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Chapter XXIII: GenoBIOs

Chapter XXIII: GenoBIOs

“Golden Streaks… OUT!” says the man in the brown jacket as he draws a long Magnum .47 from his jacket.

“Fighting with guns? HAH!” says the man in the tuxedo as he raises his left arm, holding it in an upwards position.

“Is this the … what? Third time we fight, Maxwell?” asks the man in the white tuxedo. “Adrian… you deviated from your path, and so I must eliminate you!” says the man in the brown jacket, called Maxwell.

Alphonse was listening to the conversation, every single word said.

Maxwell pulls the trigger and shoots the steel bullet. Above the man in the tuxedo a ring of fire forms.

“GenoBIO for sure…” thinks Alphonse. “DIE MAXWELL!” yells Adrian as he lowers his left arm. His eye grows an inch or so and with a surprising speed he evades the incoming bullet. The ring of fire then surrounds Maxwell.

”Damn freak” he says, surrounded now by the fire.

“I won’t stand any longer restraining my powers like you guys have done for the past few years” says Adrian, who slowly begins to close his left fist. The ring of fire begins to decrease in size, slowly tightening the man inside it.

“Stop!" says Alphonse. In the back of his hand a green circle appears and from his hand he throws a green fire blast.

“What!” says Adrian who receives the impact straight on his chest. The impact sends him flying backwards, crashing into the western wall of the theater.

“GenoBIO…” says Maxwell, who was now freed from the ring of fire as it had disappeared when Adrian took the impact.

Dwayne was watching the slow battle unfold.

“Golden Streaks, thank for the help, but I won’t need it” he says as his body begins to slowly disappear in front of his eyes. Immediately he appears in front of a knocked out Adrian.

“So, you are a GenoBIO too” says Alphonse. “Bingo, Golden Streaks” replies Maxwell, aiming his gun at Adrian’s head. Alphonse takes action and hits the Maxwell’s gun, making it fall from his hand. “What are you doing!” says Maxwell.

“No one will die tonight” says Alphonse.

Suddenly, and like a thunder, Adrian opens his eyes. Quickly he stands up and hits Alphonse in the stomach and then with the right elbow hits Maxwell straight in the face. He sets off running away, towards the emergency exit (with quite a speed).

“Can’t let him escape!” says Dwayne who jumps from the second level towards the first one. “Knock him out” says Dwayne. “Who, me?” says Maxwell, who was bleeding a lot from his nose. “Alphonse” says Dwayne. “This man is a GenoBIO like me Dwayne, knocking him out would take a while” says Alphonse. “I can’t do anything if he isn’t out” says Dwayne.

”DAMN YOU!” yells Maxwell who quickly punches Alphonse in the face, “I HAD HIM DAMMIT! I HAD HIM!”

“Hey!” says an angry Dwayne.

“Why the hell did you have to interfere! Do you know for how much I’ve been looking for that man?” asks Maxwell.

Alphonse, with no counterattack of his own, just says “you guys are GenoBIOs like me, why are you fighting between yourselves?”

“So, you are indeed a GenoBIO. Hah, I knew it! Yet, you didn’t hesitate to show your powers in front of your friend here” says Maxwell.

“Because this friend… is…” whispers Alphonse. “Hopefully he’ll run scared from you now that he knows you are a monster, hah” says Maxwell, picking his gun from the floor.

“Actually, no” says Dwayne. “Best friends then? Well… glad he found one” says Maxwell. “Actually… that’s not the reason” replies Dwayne, with quite a cold look in his face.

His hair begins to spike. A dark and gothic jacket begins to appear over him. His teeth grow and his skin becomes pale, almost grayish.

“What the.. fuck…” says Maxwell, shaking. “MONSTER!” he yells as he begins to shoot Dwayne (now transformed as Crnobog at 25% of his maximum power).

“Don’t kill me dammit…” says Maxwell, falling to his knees, “But if you decide to, then cut my head off”. “I am not here to kill you” says Dwayne, in the normal “demonical” voice of Crnobog. “Then why the hell transform in front of me!” yells Maxwell in a humorous way.

