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Chapter XVIII: Demon vs. Madman

Chapter XVIII: Demon vs. Madman

“Cheap tricks won’t work on me anymore!” yells Mordred as he tightly holds his sword. “Cheap tricks…” whispers Crnobog.

Mordred quickly charges at Crnobog but the demon-monster jumps over him. Mordred quickly turns around, avoiding the huge fall between the top of the Empire State Building and the ground below.

With great agility Crnobog sways his scythe horizontally. The over confident Mordred also does a slash of his own. Both weapons clash with each other, the scythe’s blade above the sword’s blade.

“DON’T FUCK WITH ME!” yells Mordred as from his metallic hands steam and smoke begins to appear. After this a sudden burst of strength pushes the scythe away.

Mordred immediately turns on his jetpack and boosts towards Crnobog, impaling his blade inside the monster’s chest. To Mordred’s surprise Crnobog raises his right arm and the scythe becomes a black-bladed sword.

“Shit!” says Mordred who quickly pulls back, taking his sword with him.

“Not enough” says Crnobog with a grin as he now attacks with a downwards stab attack. Mordred backs away and quickly counters with a slash of his own, but Crnobog jumps and begins to fly away.

“DON’T RUN COWARD!” yells Mordred. Crnobog opens his mouth, revealing his sharp vampire-like teeth. From his insides he throws a huge fireball from his mouth. The huge ball heads directly to Mordred.

“SHIT!” he yells as he turns on his jetpack and flies away from the Empire State. The fireball hits the southeast corner of the Empire State and breaks it in pieces after an explosion took place.

Now both men are in the air.

Crnobog quickly waves his sword downwards and from it comes a huge lightning ray. Mordred defiantly flies towards the incoming thunder and incredibly succeeds in resisting the lightning.

“Got ya now” says Mordred with a smile. From his shoulder he shoots rockets at Crnobog.


He receives the impact of the three head-on rockets and a dense cloud of smoke covers him afterwards. Mordred keeps on his charge and heads towards the cloud of smoke. Quickly he does a thrust with his sword (blindly of course) at the smoke. The sound of piercing meat is then heard. But to Mordred’s astonishment from within the smoke cloud a spiked chain appeared and hit him directly in the left shoulder. The impact breaks away his launchers and the steel and even got to hit his meat, injuring him. Mordred quickly takes leave and heads towards the Empire State’s pike. From within the smoke cloud Crnobog appears and follows Mordred.

The sword quickly transforms into a spear.

“Eat your heart out!” says Mordred.

Crnobog’s spiked chain now becomes a spear as well.

“Let’s do it” says Crnobog with an evil grin as lightning begins to fall from the skies and strike nearby buildings.

Both the armored men and the demon man throw their spears at each other. Crnobog’s spear hits Mordred directly below the chest and the impact sends him backwards towards the antenna over the Empire State. His armored body crashes in it as the spear pierces even more. Meanwhile Mordred’s spear had already stabbed Crnobog, but it had done no effect.

Crnobog slowly flies towards Mordred, who was trying to pull the spear but to no avail.

Crnobog then floats in front of Mordred as a thunder struck the building behind him and a strong wind hit his body.

“Defeat is inevitable” says Crnobog while he watches Mordred, “I pity you”.

Struggling Mordred says these words: “No…. I pity you, for I was created by God and you by humans”

In that moment Crnobog opens his eyes widely in surprise to Mordred’s words.

“If I die I’ll go to Hell… but where will you go, You who has no soul?”

In a blind instant a thunder falls from the skies and strikes the Empire State’s antennas. A yell comes from Mordred who then falls unconscious (smoke surrounding him). Crnobog then grabs his spear and pulls it off, letting Mordred’s near-dead body fall to the roof in a violent way. Crnobog extends his left arm, aiming at Mordred’s body.

At that time his body was being lift up, seemingly by Crnobog’s psychic powers.

“You are all-powerful…” whispers Mordred as he bleakly opens his eyes; he witnesses his body being lift by mere psychic waves.

