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Chapter XXXI: Red Seduction

Chapter XXXI: Red Seduction

“Are you alright?” asks Crnobog to Ruphir.

“Yes I am…” she softly replies, “Thank you,”

“That was nothing,” says Crnobog.

Firemen were already reaching the scene and putting off the fire.

“Well then, I must leave you here lady,” says Crnobog, standing up now. “Oh really…” she says. Her red eyes then begin to pierce through Crnobog’s eyes. She slowly opens her eyes, each time piercing more through the demon hero.

“Why don’t you take me with you? This people might do something to me,” she says, smiling with her red lips.

“What?” thinks Alphonse. “You will help me, right?” she says, then turning her sights from Crnobog to Alphonse. Alphonse immediately felt something inside him, like a tickling. “This woman…” he thinks, suddenly feeling pleasure as the woman looked at him.

“Please…” she says, then turning her eyes at Crnobog, “take me with you,”.

“Well…” says Crnobog, looking at the people around him, gathering in curiosity. “Sure,” he finally says.

”Thank you,” whispers Ruphir. Crnobog quickly grabs the beautiful young woman once more. “Let’s go!” says Crnobog as he jumps from the ground towards the roof a nearby building. “Yes…” says Alphonse, who jumps back behind him.

They moved very fast, away from the scene that they were a few seconds ago.

“So, what’s your name?” asks Crnobog to the woman as he stares right at her big and beautiful red eyes.

“My name? Ruphir… and yours?” asks the smart woman. “My name… well I don’t know if I can tell you that,” says Crnobog.

“Why not?” she says, once again looking straight at his eyes. “Well… it won’t do much wrong right? My real name is Dwayne Erickson,” he replies. “Fitting name for a great hero,” she says, then changing her sighs from Crnobog to Alphonse.

“And your name is?” she asks, staring at the man who was a few meters behind them. “This woman…” thinks Alphonse, like something was bothering him. “Come on…” she says, opening her eyes a bit more. “My name is… Alphonse Martinic,” he replies. “Beautiful name… fitting of a Chevalier,” she says.

“But,” she says, changing her sights to Crnobog, “I have the greatest of Chevaliers holding me,”.

Slowly she moves her left hand and touches Crnobog’s face. Slowly she caresses the rough gray skin. “You are beautiful,” she says. “So are you…” replies Crnobog. Behind, Alphonse was staring. “Why… why am I feeling jealous!” he was thinking.

“Tell me, do you have a woman you love? Someone whose heart you share?” asks Ruphir.

“I… I…. I do…..,” replies Crnobog, staggering a bit.

“And do you really love her?” she asks. “Yes… I do,” he replies. “And, would you love me as well?” she asks, staring at his eyes with her piercing red gems she has for eyes.

“I… I…” says Crnobog, now completely stuttering, “I…”

“When a man stutters that way that means he will say no and that he can’t love another woman aside from the one he has. But I will quickly make you change your perception of that woman and I’ll make you love me… tell me, what is her name?”

“Her name is… Alexandra Kingston,” he replies.

Kingston… she must be from a wealthy family then,” Ruphir says. “Yes… she is,” replies Crnobog.

Moving her head forward she puts her mouth at the side of Crnobog’s right ear. “Take me to your house,” she whispers. She quickly lowers her head and stares at him once more.

“S-Sure,” replies Crnobog. “Great…” she softly replies.

Eventually they arrive at Dwayne’s apartment, where Crnobog invites Ruphir (they enter through the always open windows Dwayne leaves).

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” says Crnobog to Alphonse. “…Fine,” he replies, jumping away from the window. “The eyes of that woman…” thinks Alphonse, “why can’t I do anything right when she looks at me!”

Alone were now Crnobog and Ruphir.

Suddenly Crnobog falls to his knees and his body begins to emit lightning. His breathing grows harder and harder every second. His hair falls down and finally he falls to his right side.

“You are weak, aren’t you… Dwayne,” says Ruphir staring at the man. “Dammit…” thinks Dwayne. A part of him was still that of Crnobog as he was still wearing the gothic jacket and had the grayish skin along the sharp teeth. Slowly he begins to revert back to his normal self.

“Like a fly…” whispers Ruphir staring at him. “I am sorry…” says Dwayne, gradually standing up.

“Don’t put so much effort,” she says as she extends her right hand, aiming at his head. Then, all of a sudden, Dwayne falls unconscious over his bed.

“Sleep… because I have yet to dig out all those secrets, “ she softly says. She walks by Dwayne’s side, and sits down over the bed.

