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Chapter XXVII: The First Revenge

Chapter XXVII: The First Revenge

“My name is Professor Ulysses, a GenoBIO like my fellow fighters. My duty is to… well, study all I can and help with what I can. I don’t have fancy super powers, but I was given a special intellect that few can match” replies Ulysses, a man with a brown moustache and a deep diagonal scar over his forehead. His hair is a mess simply because it has no form; it’s just brown hair, messy and never combed. His glasses are small and modern-looking. His skin color is a mix of the black and white races, giving him the looks of a white man with a permanent tan. He looks like over 40 years old. Wearing a light-black jacket, opened in the middle revealing his brown tuxedo, he’s a bit strange looking. Slowly he moves his hand inside the jacket and draws from it a cigar which he lights with a lighter.

“It will be impossible finding the three bombs below the mess the Hudson River is. Besides, defusing a bomb is no small feat. All we can do is go down below and rescue as many people as we can from the tracks. Fellow GenoBIOs are already down there trying to rescue as many as they can. After the tracks explode the water from the river will pour in. Quickly all tracks in a 5 mile wide radio will be flooded by the Hudson River,” says Professor Ulysses.

“But… millions will die!” yells Dwayne (as Crnobog of course).

“Isn’t it better to save thousands when saving millions is impossible? Tell me, would you have the ability to defuse those bombs in a few minutes and not causing them to explode, while underwater and with muddy waters? It is impossible,” replies Ulysses, “all we can do now is save those we can, and mourn for those others that will lose their lives.”

This caused a great uncertainty in Dwayne. His face was spooked.

“Go now! Save those you can!” yells Ulysses. “Wait! What If we break the ceiling of the tunnels and the ground over us falls. The water will collide with the rubble and will be stopped,” says Dwayne.

“Don’t you think I had already thought that? Doing that would just save a minute as the water pressure will eventually push back all the rubble. In fact, it’s losing time. While you break the tunnel you will lose quickly seconds, seconds that can save lives,” says Ulysses.

“GO!” yells Ulysses. “Yes…” whispers Dwayne as he runs towards the station entrance, where Police Officers were already helping in getting the people out.

“So many will die…So few, unable to choose whether they live or die. Why...” was all Dwayne was thinking as he saw the people running upstairs, running for their lives, running to follow their dreams.

Down on the station people could be seen running from the tunnels towards the station exit.

Leading a big group of people was a short, skinny, young woman with short blue dark hair. She was using long black leather gauntlets on her hand, gauntlets which almost reach her elbows. Otherwise, her clothing was casual: A black t shirt with blue jeans.

She was running until they reached the station. “Go up there!” she says, pointing her finger at the stairs. She quickly turns around and at her side was Dwayne (still transformed as Crnobog).

“Hey you Demon Hero,” she says (which quickly grabs his attention), “all the way on the left tunnel is another GenoBIO leading more people. See if he needs help.”

“Alright,” he replies with a saddened look all over his face.

“Come dammit!” suddenly echoed all over the station. Coming from the left was another man with bushy, but spiked blonde hair. He was wearing ‘Army pants’ and a dark green t-shirt with no sleeves. White and with blue eyes, he looked very rough, with a well-built body, full of muscles. He was tall too, over 6 feet for sure.

At his side was a very fat man. He had a small beard and a lot of black hair over his head (with a few lines of gray hair here and there). He was just wearing a tight (yes, tight) red shirt and black jeans. Over his back there were three old women grabbing him.

“I thought they were only four…” thinks Dwayne.

“This freaking fatass is so slow!” yells the other man. “Shu… shut up…” replies the fat man trying to gain air, inhaling as much as he can.

The blonde man then yells, “There is a train stuck right in the middle of the track, just below where the bomb could be located”.

“I’ll go,” says Dwayne to the short woman, as he walks towards the left tunnel. “A-a… NanoBIO…” says the fat man continuing his way towards the track as Dwayne passes by his side running.

