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Chapter XXI: Flow of Time

Lord of the Abyss


Dwayne Erickson is a young man 22 years old, living in a rebuilt New York City after the events of World War III in year 2014. He’s a promising man, studying in the University of NNYC, but he doesn’t remember anything since before his 18 years. One day, he surprisingly unleashes a power that he had hidden inside, a power consisting of nanomachines and engineered genes. After witnessing his Aunt die in front of his eyes he decides to take justice in his own hands, and use the power he has to become some kind of super hero. But where do these nanomachines and genes come from? The only clue that exists is that he was created as part of a project called NanoBIO, which has a branch also called the GenoBIO, and all this information was told to Dwayne by a enigmatic man called Alphonse, who is revealed to be a creation of the GenoBIO project, and that a man called Dr. Hyde is the “creator” of these projects, funded by quite possibly the United States of America. Dwayne when unleashes his power becomes into some kind of wretched monster-humanoid, more like a demon-humanoid, with pale almost gray skin and long nails. As he begins his quest to get rid of criminality the first stone is set in front of him: his own Professor of Biology, a man called Arthur, who using his previous knowledge as a scientist in the Nano and GenoBIO projects, makes a exosqueleton similar to that of medieval Knight armor and decides to name himself Mordred. Dwayne, called by the people the “demon hero” battles Mordred several times, until Mordred himself discovers who Dwayne really is. He takes action and kidnaps Dwayne’s platonic love: Alexandra. Thus begins a race against time as Mordred shoots a Electromagnetic Pulse Missile right into Manhattan, destroying most of the infrastructure. Finally, Mordred ‘kills’ Dwayne, but the nanomachines awaken and begin to evaporate the blood surrounding him, reviving Dwayne and transforming him into a real demon with black wings, referring to himself as Crnobog. Finally, Crnobog saves Alexandra and kills Mordred, not before being attacked by US Aircraft. At the end, Dwayne, Alexandra, Alphonse, Uncle Martin and his friend Kevin form a small alliance. At the end of the first arc, a enigmatic man referred just as “Mr. P” is seen with David, a man who had been following Dwayne’s every action, in a laboratory where another man is seen lying atop a cold bed (similar to Dwayne). The enigmatic man just refers as that man as “BIO 002a’s brother, The Second Grand Weapon”, BIO 002a being Crnobog’s project name. From here on is where the second arc picks up, ‘The Lord of the Abyss’.

Chapter XXI: Flow of Time

“Here is CNN with the News! NASA Finally completes the Universal Space Station at the cost of 75 Billion dollars. The new ship will orbit in a middle point between Earth and the Moon! The Dire- ”

“Cool” says Dwayne looking at the now turned off holographic projector.

One year had passed since the EMP fell over New New York City and Mordred had died. With an investment of over $100 Billion the city was in the process of reconstructing the electronic infrastructure of the City. The Stock Exchange had plummeted for months, but it had not driven the United States into a depression as many expected. Electricity working, the subway was working, the traffic lights were working, everything was slowly returning to normal.

Dwayne, as Crnobog, had been protecting the city since then, along Alphonse which had proven to be a valuable ally. Even Kevin had joined him, helping with information and communications. Alexandra was always backing Dwayne from away, but their relation hadn’t progressed much, mostly because Dwayne did not want to put her in harm’s way. Still, they had formed a nice team (with Uncle Martin providing the food and old men Grauchy and Carlos cheering them from away). Criminality was in an all-time low in NNYC. Crnobog wasn’t only protecting NNYC now though; he was also traveling to other cities and even other countries and lending his power. Of course, his identity was still under wraps for most people, still calling him the “Demon hero”.

“Nice day” says Dwayne as he looks out the window, looking at the street below. Suddenly someone knocks at the door.

“It’s open” replies Dwayne, staring at the wooden door. The doorknob slowly tilts and the door opens. On the other side was Alexandra.

“Alexa” he says. “Today’s Saturday you know. Wanna go to the movies or something?” she asks. “Sure, who’s going?” asks Dwayne. “I think Frances and Katherine are going” replies the young woman. “No problem, let’s go… to whatever place you want” replies Dwayne. “Fine… I’ll call you later. Have some work today until 6PM. I’ll call you” says Alexandra. “No problem”

“Alright, you better go” says Alexandra as she closes the door. “Hmm… now that reminds me Uncle called me to help with something” thinks Dwayne.

A few minutes later, Dwayne goes down and heads towards the McBathy’s Food Restaurant, which was barely a few feet away (just cross the street). He crosses the wide road and reaches the sidewalk.

“Sir” says a female voice. Dwayne turns his head to the left and sees a young girl of about 17 years with a dirty white t-shirt, muddy and scrapped. She was holding a small can. Her hair was dark and long, almost reaching her waist. Impressively it didn’t look dirty and was very straight. Her eyes were almost jet black. She was also using black short pants.

“I am just asking if you have some money around” says the girl with a sweet voice.

“Are you hungry?” asks Dwayne. “Yeah, very much sir. I just want the money to eat” says the girl.

“Come with me, I’ll give you food” says Dwayne, pointing his finger at his Uncle’s restaurant.

“No! I can’t… I… I am too dirty” she whispers. “Pfft, that doesn’t matter. Come on” says Dwayne, extending his left hand and grabbing the girl’s right arm.

“Eat all you can” says a smiling Dwayne, pulling her into the restaurant.