“You don’t even have a clue on what you are doing,” she says, caressing his human face. “As a human… you look beautiful,” she says, slowly getting her face closer to his. “A kiss won’t do anything bad, would it?”, she says to herself, giving a kiss to Dwayne’s right cheek. Then, as close as she was, she smiles and licks his cheek all the way to the hair.

“Right now you are turning me on and you are sleeping. Nice…” she whispers, “not many can do that,”

She stands up from the bed and looks at him.

“I get horny so fast…. Guess that’s why no one believes me when I say I am virgin,” she says to herself, walking towards a nearby sofa and jumping on it. Slowly she closes her eyes while staring at Dwayne. “You are cute,” she says. Then she smiles and licks her lips with her beautiful tongue.

The night quickly flies and the sun rises once more.

Dwayne was just waking up. He looks at his right and sees the alarm: 10:09AM SAT. Gently he rises from the bed and stares at the other side of the room. There was Ruphir with her eyes closed, sleeping over the sofa.

“She…” he whispers. Slowly she opens her eyes, seeing Dwayne looking at her. “Hey…” she whispers, followed by a yawn.

“You stayed all night here?” he asks very surprised. “Yes I did,” she replies.

“But why? You didn’t need to,” says Dwayne, going off the bed and standing up. “You saved me last night… and I kind of felt like waiting for you to wake up. Last night you just closed your eyes and went to bed. I was worried, so I decided to wait here,” she says.

“Woah, if Alexa sees you here I am dead,” says Dwayne.

“Your girlfriend?” asks Ruphir. “Well no, technically she is not my girlfriend… yet,” he replies. “Then, why be nervous?” she asks back, standing from the sofa.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” she says. “Sure,” answers Dwayne.

All duties done, Dwayne dresses up with a black t-shirt and some jeans. Ruphir was behind him at all times.

Walking down the stairs to go outside, Dwayne is thinking: “That woman… is so beautiful, yet…. I think she’s fallen in love with me. And I…”

“Where are we going?” she asks. “Outside, to my Uncle’s restaurant,” replies Dwayne. Quickly a smile draws over her face. The couple crosses the street and head towards the restaurant. There, Dwayne opens the door and he sees Alexandra, sitting on a chair and speaking with Martin and Chloe. Grauchy and Carlos were meanwhile getting drunk so early in the morning.

“Alexa!” says a very surprised Dwayne. Ruphir then walks by Dwayne’s side and says: “So this is the famous Alexandra,”

“Dwayne,” says Alexandra, a bit shocked though. “You are very early today…” says Dwayne.

“Ooooooops….” Says an almost drunk Grauchy (who had taken a huge keg of beer from his house and bought it to the restaurant)

Shy, Alexandra speaks; “So, will you introduce me the woman?”.

“There’s no need. My name is Ruphir Lilium, I am a woman rescued by this young man here, called by everyone the ‘Demon Hero’,” she replies.

“You showed her your identity? Pfft, guess the requirements for people knowing your real you are lowering each day,” says Alexandra.

“Someone’s mad…” says Carlos, hiding his face below the table.

Ruphir then smiles and walks towards Alexandra. “So, Dwayne here has spoken much of you,” she says. Chloe meanwhile seemed a bit scared by the presence of the woman.

“Yeah, I rescued here and… I… took her back to home?” says Dwayne, questioning himself. Ruphir continues her smile and then turns her sights at Dwayne and with her eyes pierces right through him.

“Oh yeah, she wanted me to rescue here because people could do something bad to her,” says Dwayne. Satisfied with the answer, Ruphir then looks at Alexandra.

“Oh really?” asks Alexandra, standing up from the chair and facing face to face with Ruphir. Then the woman in red lets go out a giggle and whispers to Alexandra’s ear something.

“You are no match for me,” she whispers to her. Alexandra then lets go a sarcastic smile and walks by the woman’s side.

“Alexandra…” says Dwayne. “I’ll come back later,” she says as she passes by Dwayne’s side. “Someone got jealous…” says Ruphir. Martin meanwhile, was looking at everything that was happening.

“No, wait Alexandra,” says Dwayne turning around to follow her.

”Leave her be Dwayne. She’s too immature,” says Ruphir. Dwayne stops in his tracks and then looks at Ruphir. She once again pierces with her looks. Dwayne was obviously confused.

“Something’s wrong here,” thinks Martin.

Alexandra meanwhile walks away with haste, while Dwayne stood in front of the restaurant’s door.

Outside, a man on the other side of the street watched as Alexandra walks away. He was wearing a hat and was covering his face with it. He grabs the hat and moves it away, revealing his identity: Alexander of the Iusta Vindicta. He smiles and then says: “Found you,”


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