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Chapter XIX: The Sound of Violence

Chapter XIX: The Sound of Violence

The missiles speed up as they head towards their destination. Gentle rain falls all over Crnobog’s face.

In the Pentagon it was all expectation. Radars were being checked and information received, and in that group expecting the conclusion and death of both Mordred and Crnobog was the President of the United States and the Defense Secretary, Winefield.

In New New York the people looked from the streets to the skies, watching the missiles and the aircrafts.

“This is the path I chose… the quest that I decided to embark upon. This is my battle” says Crnobog as he extends his scythe to the right.

With great power he sways the scythe to the left and from it a lightning bolt is shot towards the eight missiles. The lightning quickly destroys the missiles, which explode with great strength below the skies of NNYC.

“Alpha Squad Leader here, second wave!” says the leader of the team. The eight ships shoot missiles at Crnobog again.

Fools”. Immediately Crnobog jumps from the peak and flies towards the incoming missiles. Once again he sways his scythe and lightning is shot from it, lightning which causes the missiles to explode.

“Attack!” says the leader. The upside-down V breaks up and three different teams of three ships begin to form. Their first task is to surround Crnobog in a circle.

The Demon hero extends his left arm, aiming at one specific ship. With haste he closes the fist and the ship he was aiming at begins to break and eventually explodes, not before having crushed the pilot inside.

“MONSTER!” was yelling a pilot from the 3rd team, heading towards Crnobog with speed. The demon quickly turns around and from his left hand fingers he throws lightning. The aircraft quickly explodes into tiny pieces.

Two other ships were coming his way. The chains of the scythe begin to grow to bigger proportions. He raises the scythe upside down and begins to quickly spin it. The chain hits one of the aircrafts, slicing it in two and killing the pilot in a instant, and then the same chain hits another aircraft destroying it in the process.

What he had not noticed was that behind him a ship was coming and that it had shot two missiles. Crnobog quickly turns around but it was too late… the two missiles hit the monster directly. A dense smoke cloud covers him, but the falling demon quickly reincorporates and extends his wings.

“He used his wings as armor” says Mordred, who is watching the ongoing battle.

Crnobog eyes begin to shine red and then he looks straight at the pilot that had shot the missiles. The pilot begins to see a darkened and destroyed NNYC and from behind Crnobog a huge monster appears… it was a red and black dragon rising from beneath the Hellfire below. The pilot begins to yell and loses control of the ship. Crnobog slowly raises his left hand and shoots lightning from it, instantly destroying the ship and the panicked pilot.

“This is bad! He’s losing control!” says Alphonse as he watches the sky battle, where four aircraft remain.

Crnobog quickly avoids a storm of bullets coming at him and closes in to the Empire State again.

“My chance…” says Mordred as he watches the hero getting closer to him. A grin forms all over his face. Quickly he jumps from the Empire State like a madman and grabs on Crnobog’s back.

“Smell this!” says Mordred as he sprays a substance at Crnobog’s face, “have your dose of Pulse Nanomachines” he finally says.

Crnobog’s sight begins to get blurry, but he manages to shake Mordred off and send him straight back at the roof of Empire State with a nice punch and elbow hit.

“What are you going to do now!” says Mordred. Crnobog’s wings begin to lose power and his eyes slowly close. His scythe disappears into nothingness and he loses flying stability.

“Alpha Squad Leader orders: Shoot!” yells the leader. The four aircrafts, all coming from different angles unleash their power at the demon’s weak body. Slowly Crnobog’s wings begin to close, but he was too late. The 5 missiles hit him straight on, all from different sides and after that quite a big amount of bullets at his body. From the smoke cloud that had formed he falls, leaving a trail of smoke on his way down.

Everyone watched speechless as they saw him go down.

“Dwayne…” whispers Alexandra. “Oh my God” says Alphonse, extremely shocked. “SON!” yells Uncle Martin frantically trying to run over and catch his nephew’s body before he hits the ground. “Stop!” says Alphonse grabbing Martin’s left hand.

In the Pentagon all was expectation.

“We won, we won” kept repeating Winefield. Meanwhile President Adam quietly looks at the screen.

Crnobog’s body wasn’t over 50 meters far from the ground when suddenly the wings extend once again. He quickly turns around and uses the fall to his advantage, maneuvering and then rising once again and flying towards the other four crafts. His wounds were quickly being healed.

“The wings took most of the damage! Plus the Pulse Nanomachines didn’t make a long lasting effect!” yells Mordred.

“Alpha Leader he-“ was all the leader could say before a huge fireball hit him straight on.

“FALL BACK! RETREAT!” yells one of the pilots as his ship quickly turns around…. But it was too late. Crnobog flies in front of him and with the scythe transformed now into a sword he slices the aircraft and the pilot in two.

With anger in his eyes he looks at the two other ships. Lightning begins to surround his body. Nearby windows of the Empire State begin to shatter to pieces. His sword disappears and then he extends both hands, aiming at the two ships. In a split second both ships explode as Crnobog had his fists closed.

“He defeated the aircrafts…” whispers Alphonse.

In the Pentagon everyone was shocked, especially Winefield who was VERY angry. Adam meanwhile was calm. A smile then forms over his mouth.

Crnobog turns around and stares at Mordred.

“No… No…” whispers Mordred as the scythe reappears in Crnobog’s hands.

“DAMN YOU!” yells Mordred as he begins to shoot like a madman at the people many hundred meters below.

The protagonist quickly flies towards the antagonist. He turns his scythe around and lowers it (upside-down). With great anger he lets go an upwards slash with the scythe and finally it pierces the madman’s armored chest and then his body. The impact was so strong that it lifted up Mordred. The once mighty man was now stuck into a scythe.

“You are done for Mordred” says Crnobog. “You lost… control of yourself… monster” whispers Mordred as blood falls from his mouth, “at 20% you retain your normal thinking of your human form….. at 35% you begin to lose sanity as you remember all the info that was programmed and taught to you ….. at 50% the nanomachines have already taken up your sanity and only a bit of humanity is left…. no wonder you can fight …. so impressively… you have remembered most of your abilities. I don’t want to imagine what will happen….. after the 50%”.


“All… I wanted…. Was a … family….” Says Mordred as tears fall from his eyes, “A normal … family…. With 3 kids…. A car… and a house….”

Crnobog opens his eyes widely.

“They…. Think they can mess… with nature and God’s work…. They will fail. I will do…. What I must…. To restore normality to this… world and face Laura in Hell or Heaven….” Says Mordred as he closes his eyes and turns on the broken jetpack.

“Past molds the present, and both form the future” were Mordred’s final words.

The impulse of the jetpack pushes him and Crnobog towards the edge of the Empire State. Finally both fall from the top.

“Mordred…” whispers Crnobog as he pulls the scythe out from Mordred’s chest. Quickly he moves to the side, and witnesses Mordred’s fall. On his way down he was smiling as he looked at the sun which could be seen now that the dark clouds had moved away.

Then…. His body plummets into the ground, breaking it at the same time. In short time Crnobog lands aside the hole the fall had caused.

“Dwayne…” says Alexandra. Everyone was very surprised.

“Does this mean it’s over?” say some. “Why were there US Jets attacking?” ask others.

The young woman quickly runs towards Crnobog. Following her was Uncle Martin.


Crnobog extends his wings and rises. He looks at Alexandra one more time and then flies away at full speed.

“DWAYNE!” she yells.

Next chapter is the Grand Finale of the Genesis Arc! Wait for it!


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