Saturday, December 02, 2006

Future of Omen of Chaos!

Hey everyone. Well, here I am posting yet another of my rants =). This one was supposed to come Wednesday but Finals kept me at bay from doing that. Anyway, I am adding the final touches to Omen of Chaos which is on its final chapters. Five more people, just five more and the FIRST arc will end. I can't believe either that I have been updating for 2 months with no single lateness! All chapters have come on schedule and I am really impressed! Still, the hits have slowed down recently, from a all-time high of 43 hits to a meager 11-7 per day (heck, even 0 last Wednesday). Maybe I am just not doing a good job advertising the blook, but I will =). Anyway, all chapters are coming on schedule and this first arc, the Genesis Arc, finishes with Chapter 20 which I think will be released December 18!

After that release there will be a "Filler" (thanks Naruto and Bleach for teaching me that word! LOL!) Chapter, which is supposed to come December 22, where I will talk about the process of writing the first arc. On December 25 there will be no new chapter, only a Merry XMas post =). In December 29 either of this things will happen: A small 2-3 chapter filler arc NOT written by me (quite possibly a friend) spanning all the way to January 5. After that in January 7 beings the "Lord of the Abyss" arc, the second and the one I am most excited to write. If there is no filler arc then I will just add some random stuff until January 7 comes. I need time to write a chapters ahead of schedule and proof-read each one, and also deal with daily life stuff =). So there yo go... the future of Omen of Chaos! I am not planning on stopping even for a second! Also, soon I shall add a new story of mine called "Anima Mundi"; so wait for it!

December 18th: Genesis Arc ends with Chapter 20
December 19th - January 6th: Filler stuff
January 7th: Lord of the Abyss Arc begins!

Thanks to everyone reading Omen of Chaos!!


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