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Chapter X: The Two Experiments

Chapter X: The Two Experiments

A metal plaque reads: “NNYC Penitentiary #045”, and that plaque is glued to a steel column which connects tall metal fences with spikes on top of them. Night had already fallen and the rain was quite heavy. A man who hides his face under a hood walks towards the Entrance Gate. The officer inside the small cabin walks outside and stares at the man.

“Hey you, who are you?” he asks. “Death…” replies the man under the hood. The officer realizes that the man has no good intentions and draws his gun, but when he’s about the aim the man disappears completely. Then he opened his mouth in quite a grotesque way.

The man under the hood had pierced his back with what seemed to be a metal pole. The end of the pole exited through the officer’s gut. Slowly he pulled it back, the officer falling dead over the wet pavement.

“So... they are keeping them here” says the man, who takes off his hood revealing none other than Mordred. Confidently he walks towards the gate and from his left shoulder a small cannon appears. From it a missile is shot, immediately taking down the gate, which is sent flying up in the air.

The emergency alarm sounds and officers inside the facility gear up. Snipers take position in nearby guard towers. Then like magic… Mordred levitates.

“What the hell…” says a officer, sniper on hand. “Boom” says Mordred as a missile is shot straight to a guard tower. After it explodes officers begin to shot Mordred which is unaffected by the bullets. Flying he heads towards the WEST side of the facility. Heavy shooting takes place as the defenses of the jail begin to shoot the flying madman. A few missiles finally knock them out as the mechanical man breaks the roof of the west side with a missile and lands safely inside a corridor with many cages. All the prisoners are surprised by Mordred’s arrival. Female and male all lie together in the corridor… on the left side the women and on the right the men. Mordred heads to a specific cage: W-232. Standing in front of it he looks at the man there. It was none other than Erheitz, the gang leader captured by Dwayne before.

“Who the fuck are you?” asks Erheitz in a cocky voice. “My name is Mordred, and I’ve come to rescue you from this shithole. You and I have something in common… both have fought the demon monster and lost… but we have lived. Together we shall defeat that abnormality from hell… I shall make you the ultimate human being and we will defeat that thing” says Mordred. “Pfft… not interested” replies the man. “Who says I am asking you?” says Mordred, as a smile can be seen from within the helmet that covers his face. He aims his finger at Erheitz and shoots a needle which hits the target. Immediately the big and strong man falls over.

He grabs one of the bars of the cage and slowly crushes it with his mechanical hand. He opens it with raw power and picks up the unconscious man. Mordred makes his way towards another cage where a frightened Saya, missing her right leg entirely. She is practically scared to death.

“I’ve come for you too” says Mordred. “Wh-.. why” she replies. “I’ll give you a new leg, one stronger than the one you had. I shall make you mighty” says Mordred. She stares at the medieval looking man with quite a surprised look. Not hasting a bit she accepts the offer. “Good…” whispers Mordred which immediately sets himself to open the bars of the cage. He picks the Japanese lady up, but right in that moment some officers appear. The madman smiles and shoots a rocket at the unsuspecting officers which quickly die in the act. “Let’s go milady” says Mordred as he turns on his jetpack and begins to rise.

He sets course away from the penitentiary at full speed. After maybe 25 minutes of travel he arrives at his underground lair, simply accessed by walking inside a dark alley by the side of his residential complex and opening with a password and genetic check a door which leads to long downwards spiraling stairs which eventually lead to the underground lair.

Inside the laboratory he gently puts Saya over a steel bed, and harshly throws the still unconscious Erheitz to another steel bed. Mordred gets close to Saya and gently touches her cheeks.

“So fair…” he whispers. She immediately blushes. “I shall follow my word for I am a gentleman milady” says Mordred as he grabs Saya’s right hand and from within the helmet sends a kiss towards it. “Can I see the face under the helmet?” she asks. He laughs. “Later” he replies as he opens a frozen room. From within it he grabs a cold metallic leg.

