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Chapter XII: Triple Strike

Chapter XII: Triple Strike

Traces of rain were falling from the skies. Dwayne was still waiting for anything to happen and it was already 6:15PM. He had the News on, waiting for any changes. And there were changes…

“We just received reports that the Bank of America is under attack by a lone woman. Alone she has eliminated most of the guards and has over 57 hostages. The police forces are moving-“ then it was turned off.

“Got to check that” says Dwayne.

Immediately he heads towards the Bank of America, already transformed as Crnobog. The scene is a chaos with news copters and police copters in the skies. Over the ground heavily armored units are on stand by.

“Morales!” says a cop to our good friend Sergeant Morales and his friend McCaulthy. “FBI says we got not jurisdiction here!” says the same cop. “Fuck them!” he replies.

Suddenly an explosion is heard and windows explode from within the building. Shattered crystals fall over the cops below. Then from the skies he came…. Falling like a thunder Crnobog appears and lands in front of the stairs leading to the building.

“THE MONSTER!” yells a female cop. The news are already reporting live what had just happened and the people around the scene of crime were already celebrating.

With force Crnobog enters the building. In front of him the floor is totally wired and on the other side Saya holds a young girl of 8 years by the neck.

“Touch a wire and the whole building comes down” she says. “Some fool already hit one in the 4th floor” she says. Then he grins. With amazing agility he jumps above all the wires and heads towards Saya.

”Predictable…” she says as with amazing flexibility she raises her right leg in a full blown 180 degree position. Crnobog swiftly avoids the leg and lands a few feet away from Saya’s side.

“Boom” she says as she throws the girl towards the wires. He quickly jumps towards the young girl and grabs her. He lands in a nearby table, a safe place. From the other side Saya jumps towards him, and delivers a crushing kick to his face which sends him flying straight to a wall. It breaks in pieces but doesn’t fall totally apart.

“I’ve got a new pair of legs” she says. “As you and I enjoy ourselves here…. You are going to lose your girlfriend and we are gaining the weapon for Lord Mordred’s revenge” says Saya. “WHAT!” says Crnobog in his usual demonic tone of voice. In that same second he receives a call.

Kevin was calling him. “SHIT! SHIT! ANSWER IT!” yells Kevin as he saw the 8th floor of the Elizabeth Hilton building in fire.

“Problems” says Saya with a grin. “What does he want?” asks Crnobog. “Ask him yourself” she says.

“Now select… save the lives of the people here or save your girlfriend” says Saya.

“Don’t underestimate me…” replies Crnobog as he extends his arms and at the same time his fingers. From them he shoots electricity which hits Saya straight on. She crosses her arm in an “X” way trying to resist.

“You can’t” he says as he begins to raise her from the ground with just the electricity.

”WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!” she yells in agony. Then he violently moves his arms to the left, which at the same time moves the electricity to the left and Saya with it. He throws her body through a window and her body crashes with a police car.

“Girl, don’t move. Good people will save you now” says Crnobog (usual demon voice). The girl nods with a smile all over her face. He goes through the same window and talks to Morales.

“Take off the threads, I got to attend something else” he says as he points his index finger at Saya’s head and shoots another burst, which strikes her right in the head, putting her unconscious.

“Something else will happen, be on the watch” he says as he jumps from the ground all the way to the ceiling of the Bank of America building (over 50 stories high).

“Shit” was all Morales could say.

Swiftly he heads towards the Elizabeth Hilton building. Kevin is there, totally shocked by the fire.

“Oh my God, it was true” says Kevin shaking. Commuters living in the same building had already evacuated and were looking at the ongoing inferno in the top floor.

At the roof Mordred has appeared, with an unconscious Alexandra over his arms. In a few seconds Crnobog arrives at the place, with his usual jumping from roof to roof way. He lands over the road and stares at the raging fire and at the roof Mordred and Alexandra.

“Arthur” says Crnobog. “Dwayne…” whispers Kevin. “Stand back” says Crnobog.

“So you damned bastard! YOU! YOU ARE CRNOBOG! HAHAHA!” yells Mordred. “Arthur! Let her down right now!” yells Crnobog. “Wow, what a creepy voice. With this woman on my hands, you are nothing!” says Mordred. “Don’t underestimate me!” yells Crnobog. “You don’t underestimate me!” replies Mordred.

“You don’t know how much fun I will have with this girl. Her face was worth a million when I appeared at her apartment! HAH!” yells Mordred.

“DAMN YOU!!!” yells Crnobog as lightning begins to surround his body. “Come, raise your percentage!” says Mordred. “How does he know…” thinks Crnobog.

“I fucking helped create you! I should be like a father to me! YOU ARE JUST A GENE EXPERIMENT!” yells Mordred. Crnobog extends his arms to the sides.

