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Chapter XXVI: Race to the Subway

Chapter XXVI: Race to the Subway

“Come on little man” says the huge and bulky black man.

“Alexandra… back away as much as you can” says Dwayne, his hands shaking. “Uncle Dwayne?” asks Chloe. “Chloe… go with Alexandra and run as far as you can from here,” says Dwayne. Gunshots are then heard… it was Sergeant Morales and Officer McCaulthy shooting at the man.

“That tickles…” says the man as he raises his chain and begins to furiously spin it.

“RUN!” yells Dwayne as he then walks towards the man. “Come Chloe!” says Alexandra grabbing the girl by a hand, “Be careful dammit”. “Uncle!” says Chloe.

Then, not caring if anyone would see him… Dwayne transforms. His nails begin to grow and his skin grows paler every second. His teeth grow sharp and his lips turn to almost purple. His hair rises and spikes and electricity begins to surround him. His clothes change and turn to their usual gothic look, the black jacket with gold and silver stripes.

“My Lord was right then!” yells the bulky man as he lets go of the chain with such fury that just the movement of it causes windows to shatter. Crnobog jumps over the chain and grabs it. With strength he pulls it back, pulling along the hulky black man, but surprisingly the man grabs a Gatling gun, a M68 Vulcan 22mm Cannon.

“Boom,” he says as he begins to shoot the mighty bullets. They fly straight to Crnobog’s chest and hit him directly. The impact is so strong that it sends the Demon hero flying back many meters. His body falls wounded to the ground.

“Auto Recovery Mode Initiated”

His wounds begin to heal, and in a matter of seconds he was already standing up. “Impressive,” says the hulky man as his Vulcan lets go smoke from its many cannons.

“Shit,” says Morales, watching the ongoing battle.

Then, to everyone’s surprise, the black man’s head is turned to the right. Subsequently his body gets lifted and thrown into a nearby SUV. All of a sudden there, in the middle of the street a man appears. It was Maxwell, one of the GenoBIOs that are fighting against the Iusta Vindicta.

“What the hell are you doing here?!? Fly or do anything you can and save all the people you can! Nearby Whitehall Street is a friend of mine, Professor Ulysses. He will give you further instctions on how to defuse the underwater bombs stuck in the tracks,” says Maxwell.

“Thank you,” says Crnobog. “Sure,” replies Maxwell. Crnobog turns around and slowly walks away.

“I used too much blood to heal the wound caused by the Vulcan rounds… I can’t draw out my wings with this power. I need to… jump” thinks Crnobog as he jumps from where he is all the way to the roof of a nearby building.

“No!” yells the hulky black man as he shoots his Gatling gun rounds at Crnobog.

“Hey, dumbhead, your opponent is me now” says Maxwell.

Meanwhile, Alexandra and Chloe ran away as fast as they humanly could from the ongoing battle.

“Ms. Alexandra,” says Chloe, staring at the young woman holding her by the hand. “Don’t ask now Chloe, just run,” she replies.

Meanwhile, Dwayne jumps from building to building, speeding his way as he goes.

“What the hell is the meaning of this,” he thinks. Suddenly, bullets fly by him, scratching his back. “What!” he says, turning his sights to the left, where there was a man standing with a long Katana being held by his right hand, and on the left hand a gun. That same man jumps from where he is (A building’s roof) and makes his way towards Crnobog.

“I don’t have time for this!” yells Crnobog as from his fingers he shoots lightning at the incoming man. The man puts the blade in front of him, and it receives the impact from the lightning… but nothing happens to him.

“What the…” thinks Crnobog, disturbed by this. The young man just smiles and lets go of his gun. Then, aiming his left hand at Crnobog returns that same lightning being thrown at him. The lightning hits Crnobog and sends him down, falling over a water tower. It is not broken by the impact, but Crnobog was very surprised by how the man returned the lightning back at him.

The young man then makes his way and lands over the roof.