“Uncle, give this girl food. Anything” he says. “Oh now in spring time you dedicate to beggar rescue?” asks Uncle Martin. “Uncle…” says Dwayne, in a tone of scolding. “Just kidding. Girl, ask for anything you want” says Martin.

“Is this really fine?” asks the girl. “Yeah” replies Dwayne.

Martin gives her some meat soup. “Just a starter. I am preparing you a big turkey sandwich and some pizza” says Martin with a smile. “Thank you” says the girl, with a glimmer in her eyes.

She begins to eat the hot soup as fast as she can. Dwayne was just staring at her with eyes of pity. As she finishes her first bowl of soup and Martin puts the turkey sandwich in front of her, Dwayne asks: “What is your name?”

“Aw let her eat Dwayne” says Martin. “No, it’s alright. My name is Chloe” replies the young girl.

“Chloe..:” whispers Dwayne. The girl then gets to eat the turkey sandwich. Shortly afterward the pizza also arrives.

“Want some pizza?” asks Chloe to Dwayne (who was now cleaning the tables). “Nah it’s alright. Thanks for the offer though” says Dwayne with a smile. “Ok” she says.

Finally the girl gets done eating the Pizza.

“Thanks” she says, standing up from the chair. “Where are you going now?” asks Dwayne. “Somewhere… I also got to feed my dog Tobbie. He’s sick…” replies Chloe.

“If you want we can look for your dog and take him to a veterinary. Actually, you can take a bath here and we could get you some clothes” says Dwayne.

“No please. It would be much bother” the girl replies. “Uncle can help, right Uncle?” asks Dwayne, staring at Martin who was preparing some pizza for other customers. “Yeah sure” he replies. “See?” says Dwayne.

“Well, I only ask to take care of Tobbie. He’s the only thing I have in this world” she says. “Then lets look for him” replies Dwayne.

Both of them go outside and begin to walk together.

“So, Chloe… where are your parents?” asks Dwayne to the young girl.

“I have none” she softly replies. “No parents? Impossible… who gave birth to you then?” asks Dwayne with a gentle smile. “I don’t know… I woke up some months ago in an alley…” she replies. “What?!?” says Dwayne, obviously surprised. “Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t remember anything from before…” the girl says. “That’s… weird..” replies Dwayne.

Along the way they chat of some other things… like how is it living in the streets, life of a college boy, etc.

They reach an alley with some boxes around. “Tobbie, come here” says the girl. From beneath the boxes a brown dog (actually… its more like dirt) appears. His hair is full of knots, and he cheerfully runs towards Chloe.

“This is Tobbie” she says, holding the dog with both hands (and he licking her face). “Nice doggie” says Dwayne with a funny smile. “Come on, lets give him a bath and take him to the veterinary” says Dwayne.

They return to McBathy’s Restaurant and wash the dog, which now has gray fur.

“Here” says Martin, handing the girl some clothes, “take a shower and put those on” he says.

Everything proceeds as planned. She changes clothes (and they fit perfectly), take the dog to the veterinary and then return. It was almost 5PM now.

“I am going to the cinema now but… hem…” says Dwayne to the girl after having returned.

“Let her stay here. I’ve got an empty room upstairs” says Martin. “Really Uncle?” asks Dwayne. “Yeah… I got to put my grain also. You decided to help the girl and I will also help her” says Martin. “Thanks Uncle… hear Chloe? You will have a room now” says Dwayne.

“Thank you” replies the girl with a tear about to fall from her eyes. Immediately she hugs Dwayne and then lets him go and hugs Martin. “No problem” says Dwayne with a big smile. Someone then appears at the door.

“Dwayne” says Alphonse (who still has the blonde-long hair and still as cool looking). “I need to tell you something” says Dwayne. Both walk outside.

“That girl…” says Dwayne. “What is it?” asks Alphonse. “She says she doesn’t remember her past… it’s…” says Dwayne. “Maybe she’s a GenoBIO experiment” replies Alphonse. “You think so?” asks Dwayne. “I woke up five years ago in a motel…” replies Alphonse. Dwayne stares at Alphonse for a few seconds. “You sure you weren’t doing anything before that?!” replies Dwayne who then burst into laughs.

“All of GenoBIO’s experiments wake up like that” says Alphonse. “Ooh…” says Dwayne. Suddenly he receives a call.

“Hello Alexandra” he says. “You better be ready!” she says. “Alright” he says. “I invited Kevin… you could also invite Alphonse” she says. “Nah, I doubt he likes movies” says Dwayne staring at him. “You know… I am not an alien. I watch movies” replies Alphonse. “What are we seeing anyway?” asks Dwayne. “As long as it isn’t Star Wars vs. Star Trek 2 it’s alright” replies Alexandra. “Ooook…” says Dwayne. “So, get ready… I am picking you up. Tonight I drive!” she says. “Oh my God…” replies Dwayne. “WHAT?!” says Alexandra. “No, nothing! Heheh! Replies Dwayne as he begins to sweat.

“Want to go?” asks Dwayne after Alexandra drops the call. “Well… there will be crime…” says Alphonse. “You know, we also have the right to have some fun” says Dwayne. “Fine” replies Alphonse.

Dwayne then looks inside the restaurant and sees Martin guiding Chloe upstairs.

“That girl is special…” says Dwayne. “Of thousands of beggars in NNYC… why her?” asks Alphonse. “She just seemed… different” says Dwayne as he stares at the girl walking upstairs (dog on hands too).

Far away from NNYC… something was about to happen….


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