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Chapter XIII: The Fall of the Titan

Chapter XIII: The Fall of the Titan

“Uncle, no!” says Dwayne. “Why the hell no?” asks Martin. “He’s a friend” replies Dwayne. “Oh, so he switched his cables…” whispers Grauchy.

“No Grauchy! Its not that!” replies Dwayne. “Tell me…” whispers Martin.

“Uncle.. I… I am…” staggers Dwayne. “Oh I very well know who you are son” says Martin. “What?” asks Dwayne surprised. “And you will tell me I wouldn’t ever notice you jumping through the windows? I know who you were all along, yet I kept that secret to myself” says Martin.

“Uncle…” whispers Dwayne quite shocked. “What has happened to you?” asks Martin. “I don’t know… one day I transforme-“ was all he could say. “I don’t mean that, I mean… what has just happened to you now?” asks Martin. “And you aren’t going to ask what am I?” asks Dwayne. “Kiddo, there are things I am better off not knowing. Now, what has just happened?” asks Martin.

“A missile will be launched right into NNYC. We must stop it… and I’ll need your help Uncle, yours too Grauchy and Carlos” says Dwayne.

“Yeah! SOME HARDCORE ACTION!” yells Grauchy.

Underground, just below Hudson Bay a chaos is taking place. Inside that underground bunker blood is splattered all over the thick walls of concrete and steel. Dead soldiers lie all over the floor. Inside a room Erheitz is killing one last soldier by breaking his skull. The soldier’s body falls to the floor shortly after.

Erheitz inserts a disk into a slot loading system. A hologram appears, and a missile appears in it.

“Electromagnetic Pulse Missile: Titan” it read. Immediately he calls his superior. “Lord Mordred, it is done” he says. “Fine. Get your ass off the facility…. The fireworks begin now” replies Mordred.

In Washington D.C preparations were already taking place.

“Sir, we have an update on the NNYC Hudson underground bunker situation” says General Richard to President Adam. “What is it?” he asks. “Communications with the facility has been broken. We fear Titan might be under their possession” replies the General.

“Goodness sake!” says the Defense Secretary, Winefield an old bald man of around 75 years. He was short and used glasses to see.

“Send the Fs” was Adam’s sudden reaction. “The Fs?!?” replies Richard a bit surprised. “That crazy bastard of Arthur must be stopped at all costs. Bomb him. Send missiles to him, anything… just kill the bastard” were the President’s words.

“What about the city?” says Richard. “It will not be the first time it will be destroyed. The information he knows is way too confidential, we need him dead at all costs” replies Adam.

“What about the media?” asks Winefield. “We will just say terrorists did it” replies Adam. “But… what about the BIO guy?” asks Winefield. “Bomb him too… we will kill two birds in one shot”.

“Sir, isn’t it a bit extreme to bomb part of the city to kill 2 guys?” says Richard. “Richard, just send the order and send the F birds” says Adam. “Y-yes sir” replies Richard.

In NNYC, Mordred took action. He was inside his laboratory sipping a drink while a unconscious Alexandra lied not far away from him. “My revenge shall begin now…” he says as a holographic keyboard appears in front of him.

“I have access to the Titan… and I’ll send it right away” says Mordred. “For you Laura”.

The waters of the Hudson Bay grew uneasy. Tourists walked close to the Bay.

“Look at that…” says one of them. Then the ground begins to shake. Bubbles begin to appear from within the water. Nearby buildings were shaking like sticks. Then from the water a missile appears. It flies straight towards the sky. Around the steel cover it reads: “TITAN”. The light from the propulsion system causes an unmistakable shine of light. People begin to point at the flying object that to their surprise stops propelling and slowly begins to turn, obviously aiming at NNYC. As it takes position the propulsion system restarts and the missile heads towards land at a blazing speed.

People south of the Central Park were doing their daily routine when suddenly from the skies it came. It was the Titan.

