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Chapter XXIX: The Terra Contego

Chapter XXIX: The Terra Contego

Everything was blurred. All he could distinguish was a light over him. Shocked, he gets up and returns back to his senses.

Dwayne had just woken up. He was still a bit lost, but gaining back his senses to normal. He of course notices the bunch of people surrounding him… Alexandra, Kevin, Chloe, Uncle Martin, Alphonse, Maxwell, Ulysses, Shana, Guile, Angel and Laura Schieffman. Even Grauchy and Carlos were there, the two old men that constantly visited McBathy’s restaurant.

“Where… am … I?” he asks, scratching the back of his head.

“You are home,” says Martin with a wide smile. “Yeah, alive and kickin’! says Grauchy.

“So I lived from that…” he whispers afterwards. “No frigging way I would let you die dammit,” says Maxwell with a smile.

“I knew you would be ok so I didn’t even worry,” says Alexandra with a smile of her own. Chloe, who was still unsuspecting Dwayne’s real identity was just happy to see that the young man that picked her up was safe and sound, and her big and funny smile revealed her happiness.

“Thanks a lot Dwayne…” says Alphonse. “Yeah, no problem,” he replies, when he just notices an unknown person.

”Who is she?” he asks, staring at Laura.

“Oh! I am a reporter from CNN! My name is Laura Schieffman,” she replies, a bit hasty and nervous though.

“So… everyone found out?” he asks. “No, your identity is still hidden from the world, though some of our powers have been revealed to many. This young lady helped us get you out of that mess and avoid your identity for being revealed. Of course, being the good businesswoman she is, she asked for an exclusive interview afterwards, which I accepted on your behalf,” replies Ulysses.

“Though I have spatial teleportation abilities my powers are set to a certain limit, maybe a 1 mile wide radius,” says Shana, zipping up a bit of coffee.

“Huh, Sir! You don’t have to let me interview you… I am actually just happy to know you are safe,” says Laura, even more nervous.

“Actually, don’t leave. I would gladly give you the interview you requested… it’s my way of returning your favor,” he says, letting out a gentle smile come from his face.

“But before that,” says Ulysses, walking towards a chair and sitting on it, “we need to talk of our current situation. The battle between the Terra Contego and the Iusta Vindicta,” he continues, “though I will request that we move to a more private place.”

“No Professor Ulysses. Anything that should be said, will be said here in front of all those who I trust… even in front of Ms. Laura,” says Dwayne.

“If you say so… then, let’s quickly get stared,” says the wise man, grabbing everyone’s attention.

“I am just going to prepare some sandwiches for you all,” says Martin who goes towards the kitchen, “come small Chloe, help me and let the grown up deal with their own stuff,”.

”Oh sure…” she whispers, but still obviously suspicious of what was going on.

“I don’t like losing time so…. We are the Terra Contego… the Shield of the Earth, a bunch of just five meager GenoBIOs ready to stand up against the Iusta Vindicta. We are small, but determined to protect this World from those that seek to destroy it,” says Ulysses.

“What we know if that the Iusta Vindicta have slightly grown in size, and just recently they added a very important asset to their arsenal… a NanoBIO… and if the broadcast is to be believed, then he’s your little brother, a perfected version of yourself. He’s everything you are and he’s everything you are not. He’s the Perfect NanoBIO…. And he has escaped his laboratory and is know the leader of a once small organization… he’s the Lord of the Iusta Vindicta.,” says Ulysses.

Everyone was listening to Ulysses like kids listening to a story. Even Laura, who didn’t know half of what was happening, was hearing, though she was taking no notes.

“We do not yet know exactly what they seek, but one thing’s for sure… they are mad at the Humans, especially those who created them. We do not feel that way, actually we thank those that gave life to us on this World, and even though we have lived low profile our lives have been happy ones. Now we are risking what we have to stop them from doing whatever they want,” continues Ulysses, staring most specifically at Dwayne.

“So, we are requesting your aid, Hero,” says Ulysses, who stands up from his chair and surprisingly puts his left knee over the tiled floor, “I beg of you, help us stop them and join us,”

“You do not need to beg or even bow to me Ulysses… I am someone who follows what is good and what is correct, and right now I feel that fighting the Iusta Vindicta is the obvious thing to do. We need to stop them… and I need to find out if that man is really my brother,” says Dwayne, with a sad look over his face.

