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Chapter XXII: Awakening of the Lord

Chapter XXII: Awakening of the Lord

“Pass me the drill” says a man, dressed in surgeon’s clothing.

There was him…. BIO 002b… lying over a cold steel bed, with a huge white light over him. His face was covered by a handkerchief. Many scientists were stitching him back up, after having opened his skin and body. The one directing them was a short old man, bald on top of the head but with lots of hair at the sides. His glasses where very clear and he had a goatee. He had a plaque that read “Dr. Hyde”.

Behind the thick glass window was a man….. Mr. P.

“Sir, what did you call me for?” asks David. “To see the dawn of the new human race. Perfected and with no faults… this is the day I’ve been telling you for one long year” says the mysterious man. “Nothing would make me happier than to see that!” says David. “This enhanced human, this perfect human… is already programmed for one thing. Extermination of the human race” replies the man.

* gulp * “Yes sir” replies David.

“Rise…. Lucian”

BIO 002b’s fingers begin to move.

Dr. Hyde proceeds to remove the handkerchief from his face. “Doctor?” asks a female surgeon. “This is the best” says Hyde.

His hair is golden, quite long too (it reaches below his shoulders). His face is perfect, no error in it. Slowly he opens his eyes…. Revealing the blue hazel eyes he possesses. His skin is white, yet it has a “tan”.

“What’s your name?” asks Dr. Hyde. “My name…” he replies with a manly, yet sweet voice “… is Lucian”.

Immediately lighting begins to surround his perfect body.

“What is this!” says one of the scientists operating him. “The Lord of the Abyss…” whispers Hyde as he witness Lucian floating over the steel bed. The blanket that he had below his stomach had fallen down, revealing his white underwear. From his body he begins to shoot lightning at everything surrounding him. Sparks begin to fall like a torrential rain.

“Put on the alarm!” yells one of the scientists. Suddenly the hermetic doors begin to close. “They are trapping us!” yells a female scientist.

“Shit…” says Dr. Hyde as he witnesses his creation come to life.

“Pathetic humans” says Lucian as he extends his arm and aims at three scientists who were trying to stop one of the doors from closing. From his fingers he shoots lightning which quickly kills the three of them. Agony yells were heard as their bodies fell to the cold ceramic floor. The lights were slowly being destroyed by Lucian and all that remained now was the light of the sparks and the light generated by Lucian’s electric body.

Outside of the facility a helicopter was already setting flight. Inside it was Mr. P and David, who was looking through the window like a kid in his first trip.

“It’s a demon!” yells one of the scientists inside the facility. “Demon… that is lowly. Make me the Devil….” Says Lucian as he grabs the man by the neck and breaks it.

He extends his hands to both sides.

“BIO 002b…”

“They betrayed me…” whispers Dr. Hyde as he shakes, hiding in a corner of the room, with a mess in front of him covering his pathetic body.

Lucian, with both arms extended, moves his hands upwards. A grin draws in his face as everything inside the room begins to break and get destroyed. Crystals shatter, sparks fly around, the floor breaks to pieces.

“WE HAVE CREATED A MONSTER!” yells the last female scientist standing as her body is suddenly squashed and broken to pieces by a seemingly invisible force. Blood spatters all over the place. The same thing happens to the two remaining scientists, except Dr. Hyde. Their bodies break to pieces as Lucian let’s go a laugh and a hellish fire begins to rise from the broken equipment. It was a total chaos…

His body begins to levitate. Quickly he extends his left arm, aiming at the roof of the facility. The steel covering the roof above him begins to break and eventually is sent flying away by Lucian’s psychic powers.

Dr. Hyde covers his face and looks at the wall at his right. In the shadows he sees Lucian sprouting wings and then flying away.

David was looking through the window of the helicopter when he sees Lucian flying away in the background from the facility, which was an island in the middle of the sea, away from civilization. All David could see was like a bullet flying away from the facility. Shortly afterwards the whole facility explodes in the middle of the day.

“David… to keep a secret well hidden you mustn’t let any survivors” says the enigmatic man at David’s side, his face still could not be seen as he was looking through the other window, all that could be seen was his gentleman suit. “Yes… sir” replies David, shaking for he knew he had witnessed all that.