”This is a biomechanical leg, enhanced greatly by hydraulic systems and nanomachines… it will grant you an amazing leg, a leg of envy for every being. “Put it on quickly” she says. “With haste I shall reply milady” he replies.

He begins the procedure, where he attaches the metallic leg to her waist. Needles pierce what is left of her right leg and so on the complex procedure takes place. In maybe 2 hours the Japanese woman has a new leg. Excited, she moves it. She jumps from the steel bed and raises her leg high in the air and quickly moves it… a speed which surpasses any human being.

Then she says: “Cut off my left leg and grant me another of these”. “Proposal… accepted” replies the gentleman Mordred with a grin.

Not far away, in the St. Elena’s Hospital Dwayne lies over a bed. By his bed Uncle Martin and Alexandra watch him. He has wakened up.

“It was scary” says Alexandra. “Must not be pretty… how are you feeling boy” says Martin. “Me? I guess I am feeling better now…” says Dwayne, who still has his wounds. The Doctor enters the room in that exact second.

“Dwayne, I will order a blood-“ was all he could say until Dwayne talked: “No, no blood”. “Why not?” asks the doctor. “Please, no I don’t need any blood. Just take the bullet that is still stuck and let me go” he says. “But Dwayne! Don’t be so reckless” says Martin. “No Uncle, I just don’t feel like mixing my blood with someone else’s. Please Doctor, just take the bullet out and let me go home” says Dwayne. “The only way I could do that is if you give the excuse that your religious belief don’t allow blood exchange. Still Dwayne, I recommend you do as I say” replies the doctor. “No Doc. I know why I don’t want any exchange” says Dwayne. “Fine then, you will be moved to another room for the surgery. It is simple, really. I will be with you in some seconds, I got to see your blood tests” says the doctor. “You took blood tests?!” says Dwayne, a bit surprised. “Yes. Now excuse me, I’ll be with you in some minutes” says the doctor as he leaves the room quickly.

“Damn Dwayne, you are stubborn!” says Alexandra. Outside the room, in the corridor, voices could be heard. “Turn on the news!”.

“What could have happened” says Uncle Martin as he turns on the holographic display and changes the channel from “Barney & Teletubbies!” to the news.

“… it was reported that two people have escaped the security complex: The famous gang leader, Erheitz, and his companion, Saya. In a few minutes we will have more news on this spectacular breakout”. Martin turns if off. “Not good for health” he says.

“They escaped…” thinks Dwayne. Meanwhile in another room the doctor checked the blood samples.

“This DNA sample is weird…” he says as he looks at the samples. “This blood… is weird” he says once more. “Must have been an error. I’ll have to take new samples” he says.

The operation was very quick, less than an hour maybe. These days they use magnetic thongs to pull out the bullets, and use these microscopic threads to close the wounds (and a bullet inside the body is no big deal). In no time, Dwayne was already in his apartment. Alexandra had accompanied him to the room as well.

“Are you feeling well?” she asks. “Of course I am” he replies with a smile. “What you did there was reckless… but it was still brave” she says. “I guess that’s what everyone should do… help others, like that monster guy is doing” he says. “Monster guy…” she whispers. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’ll be early tomorrow, alright? I need some rest, that’s all” he says looking straight at her eyes. “Very well” she replies as she gives him a hug and a kiss in his right cheek. Slowly she walks out of the room and gives one last look at Dwayne, and then closes it.

Dwayne then throws himself over the bed. “Alexa…” he whispers.

“I don’t dare tell you, I don’t dare to even fall in love with you. I don’t want this relation to go much longer… you could die. If someone found out about me, you would be the first anyone would target. Dammit… why is the heart so… so stubborn? Besides… I am a damned monster. It’s like the Beauty and the Beast. Aw crap this is hard” he thinks as he slowly closes his eyes.

“Tomorrow I’ll have to find those guys from the breakout…”


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