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Chapter XI: Identity Unmasked

Chapter XI: Identity Unmasked

The next day has come. As always, Dwayne follows his routine. Usual stuff… and he goes off walking to the university as always. In the streets everyone is talking about the breakout from prison, and the fact that there was a flying guy that destroyed the facility (or part of it). Some would say it was the “demon monster” or maybe “the armored jetpack dude”. The streets were in chaos as of who did it.

“This is getting troublesome” thinks Dwayne as he passes the University Avenue and enters his University. There he heads to his classroom as always, but this time he feels someone is following him.

“Someone’s up my ass” he thinks. “Psst”. Dwayne turns his head to the right, and behind a pillar in the first floor sees Alphonse. He stops walking and stares at Alphonse, who at the same time decides to walk towards him. Stealthily he hands Dwayne a small letter. “I’ll see you later” he whispers. Dwayne opens the letter and reads it:

“Watch your Professor”

“Is he talking about Arthur?” he thinks as he finally arrives at the BIO classroom. There his nerdy friend Kevin gives him a warm welcome: A hug.

“DUDE! Why didn’t you tell me! You got shot?!?” he says. “Yep” replies Dwayne. “In the back” says Alexa, sitting on a nearby chair. “Hey, is it true you got a bullet up the ass?” asks Kevin. “OF COURSE NOT! WHO SAID THAT!” says Dwayne (a tear drop also falls from his head…). Kevin, shaking, points at Alexandra. “Sorry, I was bored” she replies with a smile.

In a second Professor Arthur enters the classroom, sweaty as always. “Well class…” says Arthur as he stands in front of the classroom. Two students whisper in front of Arthur: “Hey, did you know Dwayne got shot?”. “Who got shot Mr. Patterson?” asks Arthur to the squeaky guy (who hasn’t gotten an haircut in a century by the way). “Err… Dwayne, Professor” he replies.

“So Mr. Erickson. Where did you get shot?” he asks.

“Oh me? Well… huh, in the back” replies Dwayne. “Interesting… heh. The criminality in this world is going through the roof. I was shocked with what happened last night at the jail complex. Don’t you agree Mr. Erickson?” asks Arthur.

“Here he comes with his psychological chats…” whispers Kevin.

“Yeah, insensitive idiots are screwing this world. People who care about nothing and no one. People who hurt others either for fun or for profit. That scum must be eliminated. But I was wondering… what type of man could have the technology to break down such a complex building center, with so many defenses” replies Dwayne, still having in mind what Alphonse had written in the note.

“Oh! Here we come to an interesting point. Where was the winged monster? Maybe he attacked the complex, who knows?” says Arthur. “I doubt it, he has been fighting along justice for a time now, why turn around?” replies Dwayne.

“Hey Dwayne, cool down or the wound is going to open” says Alexandra as she lets out a giggle.

Then it struck him… Arthur opens his eyes widely in astounding surprise.

“Mr. Erickson, a question. Since what time were you in the hospital?” asks Arthur, his body shaking a bit.

“Since 6PM or so all the way until midnight” replies Dwayne, “why is he asking me the time?” he thinks at the same time.

Then Arthur smiles. “Interesting….” Says Arthur.

“No way…” thinks Dwayne. “You know what class, I suddenly got an emergency. I have the urge to leave this class, I’ll reunite you all later” says Arthur.

“Impossible…” thinks Dwayne as his eyes widen in surprise… he might have been unmasked. “I’ve got a small hunch” says Arthur as he walks towards the room’s exit. Dwayne turns around to stare at his Professor, who suddenly stopped.

“You know, I’ve always said that that demon guy, what was his name… hah! Crnobog! If he was a human he should take well care of his family and friends” says Arthur. Immediately after that he laughs for a second or two.

“HE FOUND OUT!” realized Dwayne. “Dwayne, you alright? You look a bit shocked… I know what just happened was weird but snap put of it” says Alexandra. “Alexa take much care!” says Dwayne to her. “What’s up with that all of a sudden” she says. “Oh my God…” thinks Dwayne as he puts his right hand over his head.

“Hey, did he just call the demon guy… Cro.. Something with C and bog at the end?” asks Kevin. Dwayne quickly walked out of the classroom and yells:

“Professor Arthur!”. The man replies by waving good bye with his hand.

Dwayne quickly turns around and looks at Alexandra. “Alexa, please… please, can you stay the whole day with me?” he says.

“Wow man… I haven’t given you a class yet and you are already asking her to spend the whole day with you? Wow, extreme” says Kevin.

“…. Is that a date?” she asks, wondering about his question. “Trust me, please trust me and listen to me well. I-… I-…. Alexa, I have a hunch that something bad will happen to you” says Dwayne.

“Hey I know you are a bit overexcited. You got shot and all that, but… it’s not like someone will shoot me” says Alexandra. “Please!” he begs.

“Dwayne, I’ve got a test today! I can’t!” she replies. “In fact I gotta study” she concludes.

“Ok, ok… just hear me well. If you see anything weird, if you sense anything weird, just call me” says Dwayne. “Ooook… you know Dwayne, this is getting weird” she says.

“Just promise to call me” he says. “Ok…” she replies. “Fine” he finishes.

Hours pass, and Professor Arthur is already in his laboratory.

“Hah! So it was always in front of me! Haha!” says Arthur, laughing as hard as he could. “Professor, you seem happy” says Saya, who now has two robotic legs. “You know dear, I might give use to you tonight…” says Arthur with a long smile. “I am dying of excitement… you know the guy who sent you to jail? The demon?” asks Arthur.

“Yes” she replies. “I found who he is! It’s just a student!” yells Arthur. “Please sir! Let me eliminate him!” says the Japanese woman. “Don’t worry… all in due time” says Arthur with a grin.

In the University it was 3PM already. Dwayne, instead of going into a walk as he usually did before, is now walking to his apartment. To his surprise Kevin appeared from… nowhere.

“Man you got smooth moves! You got to teach me!” says Kevin. “Kev, I am not in the mood right now” says Dwayne. “Wow, all serious” says the nerd dude. “Alexa is in danger” he says. “How can you be so sure?” asks Kevin. “I am. Kevin, there are things about me.. you don’t know” says Dwayne.

“Woah! Now don’t tell me you are the demon dude or I’ll laugh my ass off!” says Kevin. Dwayne stops walking and stares at Kevin, quite seriously. “You got to be kidding me” says Kevin as he let go of a straw he was biting in his mouth.

“Kevin, Alexandra is in danger, and I will need your help. I can’t follow her, so I will leave that task to you. Stay close to her house, follow her, anything. If you see something suspicious, call me immediately” says Dwayne.

“You gotta be kidding” replies Kevin, kind of in shock. “Please, help me now Kevin” says Dwayne. “You are talking dead serious, aren’t you?” asks Kevin. “Of course I am” replies Dwayne. “Shit”. “Please?”. “You better give me credit later” says Kevin. “Thanks” says Dwayne. “Go, follower her unnoticed”

Kevin as always, the good boy and all that, follows instructions.

“This has to be a well set prank dammit. Hah, Dwayne that thing, no way. Still… I want to play his game and see what they have in store. It better be a good surprise!” says Kevin as he hides behind a palm tree looking at the residential complex Elizabeth Hilton. “She lives in the top 8th floor. Man this better be good” says Kevin.

The sun was already setting…. And Dwayne stared at the window inside his apartment.

“I got to check anything. If he’s indeed Mordred he may be planning something else. He knows I will be protecting Alexandra, and will try and attack something or someone else. If so, I am ready. If he attacks Alexa then I am ready as well. Let’s see what happens…” he says.


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