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Chapter XXIV: Coming of the Lord

Chapter XXIV: Coming of the Lord

It was a very rainy night all of a sudden. Lightning was falling wildly across New York’s skyscrapers.

Below in the streets a single man is seen walking in the streets of External Queens, the poorest section of all NNYC, close to the remains of the old Queens. People live in the streets and heat themselves with barrels with fire. It is a secluded place from the other civilization.

He’s wearing some brown robes with a shroud covering his face as he slowly walks, heading towards an unspecified place.

“Poor humans…” he whispers as he takes a sharp turn to the left and walks towards a very dark alley between two destroyed buildings.

“I hadn’t ever seen such a weird guy before” says a beggar to his companion beggar. “He must be part of that weird group reuniting there…” says the beggar, pointing his finger at the left building.

The man, with leather black gloves, turns the doorknob, but it was stuck, closed. A man moves a sliding window in the top of the door, and with his eyes he sees the man’s covered face.

“What shit ya’ want her, hu’?” says the man. “Open the door” says the man in the robes. “I ain’t opening no door!” replies the man inside the building.

The man with the shroud then stares at the doorknob. Slowly it begins to break, until it is crushed in tiny pieces and the door opens.

“What da’ fuck!” says the man when all of the sudden the door is sent flying back at over 45 miles per hour, crushing the poor guy inside. The man in the shroud enters the building.

“Where is Alexander Dimitri” says the man in the shroud with a far more serious tone. The injured man, a hulky black guy with short hair and a scar that crosses his nose replies: “Second level”. The man in the shroud then turns around, but in front of him, in the entrance of the staircase that lead upwards was a fat woman. She was wearing a hat, or more like a helmet with Viking horns. She had two red-haired ponytails that fell over her big shoulders. Her eyes were amazingly yellow and her lips were a bit fat. She was also wearing what seemed to be an Viking armor with no sleeves whatsoever.

“My name is Helga sweetheart” the woman replies. “I’ve come to see Alexander Dimitri” says the man. “He’s waiting for you upstairs” replies Helga. The shrouded man then walks towards the stairs.

“Sweetheart… I’ll guide you” says Helga as she moves her hand towards the man’s shroud. “Touch me and you are dead” says the man. “Come on” says Helga with a big smile (literally).

The man is guided upstairs to a room with a huge David star in the ceiling and in the floor a huge eye drawn. It looked more like the room of a rich man than that of a poor man. Sitting in what looked to be a very expensive chair made in gold was a man with long black hair and sharp eyes. His neck was a big skinny. He was obviously young, maybe 30 years old. His eyes were as black as the void of space and his skin was white as bread.

The man in the shroud slowly takes it off. In a few seconds it is revealed that he is in fact Lucian, BIO 002b.

“This throne is for you, my Lord” says Alexander as he stands up from the chair (which he refers as a throne).

“We are the Iusta Vindicta” says Alexander. “I know” says Lucian as he walks towards the chair.

“When I woke up the first thing I was programmed for was to find your organization here” says Lucian as he sits on the ‘throne’.

“And the first thing we were told was to wait for the coming of our God” says Alexander. “Then… I am that God” says Lucian. “Yes, my Lord” replies Alexander.

“Now we can crush humanity, and extract our revenge out of those fools who created us! We shall now become the rulers of this World!” says Alexander. “Isn’t possessing a world too cliché?” asks Lucian. “What?” asks Alexander, obviously disappointed.

“No, the world is too small for me. I am meant to conquer the whole universe. I am the vessel created to extend the reach of our kind not only to this world, but to other planets. You see… I can adapt to any living situation, so I can live anywhere. I just need a place to deposit my… seed so I can procreate my kind… the kind of NanoBIO. But that name… isn’t it too technical? My race shall from now on be called the… Nanonians? I’ll name it later…” says Lucian staring at Alexander.

“Your seed can be deposited with our fellow Helga here” says Alexander as he stares at Helga.

“No… ironically, I can only deposit it with a Human” says Lucian. “Why is that, Sir?” asks Alexander. “A prank of those who created me. Think of it as a measure to keep a bit of humanity left as I extend my reach to other planets” replies Lucian.

“Anyway…. Sir, tomorrow night will be the arrival of all our fellow NanoBIO members, so you can get to meet them and we then decide what course of action we shall take” says Alexander. “Yeah…” says Lucian.

Immediately Helga begins to sing, with quite an angelical voice. She was signing an opera.

“For you, my Lord” says Alexander. The lyrics couldn’t be understood very well, but Lucian seemed to enjoy Helga’s angelical voice.

- - - - - - - - - -

At 12:17AM the McBathy’s restaurant was still open. In there, Alexandra, Kevin and Machi waited for the return of Dwayne and Alphonse, and their wait was rewarded when the two of them arrived at the restaurant. Chloe and Uncle Martin were also been waiting, but Martin (trusting his nephew a lot) when to sleep early.

“Geesh, why take so long?” asks Kevin, practically half asleep. “Dammit Dwayne, at least give me a freaking call” says Alexandra, obviously mad at Dwayne. “Sorry, but the batteries ran out… heh…. Heh…” says Dwayne with quite a stupid smile all over his face.

“You guys are crazy! Staying there, being all macho macho! I thought my dear Alphonse was killed!” says Machi.

“She doesn’t know, right?” shouts Kevin to Alexa’s ears. “Nope” she quickly replies.

“Anyway, it is good you two are alright. I must now drive to my house. By the way Dwayne, next time you take a girl into your Uncle’s house let me know” says Alexandra, using her amazing sarcastic speeches. “Err…. I hadn’t told you about Chloe yet?” asks Dwayne. “No you dumbass. But she and I had a great conversation, right Chloe?” asks Alexa, staring at the young girl. “Yeah!” replies Chloe. “Anyway, got to go, my parents are worried” says Alexandra.

“Take care Alexa” says Dwayne, putting his cheek like getting ready for a kiss, but Alexandra just passed by him.

“Hey!” says Dwayne in a very humorous way (high pitched and almost yelling). “No kisses today, being an ass all night” says Alexandra as she stares at him, opening the door of her car.

“Alexandra, can you take me?” asks Machi from inside the restaurant. “Sure!” says Alexandra. “But I wanted to take you!” says Kevin. “Sorry” replies Machi, showing her tongue to him.

“I will never be loved” says Kevin, head down and sighing. Chloe meanwhile was yawning. “Go to bed” says Dwayne as Alexandra left with Machi.

“Yeah, I’ll do that. Come on Tobbie” she says as she walks upstairs and waves goodbye at the trio of men standing below in the restaurant.

“Now you became the beggar savior?” asks Kevin to Dwayne. “Shut up” says Dwayne with a smile. “With your permission Dwayne, but can I question that girl later?” asks Alphonse. “Why do that?” asks Dwayne. “She might know something we don’t. She’s a beggar, so she must come from the External Queens area, and there a lot of gossip is passed down between them.” Says Alphonse. “No, wrong. Remember she just recently woke up” replies Dwayne.

“Wait, is that girl a… err… ‘special’ girl like you guys?” asks Kevin. “More like Alphonse” replies Dwayne. “You know, we shouldn’t be talking about these things in front of everyone” adds Alphonse. “But… we are a team. Him, Uncle, Alexa and you and me… we are a team” says Dwayne.

“Good point!” says Kevin. “Kev, go to your house now… I also need a bit of sleep” says Dwayne. “Fine…” replies Kevin. “I should rest too…” says Alphonse.

“Then see you guys later!” says Dwayne.


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