“My name is Soujiro, the Iusta Vindicta’s samurai” says the man, politely introducing himself to Crnobog. His long jet black hair, pony tailed, sways with the wind. His eyes are sharp and black as well. A feminine look he has, accompanied by wearing a blue kimono.

“Samurai is not the only thing you are…” whispers Crnobog, standing up. “Correct. I absorbed your electricity and shot it back at you, also charging my own energy. This is my ability as a GenoBIO,” replies Soujiro, polite as ever.

“I am sorry, but I got people to save,” replies Crnobog. “They are mere humans, they created us… and they abandoned us,” replies Soujiro. “But those humans down there have nothing to do with you!” yells Crnobog as electricity begins to surround his body.

“Humans nevertheless,” replies Soujiro aiming his sharp blade at Crnobog. “I know you are a NanoBIO, superior to me… I know my chances of winning are slim, but my Lord has given me this task and I shall not fail him.

“Hey you,” is suddenly heard. Soujiro looks behind him… there Alphonse is standing.

“I saw the video, and thank your little girlfriend that she told me where you were” says Alphonse, sword already drawn out, “go Dwayne, you are the only one that can save the people down there. I’ll hold this wanna-be swordsman here,” he concludes with a smile.

“Thanks Alphonse,” replies Crnobog as he quickly jumps away. “You aren’t going anywhere!” yells Soujiro.

Alphonse smiles and jumps from where he is. Soujiro raises his blade at Crnobog, ready to slice his head off, but Alphonse quickly stops the attack from doing any damage. With strength, he pushes the young man downwards, towards the roof. “Go now!” yells Alphonse as Crnobog already heads towards a nearby building, escaping from the battle.

“How dare you,” says Soujiro slowly moving his feet, like about to charge at Alphonse, who now was standing in the same roof as Soujiro.

The young NanoBIO charges at Alphonse. The incoming slash is quickly evaded by Alphonse, who jumps back a few feet away and then boosts towards Soujiro. Both blades clash and a struggle begins, who can push more.

“To avoid that slash… you are a fellow NanoBIO too. Traitor,” says Soujiro who puts his left hand behind his blade and pushes it forwards, out powering Alphonse. With a quick hand movement, sparks begin to appear from the Samurai’s left hand. Smoothly he aims it at Alphonse and shoots lightning at him. Alphonse just evades the incoming blast and counters with a special attack of his own: A green fire blast shot from his left hand.

“GenoBIO, no mistake,” says Soujiro who raises his sword, aiming at the sky with it. Alphonse charges at the samurai and unleashes a powerful horizontal slash aimed at Soujiro’s sword. The impact is so strong that Soujiro loses grip of the hilt. Alphonse continues his ongoing attack by lighting his own left hand in green fire. Soujiro then quickly aim both of his hands at the ground beneath him. From his fingers he shoots lightning, and consequently the impact raises him upwards (like a rocket).

“Release to Level 2 Approved” says Alphonse as he shoots an even more powerful green fire blast at Soujiro.

“GOD DAMN YOU!” yells Soujiro as he shoots lightning at the incoming blast but to no effect. His eyes open widely as he witnesses the great fire coming at him, unable to do anything. “All for my Lord,” he finally says as the green fire blast hits him straight on, causing an explosion at the touch.

“Return to Level 1,” says Alphonse, staring at the smoke cloud. In a second Soujiro’s body falls from within the smoke cloud. His body is numb and he seems unconscious… but right then, before hitting the ground, Alphonse grabs him.

“I am not here to kill anyone, because I am not one who takes life. That, doesn’t pertain to me,” says Alphonse, looking at the young man’s face.

Meanwhile Crnobog made his way towards Whitehall Street. “It’s here,” he says to himself as he jumps from a building all the way towards the road below. The Whitehall Street leads towards the Hudson River, and below the Hudson River many Subway tracks passed by.

“So, you are the demon hero,” says a man with a brown moustache and glasses, “I’ve been waiting for you to help me with this mess.”


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