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Chapter VII: Blood Sucker

Chapter VII: Blood Sucker

“Interesting…” says Mordred.

Crnobog jumps towards Mordred who replies with a rocket. Crnobog sways his huge scythe and explodes the rocket before reaching him. He turns the scythe around and from it a lance forms. The scythe now had taken the form of a lance.

“It changes! It can’t be.. he… he is…” says Mordred as Crnobog throws the dark lance at him. Swiftly he maneuvers and avoids the lance which still manages to break pieces of his left robotic hand. The lance disappears in blobs which then form on Crnobog’s right hand. A sword, similar to a flamberg, forms. Mordred lands on the ground, and so does Crnobog which quickly charges at Mordred.

“Surrender or your death is assured” says the demonical Crnobog which seems to have taken over Dwayne.

“Lightning.. GO!” says Mordred who from his body shoots lightning towards Crnobog. He is unaffected by it. Slowly he raises his sword, and then quickly does a downward slash with it. From the sword a vertical thunder is shot. Mordred opens his eyes widely as he sees the thunder come towards him. It eventually strikes him sending the armored madman to the ground. Shaky, he tries to stand up but is stopped as Crnobog grabs him by the neck. Slowly he crushes the metal. A hose breaks letting out oxygen which was reaching Mordred’s head. The man tries to take a breath but is unable to. Surprisingly the small rocket launcher that he has in his right shoulder shoots a rocket which hits Crnobog straight on. The explosion sends backwards quite a few feet the monster.

Mordred takes off his helmet, revealing that he is Professor Arthur. The man quickly puts a hand over his face, to cover his identity.

”This time… we can call this a draw, but the next time we meet… it won’t be pretty” says Mordred as he lights on the jetpack and flies away.

“Stop!” says Crnobog, but in the instant he was going to jump he loses power and falls to his knees.

“Lowering Power Output. Not Enough Fuel. Lowering 1% per second”

“Argh!” he finally says as he puts his head over the ground.

“Deactivating Nanomachines”

Slowly his body begins to return to normal. His hair goes down, his muscles weaken and his Gothic clothing disappears.

“What… happened…” says a weakened Dwayne lying over the ground. Quickly he notices his identity could be revealed and he makes a gigantic effort to reach a nearby alley, crawling like a worm. Blood begins to flow from his wounds, leaving a trail as he goes on. Finally, and after much hardship he reaches the alley. Slowly he puts his back over the wall and begins to breathe deeper every second.

“The… energy… left… me…” he whispers as his sight gets blurred.

“Come on McCaulthy!” says Sergeant Morales to his fellow companion. “Coming!” replies the poor man, a skinny white guy with yellow (yes, yellow) short hair and with a body height of about 6’5. Morales on the other hand has a tan all over his skin and is bald. He only has a moustache and hair on the side of his head. He’s a bit fatty too, he has quite a belly. “He’s over here!” says Morales as he turns around the alley to see Dwayne weakened lying there.

He tries to stand up, but he’s far too weak.

“Please… let me be… let me be alone…” he whispers as slowly his eyelids begin to close on him. “Don’t worry man! We know who you are, we won’t reveal your little secret to anyone! You saved our lives and we owe you. We’ll take you to a hospital immediately” says Morales.

“Th-.. thanks” replies Dwayne as his eyes finally close. “Poor man, he got a beating” says McCaulthy. “Yeah, lets take him to a hospital quickly!” says Morales.

The two cops raise him from the ground and take him to their police car, which amazingly had not been affected in any way (though it was quite far). After putting him in the backseat of the car they accelerate towards a nearby hospital. The traffic jam is way too big and the news don’t help either.

“We need to go on foot! Let’s go!” says Morales as he opens the door and grabs Dwayne. The duo of cops run in the crowded sidewalks of New New York City. The chaos that had formed in the Fiesta was known to everybody by now so the population was dying to see what had happened.

Miraculously they finally make it to St. Heaven’s Hospital.

“Make way for a wounded man!” says Morales, looking for air (his fatness didn’t help much).