Ulysses, standing up, says, “I thank you a thousand times, and even that will not be enough”,

“I, like Dwayne, will help you on the battle,” says Alphonse.

“I can’t live my best friend alone… not even now. Though I don’t have any special powers I do have certain abilities. I am a born genius, and I want to help,” says Kevin.

Grauchy, who had been sleeping all along since Dwayne woke up, suddenly wakes up and yells: “YES! DEATH TO ALL THOSE FASCIST PIGS!” .

Everyone just stares at him… a bit surprised by the very stupid and off topic comment he had just made.

“Err… I screwed up right? I’ll just keep on sleeping…” he says, quickly closing his eyes and making some fake snoring sounds. “Ooook, that was weird…” says Kevin.

“I, like Kevin, have no special powers or anything like that… but I want to aid in everything I can…” says Alexandra. Dwayne turns around and looks at her, “Please no Alexa…” he says. “Sorry… I am always behind, watching everyone fight and get hurt and all I do is get in the way. I want to be useful in anyway possible,” she replies.

“I KNEW IT!” is suddenly heard. It was Chloe.

“I know you were the Hero everyone talks about…” she says, now a bit shyer… thinking if she had screwed up like Grauchy did.

“Yes, I am, Chloe… but don’t tell anyone, K?” says Dwayne, giving the girl a warm look and a smile. “Sure!” she says, maybe becoming the happiest girl on the entire world.

Ulysses, happy, just says: “I thank you all from the bottom of my heart,”

”Us too,” says Maxwell, and at his sides were Angel, Guile and Shana.

“We are the Terra Contego… the Shield of the Earth, and we will protect it from them… those who seek to destroy peace, those who seek to destroy humankind, those who seek to destroy everything we love…” says Ulysses.

After those encouragement words from Ulysses, Kevin whispers to Alexandra: “He got all cliché now…”

“We will beat them at their own game,” says Dwayne.

“I want… I want to help too… in someway…” says Laura.

Dwayne is the first one to stare at her. “We could use your help too Ms. Laura,” says Dwayne, turning his face and looking outside, with a saddened look.

“We will need all the help we can…” he finally whispers. After that, he slowly walks outside.

“Where are you going?” asks Alexandra. “Outside… I need to take a bit of air in,” he says. “I’ll go with you,” she tells him. “Sure,” he replies.

He goes out with Alexandra and both walk away.

“What got to him…” says Kevin.

“Did I say anything wrong?” asks Laura. “No… he’s just a bit confused with all that is happening right now,” replies Uncle Martin.

“Very well… we shall be in contact. We will depart now and continue our own investigation. Thanks for everything Mr. Martin,” says Ulysses, grabbing a brown hat and putting it on.

“No problem, anytime,” Martin replies.

“Yeah, I am also leaving. He seems a bit sad right now, so I won’t bother him with my questioning,” says Laura. “I do hope Ms. Laura, that you don’t broadcast what was just said here to the whole world,” says Ulysses.

“I won’t,” she quickly replies.

Outside Dwayne and Alexandra walked together.

“So…” says Alexandra to Dwayne. “You should get away from me,” says Dwayne. “Why?!?” she replies with surprise.

“You will just get hurt. If I am around you then I won’t be able to protect everyone else, and even then you might get hurt. I don’t want that… I don’t want to put you in risk. Preferably, I would suggest that you get away as far as you can from me…” says Dwayne.

Alexandra, seriously, just stares forward and then replies: “No way,”.

“I knew you were gonna say that… you stubborn woman,” says Dwayne.

“I will not stand idle and see as things unfold right in front of my eyes. I will not! Though I know I am physically weak and I can’t do the things you guys can do, I will not stand and watch as a huge son of a bitch tries to destroy all this!” she yells, with a drop of tear coming down her right eye.

“Thank you…” whispers with very little sound Dwayne.

“What?” she asks. “Nah, it’s nothing. Let’s just turn back,” says Dwayne.

“Wait, what about our conversation?” she asks. “It’s already concluded,” he says, turning around.


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