The multitude begins to yell in chaos as the missile heads ready to hit the South of Central Park. It speeds even more as it gets closer to the ground. The steel frame separates and reveals a black bomb inside it. Not stopping for a second the black bomb falls on the ground. A huge explosion takes place and thousands are killed instantly. Nearby buildings begin to fall or their windows break violently. The road begins to rise as huge smoke column raises high towards the skies. The whole ground was shaking with great power.

A huge shockwave then appears and it begins to quickly spread. But it really wasn’t a shockwave… it was more like a field… a magnetic field. It quickly expands and whatever it touched… was damaged.

The trains of the subway were the first to be affected.

“I CAN’T CONTROL THIS!” says a machinist as he maneuvered a train in an over-the-ground rail. The train grew out of control and it continued ahead, breaking the rails. The train hits a small concrete bar and the train proceeds to fall right over a car and over some people. Not far from there two trains collided. The traffic lights were quickly damaged as well.

A man who is driving a car crosses the light thinking there was a power outage. A truck suddenly crosses the avenue and he pushes the brake as strong as he can but it does not respond. In a second he crashes on the side of the truck. The truck also grows out of control and collides with some parked cars. The electromagnetic wave expanded extremely fast. No cars were working and most people on them crashed… the brakes weren’t working. Trains collided, fell or crashed with walls. There was no power in the whole city… not a light or a TV to be seen. Anything with electronics inside was damaged and chaos quickly took control of New New York City.

A few minutes later Dwayne (as Crnobog) and Alphonse arrive at the roof of a building in NNYC. In the streets its just pure chaos.

“Oh my God…” whispers Dwayne obviously surprised by the desperation of the people. “The pulse was huge…” says Alphonse.

“What the hell are we going to do now?” says Dwayne. “We need to calm the people down” says Alphonse when all of a sudden an ear-destroying siren is heard. Both of them look at their sides when Dwayne spots something in the background.

“Oh my God” was all he could say. Five miles away from the coastline and in a human-made island called “Power of the People” a hydrogen electric plant was deploying huge amounts of smoke from within.

“The EMP got to the power plant” says Alphonse. “It’s unstable”. “So, what the hell are we supposed to do? If that thing explodes it won’t be pretty” says Dwayne. “I’ll calm the people in the streets and look for Mordred, you meanwhile go and take care of the hydrogen plant” says Alphonse.

“Not a bad plan” says Dwayne. “Let’s go!” says Alphonse. “Yeah!” replies Dwayne as he jumps from the roof to another building’s roof. Alphonse meanwhile jumps from the building all the way to the ground. He lands safely and with no problems. People were already breaking windows and stealing things from stores.

There were no news, no cars, no subway, no airplanes, no ships, no TV, no communication, nothing electronic was working.

“How will I get to the island” asks himself Dwayne as he sees the column of white smoke rise. He looks to the ground and sees something interesting.

“Steam Powered Ship! Only in the world!” read the sign that advertised a small steam ship. “Pfft… sometimes I think it must be a miracle I find things so easily” thinks Dwayne as a smile draws over his mouth. He runs towards the man in front of the steam ship, an old man with blue shirt.

“Sir, I need help. I need for the ship to take me to the power plant island!” says Dwayne (still as Crnobog…). The man lets go of a cigarette he was smoking and stands in shock in front of Crnobog.

“Please… for the future of this city and the world!” says Dwayne. “S-S..uuure” replies the man shaking in his boots (literally). “Thanks! Let’s quickly go!” says Dwayne.

Meanwhile Alphonse wasn’t enough to control the crowd. Of course he could his katana… but it would be too extreme. In that moment two officers arrive. It was McCaulthy and Sergeant Morales.

“Come McCaulthy!! WE’VE GOT WORK TO DO!!” says Morales in quite a cocky way. “Si… Sir, shouldn’t we wait for backup?” asks McCaulthy. “Backup my ass! This can make me the police commissioner!” yells Morales. Not far away, Grauchy, Uncle Martin and Carlos arrived at the chaos scene in downtown NNYC.

“Let’s revive our days of war and glory!” says Grauchy, shotgun in hand.

The pieces are set, the game has started... the final battle is soon to come… =).


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