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Chapter XVII: Hellfire

Chapter XVII: Hellfire

The blood of the once called hero was all over the broken road. The people just stood there in shock, surprised by what they had seen.

“Now my dear Alexandra, you will have a little fun with me…. And then meet your beloved friend Dwayne in Hell” says Mordred as he stares at the shocked and frightened girl.

“If he wouldn’t join me I had to do this…” says Mordred. “Leave me alone…” whispers Alexandra. “I will have my revenge on them… for having humiliated me like if I was shit. I am going to have my revenge! Laura’s death will not be a lost cause! I will stop their experimenting!” says Mordred.

Meanwhile down in the streets, Uncle Martin was the first one to react.

“My… child…” was all he could say as he fell to his knees, witnessing his young boy’s dead body lying in the center of a ring of fire. His left hand had fallen from the body…. His face could not be recognized.

“It’s my fault…” whispers the old man. “No, it is mine… for it was I who pushed him to do this” says Alphonse as his eyes reflect the sadness he feels inside him, “I sent him to his death”.

“My…” whispers Martin. “I’ll take revenge” says Alphonse. “No… revenge is what started this whole mess. Now… it’s a cycle that repeats itself” says Martin.


The ground begins to shake with great strength. The blood from the victims that had died with the fall of the train begins to evaporate. A crimson mist begins to rise in four columns, 2 in front of Dwayne and two behind.

Then it happened…. A huge thunder was shot from Dwayne’s body towards the clouded skies. Mordred stares at this with great surprise.

“What the… hell…” he whispers in shock.

The four columns of red mist begin to merge and surround Dwayne’s now rising body. The own blood is rising his body from the ground. He finally opens his eyes… but they are pale white… lifeless. His fingers extend and huge nails begin to grow. His hair spikes up again. The blood was entering his pores at an astounding rate. The left arm then is lift up by the mist of blood… and it sticks to the body again. The body begins to close the gap between the arm and the shoulder and it blends in perfectly. Crnobog moves his left fingers and see if they move… and they do. His clothes are recreated once more by nanomachines. His lips turn to a dark purple and his eyes come back to life… now showing an eye like that of a cat. The colors of his eyes are dark purple as well.

Then the Scythe reforms again, this time with a long spiked chain that surrounds his body. The blood was still getting into his pores… the Hero was alive.

“Impossible…” whispers Mordred.

“What is that…” asks Alphonse, totally surprised.

To everyone’s surprise two bones appear from Crnobog’s back. They extend and form two huge scythes in the back… or at least they look like scythes. From that bone more bones begin to appear, and from those bones even more appear. Finally black feathers appear all over the bones. Crnobog now had a pair of Dark Wings. Lightning begins to surround his body as he extends his Dark Wings and the Scythe’s chain begins to move over him. He looked like the Devil himself.

“50% Percent of Energy Confirmed”

“Mordred…” he says… in an even darker tone.

“He used… blood…” says a surprised Alphonse.

“What! What… have… they… created…” whispers Mordred. “Dwayne…” says Alexandra.

“DAAAAAAMN YOU!!!!” yells Mordred with great desperation as he throws Alexandra from the top of the Empire State Building.

“Alexa…” the monster whispers as his wings lift him from the ground and he flies towards the falling girl.

With amazing speed and agility he flies, moving his dark wings like a bird when flying but at a slower pace.

All that could be heard was the echoes of Alexandra’s yells as she fell at a frightening speed towards the ground. The people down where already yelling in panic as they saw the young woman closing in to the ground, but the hero won’t let that happen…

Crnobog reaches the falling girl and catches her with his left arm and then he puts her close to his chest.

“You are safe now” he says as he heads down towards the ground, slower, like enjoying the closeness and warmth of Alexandra to his now cold heart.

She stares at the monster’s face as he does the same action, staring at her scared face. The landing was slow but she didn’t fear him for a second.

“Dwayne…” she tells him. “You will see him soon” replies Crnobog as his feet touch the ground once more. Slowly he lets her down, her feet also touching the ground. Slowly she raises her right hand and with no fear caresses Crnobog’s face.

“I am a monster, not the man you once loved, that was just a fragment of a dream I was living in. For all the moments you gave me…. I sincerely thank you. For supporting me every time…. I sincerely thank you. For everything…. I sincerely thank you. Now… let go of me and live your life the way it was meant to be lived” were his words to her. Immediately a tear falls from the young woman’s eyes.

“Don’t cry… for I will forever protect you” he whispers.

