Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chapter XXIV Delayed!

So, this is just a quick and sweet post. Chapter XXIV has been obviously delayed until Monday January 22 (that's in two days if you can't count!). The reasons are simple:

1) One of my three (yes, three) Toy poodles (dogs if you don't know =P) got VERY sick and had to get her to an hospital. Sadly, the dog died last night before I could post the chapter, and as a result delayed it. She was my 'second' favorite dog :-(.

2) I was going to post the chapter today, but I am working with a fellow friend (hey Anna!) to make a special feature for Chapter XXV (which WAS going to be released this Monday). She's gone missing and so I haven't received the 'feature' from her yet. So, the delay will give me 7 additional days to get in contact with her and have it ready for next Friday (Jan 26).

Here's a quick schedule, and I promise I will follow this strictly:

Jan 22: Chapter XXIV
Jan 26: Chapter XXV
Jan 29: Chapter XXVI
Feb 2: Chapter XXVII
Feb 5: Chapter XXVIII

By the way, this is the FIRST time a 'cannon' Chapter has been delayed, so excuse me for this. Hopefully, you won't get mad with me and stop reading the blook =P. At least I can assure you that the above schedule will be spot on and there will be no further delays (even if the 'feature' doesn't get here in time). Have a nice day!


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