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Chapter XV: The Tunnel to Death

Chapter XV: The Tunnel to Death

“Now… time to stop you” says Saya as she takes a fighting stance. She immediately charges at Dwayne who jumps atop a pipe. Quickly the Asian female does a one-hand stand and with her legs hits the same pipe where Dwayne is standing. She does not manage to break it, but messes up the steel. Dwayne jumps and lands behind her but with a swift turn she kicks him right in the chest, sending the demon young man onto the room. She charges at him at full speed, with a dagger in her right hand. Dwayne notices this, but his actions are stopped when he slips over the blood of the fallen men. Saya pierces the dagger straight at Dwayne’s chest. The young man staggers a bit and spits blood from his mouth.

“You are an experiment… a genetic experiment. An experiment infused with nanomachines… or something like that my master Mordred told me” says Saya, “give me a good challenge” and she finally smiles.

“In my 25% of power I won’t be of much use to your excitement” replies Dwayne. “Then raise that percentage” she says. “I don’t want” replies Dwayne. “I’ll make you” she says. She pushes Dwayne away.

“Automatic Recovery Function Activated”

The blood around Dwayne began to evaporate.

“DEACTIVATE IT!” he thought.

“Automatic Recovery Function Deactivated”

He gives Saya a hard look and then smiles. “IT’S TAKING OVER ME!!” thinks Dwayne inside his own mind. Lightning then begins to appear around Crnobog.

“HAHA! THIS IS WHAT I WANT!” yells Saya as the lightning creates sparks. Crnobog quickly extends his arms and fingers.

“It has yet not taken over me… but I feel like I have less power over my body” thinks Dwayne.

“Your death is assured” says Crnobog as his tone of voice switched from a really dark voice to his normal, demonical creepy voice. The dark voice sounded like if the devil himself was talking, while his normal voice just gave goose bumps to anyone. The wound in his chest closed and Crnobog immediately charged at Saya. He puts his fingers together and at the same time his nails, creating a sort of dagger. Swiftly he attacks Saya who counters by jumping away from him.

She continues her attack by charging at Crnobog again. This time the monster will not wait and turns around and kicks Saya straight in the face. She backs away and throws the dagger at Crnobog. It hits it’s mark… the chest. It stabs in there but Crnobog just grins. Slowly he takes off the dagger from his chest and looks at it.

“Shit” says Saya as she runs towards him again. This time though, Crnobog throws the dagger at her. With her amazing speed she evades it but what follows was unexpected to her. Crnobog, using his surrounding lightning, paralyzes Saya.

“What…” whispers the Japanese woman. With a swift blow to the head all was over for Saya. Her unconscious body falls to the blood spattered floor. Crnobog meanwhile raises his right hand and his nails form once again a dagger.

“STOP!” yells Dwayne inside his own head. Why should I?”. “Because I am ordering you to!”. “And who are you to command me?” “Your master!” “You fool! I have no master! I am you! Why don’t you realize it already and control my power the way it is supposed to be!” “But I have no clue on how to control this power! It’s too much for me!” “I am your genes… I am your nanomachines… I am your body. You are just being seduced by your own power and thus your own consciousness disappears! Don’t let yourself fall for your own power! Control your body and your destiny! A body is of no use without a good brain! WAKE UP!” “Wake up…”

Yet it was too late as Crnobog had pierced his nails in Saya’s back.

“So… I just needed to wake up” he realizes after pulling his nails off Saya’s dead body. Crnobog walks out of the room, having killed Saya. He informs the chief.

“You can now put your men there. It’s a mess of blood, but I hope you can stabilize the system.” he says, after returning back to his 25% of power, or his sane mode. “Everything is good except that, thanks” says the chief. “To you…” replies Crnobog. Outside the plant he looks at the steam boat still waiting for him.

“So he waited…” thinks Dwayne as he walks towards the water and begins to swim, heading towards the steam boat which at the same time was moving towards him.

Meanwhile, Alphonse stands firm and stares at Erheitz engulfed by flames. Both of them have been that way for some minutes already.

“There’s no way I’ll be able to defeat this guy on my own” thinks Alphonse already doubting of his victory, “but I’ll try” and finally smiles.

He puts his left hand index finger over the edge of his blade. Slowly he cuts a small piece of skin from it, and green blood falls from the finger. Now with the tip of his katana bathed in that green liquid, he takes position and sways his sword to the right which lights up the tip of the sword in green fire, eventually it spreads all over the blade. Now with the sword set ablaze in green fire, Alphonse was ready to eliminate Erheitz.