His wings begin to move and his body is lift up from the ground. Both stare at each other for a few seconds as he slowly levitates upwards.

“No…” she whispers as she sees him move away from her. Slowly Crnobog turns around and stares at the top of the Empire State, setting his sight away from Alexandra.

“It is time…” he says.

Immediately he speeds up, flying quickly towards the top of the building.

“DAMN YOU MONSTER!” yells Mordred as he begins to shoot at the incoming Crnobog with everything his arsenal has. The monsters easily evades the bullets and missiles, stopping many with his scythe and chain and at the same time protecting Alexandra who was being taken away by Alphonse.

“NO! NO! NO!” keeps repeating Mordred as the thing moves closer and closer to him.

“NOOO!!!” he finally yells as the monster surpasses the speed of sound as the building walls begin to crack as he flies towards the top.


Crnobog flies by in front him, but the incoming wave due to his speed did hit him. His metallic body flies away and crashes on the side of the huge antenna atop the Empire State. Immediately he stares at Crnobog.

Crnobog was already getting close to the clouds when suddenly……

The clouds begin to darken. From a light blue they turn to pitch black with a orange aura around them. Lightning begins to fall behind Crnobog’s body, who had turned around was looking at Mordred. From beneath him a raging fire appears, seeking to consume the whole city that was also being burnt to ashes.

Mordred seeing this begins to yell.

“Welcome to Hell” yells Crnobog.

His body looks even darker now, his eyes shining red, and this time his tongue was out. The tongue splits in two and each side of his tongue becomes a snake which begins to extend and swirl around his demonical body. Both snakes swirl and swirl and swirl around him.

”What are you!” begins to yell Mordred, already freaked out and shaking like a small girl.

Using his sharp teeth he cuts off the snakes, and from the cut off part another snake head appears.

“This is Hellfire” says Crnobog with an evil grin.

Mordred looks down the Empire State and the whole city is under fire and agony yells could be heard. Black smoke covers everything and from the fire, which was already consuming the top of the Empire State, skeleton hands begin to appear.

“MORDRED!” they begin to say in a creepy way.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” begins to yell Mordred as he grabs his head.

“Isn’t this what you wanted!” yells Crnobog.

“Damn you…” whispers Mordred as he falls to his knees. Crnobog smiles and then flies towards Mordred at full speed. His scythe reappears.

”NEVER!” yells Mordred. Crnobog unleashes a brutal slash but Mordred evades the incoming attack. When he looks again…. Everything was fine. The clouds were fine… the city wasn’t under fire and everything was good.

“What…” says Mordred as he quickly turns around and sees Crnobog standing behind him. He didn’t have snakes surrounding him or anything like that.

“Hmph” was Crnobog’s reaction as his eyes once more begin to shine red.

The background begins to turn into fire and smoke.

“I see… you can manipulate a person’s thought by just looking at them!” says Mordred as he slowly stands up, “You can make me imagine horrible things just to take away my concentration and scare the hell out me!”.

“Dr. Hyde did implement many things inside me” says Crnobog. “HAH! DR. HYDE! I KNEW IT!” yells Mordred as from his back he draws a metallic staff.

“Give up, or else I’ll be forced to kill you” says Crnobog.

“No… now you and I will fight to the death…. Dwayne” says Mordred. “Dwayne… the name given to me when I was put into the Human world. My real name is Crnobog…” replies Crnobog.

“Crnobog… hah…. Nice name, suits you perfectly” says Mordred, “so you remember now?”.

“Its just memories trapped in my subconscious, programmed for when I was thrown into this world. Yet, I do know for what purpose I was created and who created me. At my 50% of release I can remember most of the fighting techniques programmed into me, most of my memories and best of all… these wings” replies Crnobog.

“You aren’t a cyborg… you are a real human being … a created human being…” says Mordred. “Nanomachines run inside of me Dr. Arthur. While I am a human being, at the same time I am a machine” replies Crnobog.

“Sadly… you won’t do as I say… so I will have to destroy such a magnificent creature” says Mordred. “So you won’t give up… then I have no more options” says Crnobog.

“Today Crnobog… victory won’t be yours!” yells Mordred. “People are hoping for my success… I cannot fail” says Crnobog.

“DIE!” yells Mordred as the metallic staff transforms into a sword.

“This is the system that powers your shape shifting weapon!” says Mordred.

Crnobog stares at Mordred…. The battle between a madman and demon monster is beginning now.

Meanwhile not too far away….. eight F-25 Spyder Fighter Aircrafts were closing in to Manhattan……..


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