“I am sorry officer, but all rooms are full! We are receiving many wounded” says the female receptionist, while not far away the cops prohibited path to the press.

“This guy has lost too much blood!!” says Morales. “I am sorry! I am sorry! There are no rooms!” says the female. In that comes a doctor and stands atop a chair.

“Anyone severely wounded please come here! Only if the lost of blood is severe! We are making extra space in some other rooms!” yells the doctor.

“Doctor! Doctor! This man is wounded and bleeding a lot!” yells Morales, trying to “overpower” the yelling of other people. It was a total chaos. Still, his deep voice (the stomach has to help for something) caught the doctor’s attention.

“How many wounds does that man have?” he asks Morales. “I don’t know, but he’s unconscious!” replies the Sergeant. “Ok… nurse come over here” he says; “take this man into the Red Cross room”. The nurse immediately calls for a bed, and after a while it finally arrives. Dwayne’s numb body is put over it and the nurse quickly rushes towards the Red Cross room. Morales and McCaulthy follow her.

The Red Cross room has a lot of blood bags… it’s the place where most of the blood is kept, the majority of it frozen. But due to the nature of the emergency a lot of the blood has been put over tables, ready to be used in any second (of course being kept cold). The bed is put in the center of the room, and the nurse quickly takes a test of his blood with a holographic device. “This blood sample is weird…” she says.

”Anyway ma’am, we must leave as duty calls us. Please take good care of that man, tell him Morales greets him” says the gentle office. McCaulthy waves good bye at the cute nurse. “Come on you sicko!”.

The nurse turns around and watches her device. “Unknown Blood… huh….” .

“This man has bled a lot… how can he be alive” she says as she takes the test again. “Unknown Blood” says the computerized voice of the small device (its like a cube).

“Dammit… I think this one is broken. Gotta look for a new one quickly… hang in there!” she says to Dwayne’s body as she runs away looking for a new sampling device, while at the same time closing the door of the cold room. It was very dark now.

“Automatic Recovery Function Activated”

Dwayne’s fingers begin to move as he licks his lips. Surprisingly nearby blood bags begin to tremble and after a few seconds break apart throwing the blood all over the floor. Then, for an even bigger surprise, that blood begins to evaporate. The red mist raises and heads towards Dwayne’s body. Slowly it begins to enter his skin pores. More bags explode and the same cycle repeats… the blood evaporates and enters his pores. His wounds begin to quickly heal as more blood is sucked into his pores. Then he regains consciousness….

“What the hell is going on…” he slowly whispers as he sees a red mist over him. “Am I alive…”

“Recovery Function Finished. Body at 90% condition. Saving remaining blood into the fuel tanks”.

Then he quickly opens his eyes widely and raises his back from the bed. He touches his body looking for any sign of wound.

“What….” He says as he looks at the empty blood containers. “The blood…” he whispers as he sees the last of the red mist enter his hand. “The fuel the computer inside my head is saying… it is blood… other people’s blood” he says, reacting in an extremely shocked way.

“This power, this body… it is sustained by other people’s blood. That is why… that is why my body was weakening and I couldn’t do anything. I dried up the fuel supply… the blood” he realizes. “What the hell am I?!?” he says. He then proceeds to look at his surroundings.

“This is a hospital… those two cops… they brought me here. Shit, if anyone notices what just happened I’ll be in trouble” he says as he quickly stands from the bed. Stealthily he opens the door and looks at the crowded corridor. Not caring for what would happen he exits the room and blends with the others, eventually reaching the exit of the hospital (still crowded by media and people wanting to be attended).

Meanwhile, the nurse enters the Red Cross room and finds no one, just some broken blood containers. “Where… did he go? He was too wounded” she says, totally confused.

Dwayne walks in the crowded streets, heading towards her house.

“Alexandra!” he says as he activates his earphone and says out loud: “Alexa”. The phone begins to ring…. But then the dreaded message that said that the circuits were occupied was heard “I need to call her!”


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