“But, for as long as you keep your mouth shut and do my bidding… all will be fine” replies the man. “S-S…sir! My only reason to live is to serve you!” replies David. “It better be…” whispers the mysterious man. In the background a black column of smoke could be seen coming from the destroyed facility.

Meanwhile in New New York City it was a whole new night. The city had regained most of its splendor in little time and people walked freely in the streets now that criminality was in an all-time low.

“So, what should we watch?” asks Alexandra looking at an old-school display that says “CINEMA”. “Anything as long as I don’t waste my 25 dollars…” replies Dwayne. “Hmm… Rise of Titanic sounds creepy…” says Alphonse. “Yeah it’s a new terror movie…. The Titanic comes back to live and zombies appear over it!” replies Kevin.

Along them was a young woman of about 20 years called Marriachetti…. But she was just called Machi by all. “So B-movie…” replies Machi, who had short brown hair and tomboyish look. “My God… Spider Man Strikes Back?” asks Dwayne looking at the listings. “That’s the what? Eleventh Spider Man movie? No way!” says Alexandra. “As long as we don’t watch Shrek Meets Madagascar everything is fine…” adds Machi to the conversation. “You know… we are losing time of our precious lives…” continues Dwayne. “Let’s go random…” comments Kevin. “No, in life you must be prepared and plan everything before hand, be ready for anything… random stuff doesn’t help” counters Alphonse.

The four of them just stare at the listings for a minute or two….

“Let’s just watch Rise of Titanic…” says Dwayne. “Fine” replies Alexandra. “Hope it has some good gore dammit…” says Machi. “I get scared easily!” yells Kevin. “It’s just a movie…” says Alphonse. “Don’t worry, Machi will protect you!” says Alexandra, looking at Kevin and winking at him, teasing the geeky boy. Immediately he blushes. “Sorry, but I like masculine men… like Alphonse” says Machi with a smile looking at the blonde-haired man. “MASCULINE! HIM! HAHAHAHA!” yells Kevin laughing at the tall man… who had a feminine touch all over him. “Well… this man can rip your head off in a second” says Alphonse, looking down at the glass-wearing young man. “See! He’s so cool!” says Machi.

“Let’s just go in…hehehe” says Dwayne with a stupid smile all over his face. They group slowly enters the Cinema, with Kevin behind.

“I got turned down…” he was whispering.

The group sits in the middle row of the theater, which was quite full of people.

“It better be good…” says Machi as she stares at the movie, which had now started

Minutes fly by… all five of them watching the “B-Class” movie where the Titanic and its crew returned as a ghost ship and haunted the seas. The five were enjoying the movie, except Machi who was trying all she could to gain Alphonse’s attention.

Suddenly a corner in the theater room explodes. Yells are immediately heard.

“What is that!?” yells Machi (scared to death). “Alphonse!” says Dwayne. “What the..:” whispers Alphonse. Standing in front of the projection was a man with a brown jacket and gold stripes. His hair was long and curly (quite bad too), and reaches his neck. He has some facial hair and a scar around his right eye (like a semi-circle).

In front of him is a man with a white tuxedo. He has short, spiky blonde hair and wears small glasses.

“What the…” says Alphonse.

“Time to kill you” says the man with the brown jacket. “We’ll see…” replies the man in the white tuxedo.

“I’ll manage this” says Alphonse as he jumps from his seat all the way to the corridor in the first level.

“Human… get out of the way…” says the man in the white tuxedo, looking at Alphonse. “Human?” says Alphonse with a grin.

“Alexa, get out of here” says Dwayne. “But..” she replies. “Now!” he says. “Why is Alphonse down there with those men!” yells Machi. “Ok, time to become a hero… COME MACHI!” yells Kevin as he grabs the girl and pulls her away from the chair. The theater was already emptying, with people trying to escape.

“Take care, Dwayne” says Alexandra to him as she walks away. “Sure” he replies, now turning his sight to the men below.

“Are you guys GenoBIOs?” asks Alphonse. “Interesting…” whispers the man in the tuxedo. “Hey you, golden streaks, get out of here. This is a fight between us” says the man with the brown jacket. “Golden streaks… nice” says Alphonse.

“Alphonse… need support?” asks Dwayne, who was still in the second level. “Doubt it” replies the man.


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