The latter was not losing time either and with strength he lifts a part of the gasoline tank. With power he throws it at Alphonse who charges at Erheitz. This time he jumps over the tank and with amazing precision while doing a 720-grade- turn mid-air he gives Erheitz a straight cut in the chest. The thick deep armor is broken and the blade finally gets to the body of the giant man. The huge thing backs away immediately but Alphonse continues his intense attack, this time thrusting his sword straight into the broken part of the armor. The attack is success as the green flame and the blade pierce Erheitz’s body.

“Sleep…” whispers Alphonse as the tip of his katana (already inside Erheitz’s body) explodes violently… and thus felt Erheitz.

“May God have mercy upon your soul” whispers Alphonse as he walks away cleaning his katana with a handkerchief that had the name “Eleana” written in gold over it. Caressing his blade with the handkerchief like that of a man touching a woman’s soft skin, he cleans the blade of any blood.

“WATCH OUT!” was suddenly yelled by Uncle Martin.

Behind him Erheitz had stood up once more and he was ready to give Alphonse the final blow. The atrocity of nature raises his right hand and closes his fist with such strength that the steel around his hand begins to bend. Finally he lowers his arm with such strength that it could destroy a huge building. But then it happened…. Lightning struck Erheitz. The giant man was sent flying backwards eventually crashing in the corner of a store. It was Crnobog.

Alphonse then stares at him.

“You took an awful amount of time” says Alphonse to Crnobog who had just landed in front of him. “Had to clean a nice mess” he replies.

Not far away, Erheitz was already standing up. “I can’t beat that guy alone” whispers Alphonse. “I’ll help you” replies Crnobog. “You seem different” says Alphonse as he stares at Erheitz not far away. “I’ve found my answer… for what I fight for” says Crnobog. “And you never knew for what you fought?” asks Alphonse. “It wasn’t clear enough” finally replies Crnobog. “We’ll chat later…” replies Alphonse with a gentle smile.

“Return to me” hears Erheitz inside his helmet. The giant man then sets off running away.

“Where is he going” says Alphonse as he already gets ready to run behind him when he looks at the far background. Atop a train rail a train was passing by.

“Why is a train working?” asks Crnobog. “I have no clue…” replies Alphonse.

In fact, a train was still working, running over a rail that was above the ground. Erheitz jumps and lands atop that train (breaking the roof of one of the wagons of course).

Then the sound of speakers was heard.

“My great friend Crnobog… if you want to save your beloved Alexandra then ride that train and reach me… you will find me! If you don’t do as I say, then sadly she will have to die”

“What!?” says a surprised Crnobog.

The trio of old men, Carlos, Grauchy and Uncle Martin walk towards the pair of heroes.

“The speakers and the train… they are remnants of the World War III. New York City was under attack in those times and so the government set up hidden speakers across the city, protected from an EMP by some steel cage or something. The working train passes over the ground and eventually goes under the ground… it is also protected from EMPs. It leads through a good part of New York City, and even passes in front of the Empire State Building. It was used to gather people and lead them to underground bunkers for protection.” Narrated Carlos. “Yeah, they were very useful. In those times fear of EMP bombs falling was high and so great priorities were taken” finishes Grauchy.

“So he’s using that train to lead me to him…” whispers Crnobog. “So it seems” concludes Alphonse. “Fine… I’ll accept his challenge” says Crnobog as he defiantly walks towards the rails. “I will meet with you whenever you go” says Alphonse. “Fine” replies Crnobog.

“Son… take care” says Uncle Martin. “Of course” he finally replies, running straight towards the rail. Using his great athletic abilities he jumps over buildings and eventually catches up with the ongoing blue-painted train. With great style he lands over the roof of the last wagon. Not surprising a wounded Erheitz was standing in the first wagon of the train and was walking towards Crnobog. He does the same and walks towards Erheitz. Now the train was going underground, straight into a tunnel. It looked like the tunnel people seem to see when they die… except this one was going straight into the ground.

The strong wing flowed around Crnobog, swaying his spiked hair violently. He was determined to end this once and for all….

But Erheitz was also ready… the huge man was drawing a huge iron hammer from the back. “That’s a new one…” whispers Crnobog. Now finally Erheitz enters the tunnel and in a few seconds Crnog enters it too. The fight atop the train… inside the dark tunnel… was about to take place.


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