“To answer your question… I will stay on this world until my body expires and after it expires… my body shall stay here, where I was born, until the end of time”

“You were not born… you were created and you must accept that fact…” whispers Mordred as his eyes close.

Crnobog just stares at him.

“You were not wrong…. but killing thousands is also wrong” were Crnobog’s words as he lands on the top of the Empire State.

Down below in the streets people were at the expectation. A helicopter could be heard in the skies… it was the news.

“Here reporting for the world! Live from New New York, Manhattan, where a few hours ago a missile released an Electro magnetic pulse which shut down the city completely and every electronic device! We are here showing you these scenes-“ was all the female reporter could say before the operator made some hand signs.

“What?” she says.

“We are being ordered to get off the skies” replies the operator. “By who?” she asks. “US Army” replies the operator.

Everyone was looking at the skies.

“Dwayne…” says Alexandra. “He’ll be fine” says Alphonse who was standing by her side. Alexandra stares at the blonde-haired man and says: “How can he be fine when sucking blood and sprouting wings”. Alphonse looks at the girl and replies “There are things we might never understand in our lifetime”. “I kind of suspected that he was the Demon Hero… there were more than one time he acted strangely, and by the night he was never available and was constantly tired…” whispers Alexandra. “It is better if you keep your mouth closed and don’t tell anyone…” whispers Alphonse, “if the government knows about you they’ll kill you”. Alexandra looks at Alphonse, seemingly surprised.

Atop the Empire State Crnobog stares at Mordred.

Suddenly his chest begins to move and jump around.

“What?” says Crnobog. His fingers begin to move and shortly afterwards his eyes open.

“The armor has a CPR system” says Crnobog surprised.

“I’ll never die this easily!” says Mordred as his jetpack turns on and he flies away from Crnobog. But to Mordred’s surprise the left exhaustion port failed and he lost control of his movement. Crnobog takes action as his spear becomes a scythe again. With great strength he makes a right to left slash with the scythe. The blade hits Mordred’s back, destroying the jetpack in the process and injuring the armored man.

To Crnobog’s surprise Mordred makes a handstand with both hands and kicks him in the face. The injured armored man quickly reincorporates and….

A huge yell was heard as his left arm fell off.

“AAAAH!” yells Mordred with all he can. Crnobog had swiftly cut his arm off in that instant. Crnobog then extends his hand at Mordred and shoots lightning from his fingers at the man. For over 20 seconds this continues, Mordred agonizing. Finally he stops.

“You upgraded your armor to resist lightning and impact; you even added a CPR system to revive you. In fact, your armor held a natural lightning which is much stronger than mine and you still lived. You were given this one last chance to survive and you wasted it” were Crnobog’s words.

Mordred’s head hits the ground as he falls to his knees. He now had no left arm and most of his system was broken. The echo of a jet coming close was then heard.

Crnobog looks at the distance, from where the sound is coming.

“Jets..” says Crnobog. “They are coming to finish us both” says Mordred with a grin. Closing in were nine F-28 Spyder Fighting Aircrafts from the US Army. They had already taken a upside-down “V” position and were heading towards the Empire State.

Crnobog rises from the roof and flies towards the peak of the Empire State, from where he stands looking at the horizon. A violent thunderstorm was taking place and the clouds were darkened. Defiantly he extends his wings to their maximum.

“Let them come” he says with an evil grin.

“Even you WISH REVENGE!” yells Mordred as he stares at the monster way above him, in the peak.

Down in the streets…

“This is bad!” says Alphonse. “US Jets!” were saying nearby citizens.

“Alpha Squad Leader 1 here” says the first pilot, the head of the “V”.

Immediately he shoots the first missile at Crnobog, then the others do the same. Nine missiles head directly towards Crnobog.

“DWAYNE!” yells Alexandra as she witnesses this.

Thunders violently fall around the nearby buildings while Crnobog defiantly stares at the incoming missiles.

Traces of rain falling…… thunders strike buildings…. The whizzing sound of the missiles….. a demon standing atop a building.


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