing the amount of released chapters from two per week to just one per week. For now there won't be any changes to the schedule, but if college gets far more complex and my spasm grows worse then I'll have to change the schedule. I REPEAT, the normal schedule (new chapters on Monday and Friday) will be resumed in MARCH 2. Hopefully you'll bear with it, and I do hope that you excuse me for this. Anyway, enjoy your day and I hope you enjoy Omen of Chaos!


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