Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lord of the Abyss on track!

So, I'll begin this by saying I am extremely sorry for the fact that I didn't continue the "Making of Genesis" series, but I noticed it is taking me too much time to think of things while also working on the plot of Lord of the Abyss. If you noticed, January 7th is a Sunday... I am releasing the first chapter earlier than normal because the 8th I will be in a business trip to start up... well, my business. Jan 12, a Friday, will then continue the normal release schedule, and then Monday Jan 15th the other chapter and so on. Frankly, I am a bit slow on writing with only 4 full chapters already done before the release, but I am picking up speed. Also, blame it on the Wii and Zelda: Twilight Princess that my time has decreased so much =P. So yeah, don't leave the blook because the updates are coming soon! And I can build the hype by saying the plot is turning to be way better than I even expected, and that it will be VERY epic.... So, wait for it! See you guys in January 7th for the "Premiere"!

PS: Happy New Year 2007 for all you guys! Hope you had great fun (I did!) and that you have a very good 2007!


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