“You have no right to call him a monster, when you are yourself a monster” says Dwayne.

“You don’t understand anything huh, ‘Demon Hero’” says Maxwell. “What do I need to understand?” asks Dwayne, now reverting back to his normal self.

“We GenoBIOs are experiments from the government. Our DNA was altered so we could use far more of our brain power. Aside from that, we were given each special powers. For example, I can disappear, that man Adrian can create a ring of fire and crush his opponents with it, and golden streaks here can use green fire. After we were thrown in this world by those assholes we were just taught the basic stuff we needed. In order for society to accept us, we restrained from ever using our powers. Recently, a small group of GenoBIOs have decided to rebel against society’s rules and are acting on their own, using their powers freely. We, ‘good’ GenoBIOs formed our own small group to hunt them down and let the normal humans live their lives normally. Adrian is a member of the ‘evil’ GenoBIO group, and I was hunting him down. Those guys are so far low profile, nothing you hear on the media much. But slowly, they are growing in numbers.” Narrates Maxwell.

“How did I expect this to happen…” says Alphonse. “So, if they grow in number they’ll become a much bigger threat” says Dwayne. “Wow, nice smartass” replies Maxwell with a smile, “but you know, it was surprising to see the ‘Demon Hero’ here, that was very much unexpected, but now that I have seen you I need to ask of you a favor. Help us hunt them down! They are scattered in Europe and USA, we need to eliminate them until they become a bigger threat”.

“How many GenoBIOs are there?” asks Dwayne. “To tell you the truth, I have no frigging clue, but there are some hundred out there” replies Maxwell. “How many are in your group?” asks Dwayne. “We are like… four” answers Maxwell.

“And them?”. “They are over 15” “Four vs. Fifteen you say” “Yes I do, but if you join us we would be a force of like a thousand! They can’t stand a chance against a NanoBIO”

“Dwayne, this is serious…” says Alphonse. “The government doesn’t keep track of their own creations?” asks Dwayne. “It looks like they aren’t giving a shit right now” replies Maxwell.

Police sirens were already being heard.

“Time to get out of here” says Maxwell. “Where can we find you?” asks Dwayne. “Tell me your name and I’ll find you…”. “Dwayne Erickson, in front of McBathy’s Restaurant”

“That solves the investigation time. I’ll find you soon” says Maxwell who disappears in front of his eyes.

“That ability would come handy now…” says Dwayne, frowning as he spoke. “Agreed” “You know, I can fly, shoot lightning and fire, use telepathy, and I can’t disappear like him?” says Dwayne. “Let’s just get out of here” says Alphonse with a smile.

- - - - - -

The two men stand over a tall building in Manhattan. “What should we do?” asks Dwayne to Alphonse. “GenoBIOs fighting between themselves… that’s what we needed. I say Dwayne… that we should keep a neutral stance for now. I will further investigate this…” replies Alphonse. “Geesh, the only free day I take in a month or two and it gets royally screwed. Alexa will kill me” says Dwayne, head down.

“She must understand that it is your duty, the duty you chose, to protect the people living here. She must understand that you must do it at all costs” says Alphonse.

“I know… but she… When I looked at her eyes in the theater her eyes were full of courage, it is like she wanted to take matters on her own hands, and I don’t want her to face so many dangers” replies Dwayne.

“If those who created us saw you…. They would not believe it. The human they created has fallen in love and is taking care of others”.

“But the question is… am I really human?”

“Tell me… tell me what you have that is not human, aside from your special powers? Everything. You have a body, a mind, a heart, muscles, skin and can even give and receive love” replies Alphonse.

“After I sort out this mess of the GenoBIOs I am going to embark in a personal quest to look for my beginnings. Where was I created and for what purpose was I born” says Dwayne. “See you are a human! Those are the things humans question themselves” says Alphonse with a smile. “Yeah..” whispers Dwayne with a shy smile of his own. “Let’s return….” Concludes Alphonse.

The Lord will soon rise…


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