Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mii got a Wii!

Ok, so... excuse me for the lame title.... but I am overexcited. I am a proud Wii owner and I can tell you its the best freaking thing since the Game Boy. Zelda Twilight Princess just rocks and Rayman is so frigging fun. Also, Wii Sports is awesome for the family =P. Sadly I am lacking nunchucks and component cables, guess I'll have to wait...

I am now part of the Wii60 wagon and enjoying it all! Gears of Wars is awesome and so is Zelda. Anyway, after this quick rant, I am going to play more Wii. Also, to any of you who want a Wii you better wait a few hours in line =P. I got mine in launch and waited quite a few hours for it... and I also know I am bit late with posting this but... I want to keep the blook activity in high levels =P. Also, tomorrow's chapter is on track so wait for it!



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