Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello to everyone! Just stopping by and wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Remember you will be eating turkey this Thursday and turkey sandwiches the Friday =). I planned to make a misc post like this earlier on but I decided to wait until Thanksgiving so it would be "special". I gotta say that I do have some fans (Yay!) like 7 (hahaha!) but to them: Thank You! They've emailed me some times already and are asking for the About Me page. To them... soon!

Also, I got to thank Hiro from Aurea Online. He put my little link there and since then there's been quite a considerable traffic boost. Thanks guys! Also, if you by any chance don't come from there (lol), then please give them a visit, it's in the top-right link section, below Google News. I keep that because I am lazy to type that in the URL.

Anyway, there will be a chapter this Friday (=D) so wait for it, though it could come a little later than usual (very late at night, or VERY early). In fact, it could come Saturday at 2AM or something. Reason? Family stuff! Also I expect a normal flow of chapter releases all the way until Chapter 19, because then.... the first arc will be over. But I won't spoil anything!

Just Enjoy and to anyone new... COME AND READ US! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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