Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Creation of Genesis I

First of all, excuse me for this post being one day late (first time this ever happens!), but as you know, Christmas shopping takes a really nice WHILE (to the point my feet are almost swollen). Second excuse: My chair broke and I am using a small, crappy ass one that hurts my waist... I can't sit down here for much or it will HURT. Anyway, since there won't be a "Filler" story as I had told you guys, then I'll stretch out as much as I can the "Making of Genesis". You know, like movies? Yeah, we are THAT important! We even have a a Making of series!.....-_- ...... Anyway, today I will start with "How did the characters pop up?". Like... how did the whole mess of creating a blook start!

Creation of the Characters and Setting

oooo! Everything began in October 17th, at 6PM or so (just a guesstimate). I had just finished watching the anime series Trinity Blood, which was cool and all, but just didn't deliver that WOW feel I wanted to have. Then I thought that having a cool hero, with Dark Wings, pale, gothic clothing, sharp teeth and red eyes was too awfully cool to pass up. So I decided to base my protagonist around that model... an "Apocalyptic" monster.

I went to my nice drawing board (Microsoft Word!!) and put on my inspiration music. Just so you know, I got to have music running while I write or think! I especially have a lot of OSTs, ranging from the Bleach OST all the way to the Trinity Blood OST. I have quite a lot of them... plus choral and instrumental music (Lord of the Rings and Star Wars included!). I don't know... they get the ideas to my mind! So, after firing my new Blood+ OST (OST stands for Original Soundtrack) ideas began to pop up on my mind, why not make a super hero story? There... it was set: Super Hero my hero would be!

He would transform into some kind of "humanoid monster". Then I thought, why not give him an extra layer of mysticism to get over that one-sided character? I searched for mythological gods and stumbled upon a VERY cool name... Crnobog. Crnobog is the Dark God of Slavic mythology. I said... COOL! Then I looked for his "real, human" name (you know, the usual alter ego of super heroes?) ... and found Dwayne, which means Dark or Black. Ok, set... everything fits! Then came his personality... how would he be? I said, shy, smart and funny, with a strong sense of justice. So, there... I had the basic premise of my character. Before developing him further, lets set the setting, shall we?

And there... I said New York was WAY too attractive. Spider Man fought there so why not my hero.. (and Spider Man was a huge source of inspiration, especially the first six chapters). But... I don't like to be bind by current-world stuff, it limits and kills my imagination. By then there was this mess with Korea (sup guys!) and Israel and... etc. I said... WORLD WAR III! The sum of all fears! But I did not want WWIII to be the world destroying event many people expect. Humans are smart, so they found a way to not wipe themselves from this tiny Earth. So, New York was the center of the war and it was destroyed, later to be reconstructed as New New York City (thanks Futurama!). So, now I had my future and fictional setting. Time to do whatever the heck I want!

As I was watching the awful King Arthur movie I decided to do a search on Wikipedia about him. (By the way, Wikipedia is my favorite page on the whole world, I browse that site like daily). I read about "Mordred", a fictional antagonist to Arthur. And it popped up: My first antagonist will be called... Mordred! And his "real" name would be Arthur... see the parallel? Real him: Arthur. Bad him: Mordred. TADA! Coolness Level: 5+! (-_-). The Rise of Mordred was set already!

Back to Dwayne! The poor guy couldn't be left alone in the world right? Let's give him the cliché girl! Pop: Alexandra happens. And the nerdy geeky boy! Pop: Kevin appears. But he must have someone to take care of him right? Uncle Martin happens! And then the Auntie! But... it's too one dimensional isn't it?

Easy: Make Alexandra a bit of a tomboy who was good friends with Dwayne (you know, not the cliche of the lame ass super hero looking for the girl... screw that!). She likes to tease poor Dwayne! Then comes Kevin... err.. Kevin... let's ignore him for now, Ok? Haha! Actually, Kevin was going to have more "space" in the Genesis arc but I scrapped that up. You'll get to see more on the geek guy in the second arc!

But, what about Alphonse? This character is full of spoilers so I won't spill the beans on him yet. Just, he was always meant to first appear as a "deus ex machina" (search Wikipedia or Google) and then grow as one of the most important characters in the story, some kind of sidekick to Crnobog. But trust me... he isn't!

Ok, so there we got it already! "What, you are done for today?" Me: YES! Next part of the Making is coming next week... and expect a surprise Merry Christmas post from me! Anyway, thanks for you guys sticking with me... I know many of you are! Thanks to my fans (yes, I have them!) at Sweden, Mexico, Denmark, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Israel, Egypt and many others places I can't yet remember :-P. Thank you guys, really.... See you all later then!


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