“Freaky…” whispers Mordred as he stares at Alexandra’s unconscious face. “Isn’t this exciting! YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED! You will just witness the end of this city! I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE! HAHAHA!!” yells Mordred. “I’ll stop you!” yells Crnobog as he jumps from the road all the way towards the roof of the building.

“Come you fool…” whispers Mordred as something appears from his right hand. Crnobog attacks with lightning, which is swiftly evaded by Mordred. He finally lands atop the roof.

“Bing!” says Mordred as from his right hands he shoots a spray right at Crnobog’s face.

“Cheap tricks won’t work!” he says as he unleashes a right hook headed to Mordred’s face. The later evades it quite easily.

“My vision… it’s getting blurry” thinks Crnobog. Mordred counterattacks with a right kick straight to his chin. Crnobog spins twice and finally falls to the roof’s ground. Mordred proceeds to grab Alexandra with his right hand, pressing her tightly to his body. Now with his freed left hand he grabs Crnobog by the neck and raises him from the ground. His body looks numb.

“System Not Responding”

“Imbecile, I know your weaknesses” says Mordred as he throws the monster’s numb body at a nearby column.

“System Not Responding”

Crnobog is slowly falling unconscious. He is unable to even move. “What is going on!” thinks Dwayne.

“Pulse Nanomachines. You just smelled a few thousand. They will render your own useless for a while, making you weak. Now, die” says Mordred as the rocket launcher appears from within his right shoulder.

“Beep, Beep” hears Mordred inside his helmet. Swiftly he backs off and in that same moment Alphonse appears, sword on hand.

“Who the hell are you?” asks Mordred. “None of your concern” says Alphonse as he raises his katana vertically.

“More cockroaches keep appearing… guess I’ll have to end this one quickly” says Mordred who activates his jetpack and flies away, and in some seconds shoots a rocket at the ceiling of the building. It hits it straight on, slowly breaking the whole roof.

“We are going to fall into the fire hell below if we don’t move” says Alphonse who immediately grabs Crnobog’s numb body and jumps from the roof all the way to the ground. Right then the roof collapses and so do at least 2 of the upper levels. Debris falls on every direction, and immediately the people below react and run away.

“Dwayne…” whispers Alphonse to the unconscious young man. Slowly he begins to return back to his normal form.

“It’s just a boy…” says a nearby woman.

“Hey… dude… will he… will he be alright?” asks Kevin. “I’ll take him to his apartment right now” replies Alphonse. “Why not take him to a hospital?” asks Kevin. “It will be useless. Kid, I will entrust you something”. “What is it?” asks Kevin. “Get the people to shelter immediately, as many as you humanly can” replies Alphonse, who without hesitation jumps away from the road.

“What….” Whispers a lost Kevin.

The news were already on the case: “We have been informed that the demon hero has been defeated!” said one of the headlines of the NBC news, another one from CNN read: “The Monster hero has been supposedly defeated”. The news of Crnobog’s defeat was spreading quickly.

Meanwhile Alphonse arrived at Dwayne’s apartment, entering through the open window, where he put the young man over his bed.

“Wake up” he says. “You are not that weak, you are just giving up. Clean your mind; release the brakes that are holding back your full power”

“If I let go… if I let go of those brakes… I don’t know what I will do” replies Dwayne, still with his eyes closed.

“Dwayne you must understand that if you don’t let go many more will die”

“Right now… I couldn’t do anything… I-I just…” was all Dwayne could say. “You have a great power, and you have been using that power for good until now… Why? Why give up now? Fight back!” says Alphonse.

“My body is still a bit numb” replies Dwayne. “You must rise now! For the well of the people of the whole world! If you don’t Mordred will destroy this city entirely and then another city, and so on… RISE!” yells Alphonse. These words opened up Dwayne’s eyes.

“What is he going to do?!?” asks Dwayne, already regaining energy.

“He has sent Erheitz, the leader of the gang with the same name, the one you trapped, to a underground bunker that was used in World War III. Currently that bunker has a Electromagnetic Missile and Mordred is planning on gaining command of it. If that thing hits the city it will be a total chaos” says Alphonse.

“And why didn’t you do anything?!?” asks Dwayne surprised. “I tried to, but Mordred has enhanced Erheitz body to incredible proportions. He’s just too strong for me alone to handle” replies Alphonse.

“Then we must quickly take action!” says Dwayne. Suddenly the door is knocked down and from it Uncle Martin appears with a shotgun, with old Grauchy and Carlos behind, both with guns.

“GET AWAY FROM HIM!!” yells Martin aiming his shotgun at Alphonse.

Not far away... Saya had made her escape from the hands of the police....


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