Behind those two there were over 50 people, surely following them. Dwayne was running against the crowd, trying to reach the stuck train which was in the middle of the track, below the Hudson River.

He stops for a few seconds and takes a deep breath, and then with a serious look all over his face he returns to running, even faster than before.

“None of them will die,” he thinks as he makes haste. Eventually, after a sharp left turn there it was… the stuck train with barely 4 wagons.

People were already out of the train, around fifteen Girl Scouts and eight elderly people.

“Those who cannot walk or move come with me and I’ll take you. The others follow me,” says Crnobog. Yet… the people didn’t move in the least bit. They were standing like zombies. “Come on, we don’t have time!” he yells.

“Control your temper,” was suddenly heard. Crnobog quickly turns around and behind him was Gregory, of the Iusta Vindicta.

“Yeah, you might blow a fuse,” is then also heard, coming from behind Crnobog. He quickly turns around and sees Alexander.

In a few seconds the people that looked like zombies begin to fade away, and all that was left was a darkened mist of them.

“We are here to talk,” says Gregori. “Screw you!” yells Crnobog as he tries to charge at Gregori, yet his muscles didn’t move.


“Yeah, I figured you would try something like that, so I took measures. Now, listen to us… Demon Hero, and sit down,” says Gregori as he unleashes a furious punch into Crnobog’s gut. The hero, surprised by the impact, falls to the ground, kneeling in front of Gregori.

“I always thought NanoBIO’s were stronger than us…” he says as he grabs Crnobog’s spiked hair, “but it looks like the tables are turning,” he concludes with a smile as he spit over the hero’s face.

“Did you know, Crnobog, that you have a little brother,” says Alexander, walking and circling around the hero, “Yeah, his name is Lucian, and he, like you, is a NanoBIO, and a very strong one too. While you are the imperfect version, he’s the perfect version of you, exceeding you in every capability,” continues Alexander as he stops and stands in front of Crnobog, “and he needs you out of the way so we can continue our majestic plan to get rid of the humanity that created us, of that imperfect animal created by ‘God’, a God who allows his own pets to create other pets,” keeps on going Alexander, taking out a Christian cross from his pocket, “And what does God do? Sit there in his throne… laughing at the pathetic mammals he created. We, the Iusta Vindicta, don’t like that ‘God’, and so we shall proceed to overthrow him and turn into a God our leader, our master, the one who will avenge the stupidities this stupid monkey race has done and become the God of our race, a race that will propagate itself around the vast Universe. We will rule with an iron fist and all shall do our bidding,” he keeps on, crushing the cross he was holding in his right hand, “We are the gods, he is the God… and you are merely the Messiah of the human race, who has betrayed his programming and original design of conquering and destroying for the sake of saving those weaker than himself, saving those that created him and that will ultimately betray him. You have chosen the wrong side Crnobog… and you will pay for it,” concludes Alexander with a sarcastic smile.

“But then again, those stupid monkeys created us, but they didn’t put any restrains on us…” says Gregori, and quickly letting out a giggle.

“Die here… and let our destiny be fulfilled,” says Alexander as his body begins to fade away, “Humanity will suffer, but they have made us suffer more. Its payback… it’s a just vengeance,” finishes Alexander as he completely fades away.

“By the way, I know you can breathe underwater… so…” was all Gregory said, and just then he draws out a sword from his side and stabs Crnobog’s chest with it. Quickly he lets go an electric shock that flows from the blade into Crnobog’s body. The hero lets go out a loud agony yell. Then with the left hand, Gregory takes out a small bottle. He pushes a button and from it sprays a mist, a mist which Crnobog breathes.

“Pulse Nanomachines, they are like kryptonite for NanoBIO’s… and you sir, are a NanoBIO. They will put your nanomachines to rest for a little while and then you will really drown,” says Gregori as he also begins to fade, and in a second or two he disappears completely.

There was Crnobog… unable to move, being bind by something he could not see, and with his nanomachines turned off….


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