Friday, November 10, 2006

Chapter IX: One More Chance

Chapter IX: One More Chance

“As I said before, I am not here to hurt you” says the man. “Then why are you here? Who are you?” asks Dwayne.

“My name is Alphonse Martinic. And I am here to tell you that you can’t hide the truth forever” says the man. “What truth?” replies Dwayne. “You know what I speak about….” Whispers Alphonse. “You also know?” asks Dwayne a bit surprised. “Its easy to figure out by just seeing you fly into a building, see it explode and then see you rise. I was going to enter the fight in that same second you appeared from the debris” replies Alphonse.

“Fight?” asks Dwayne.

“Yes fight. I am like you… an experiment” replies Alphonse. “I can deduct by logic that I am not normal and I am either a demon or an experiment” replies Dwayne. “A demon you could look like, but you are truly an experiment. I don’t know the details… but I am like you, except I was designed in another branch” says Alphonse. “Branch?”. “Yes, I was designed in the GenoBIO branch, you were in another obscure yet even more secret called NanoBIO. I can tell you that I am genetically enhanced, and you are enhanced by both nanomachines and invented genes.” Replies Alphonse.

“GenoBIO and NanoBIO…” whispers Dwayne.

“We were created in labs. In our minds a past life was injected, some basic things only. Such as what is your name, where and when were you born, those things. We are supposed to be real human beings, enhanced. But you are different… you seemed to activate your nanomachines on your own. I can tell you that I can’t transform into anything, but my enhanced genes have given me lightning fast reflexes and incredible sight and agility.” Says Alphonse.

“And why are you here?” asks Dwayne. “Isn’t it obvious… to shed some light on your existence and who you are. Like you I fight against crime, but in a more subdued way and in other cities. No one knows of me… while you have let yourself be seen by the entire world. Do you know how much attention you will attract… or already have? The government won’t stand idle, trust me. It is good to fight crime… but it’s not good to show your demonic form… or should I call nanomachine form.” Keeps talking Alphonse.

“This seems so Deux ex Machina… you just coming here and telling me such things” says Dwayne. “I have my sights on you boy, and I swear you will see me once more. I am investigating something… when I find about it I’ll let you know” says Alphonse as he walks backwards towards the window. “Wait, there are still things I don’t know!”. “Those things you will have to learn for yourself” replies the also young looking and tall man (6’3). Quickly the man goes through the window and throws himself from the building. Dwayne just stays there, standing.

“… an Experiment…”

The next day came… a sunny Sunday. Dwayne, as always, heads to the McBathy’s Food restaurant to help Uncle Martin (and some time ago Aunt Betty).

A very hard working Dwayne cleaned everywhere, while the holographic projectors constantly repeated the footage of the Grand Fiesta battle.

“I don’t know what the hell that thing is, but as long as it is on our side we are all good!” says a visiting old man, nicknamed by many for long years… Grauchy. He was talking to another old man called Carlos. “Yeah… we sure as hell would’ve needed that thing on World War III though!” replies Carlos. “Haha, hell yeah… those freaking Koreans and their creepy bio weapons! Would have been nice for then to be cleaned from this planet… damn peace treaties” says Grauchy. Uncle Martin then gives his opinion: “I don’t know… maybe that thing will turn on us!”.

Dwayne, not far away from their table, was hearing everything the 3 old guys spoke about. Then someone appeared at the door… it was Alexandra. Dwayne looked at her, quite a bit surprised.

“What are you doing here Alexa?” asks Dwayne as he walked towards her.

“Yesterday I mannered like a bitch. I am sorry” she replies. “Sorry about what? You are right... If I can’t tell you who am I then this will never work out” he tells her. “Who says we must be in love with each other? Can’t we just be friends like the way we have been for the past 4 years?” asks Alexandra. He stares at her for a few seconds. “After that kiss it’ll be hard for me to treat you like my best friend again… I will see you with different eyes now…” he says. “We will just work it out… and maybe someday you will tell me what you try to hide so much from me. I am starting to throw a few guesses around so I might ask you soon if I am right” she replies with a smile. “Nah, it’ll be hard for you to find about it!”. “I have one little guess but I’ll keep that to myself for now” she says. “Alright” he replies. Both once again stare at each other for some seconds. “Want something to eat?” he asks. “Sure… I’ll consider this as a reconciliation date” she replies letting out a giggle afterwards. “Sure” replies Dwayne with a chuckle as well.

After a few minutes of cooking and preparing Dwayne made some quit big turkey breast sandwiches for both of them. They sat together and began to eat… and of course it was just laughs with them.

“Those two make a nice couple” says Grauchy. “Yeah…” continues Carlos. “At least my boy is making his damned moves! Hah!” says Uncle Martin. “He’s growing up.. heh” says Carlos (quite old, 74 years maybe. Short, totally bald with just some stray bits of white hair here and there. Oh and by the way… no teeth whatsoever). “Yeah… time flies by” says Grauchy (72, 5’10, has a small hunch on his back. He colors his hair to black and has some teeth left).

Some time later both Dwayne and Alexa went for a walk in Central Park. They looked like a pretty good couple walking through the park.

“I love this place… my dad used to take me here when I was little” she says. “Your foster dad doesn’t?” asks Dwayne. “Nah, he’s too busy in his job. Besides its not like he cares so much for me, not even mom is taking much care of me lately” she replies. “Well, if you ever feel bad just go to my apartment” he says. “Nah, you would just get on top of me and do bad things” she says, teasing the now totally red Dwayne.

”I WOULD NEVER!” says Dwayne. “Aw don’t tell me you never fantasize of me naked and having sex with you” she says. “What the… -“ was all the poor guy could say… he has just been discovered. “See! You didn’t answer! Perv!” she says pushing him away while laughing. She walks backwards towards a tree.

“Well.. I- I .. I am a… man” he staggers while replying. “Perv!” she says. A yell is suddenly hard, and not far away from them an old woman is being robbed.

“HELP ME!” yells the poor woman. “Damn it!” says Dwayne. “That lady!” says Alexandra.

“Crn…. No…” says Dwayne.

“You have let yourself be seen by the entire world. Do you know how much attention you will attract… or already have?”

He remembers those words. Not hesitating he runs towards the old lady. “Dwayne!” yells Alexandra as he immediately contacts 911.

“Let her go!” says Dwayne. The burglar then draws a gun from his back… and shoots a bullet. The bullet hits Dwayne straight into the chest, collapsing him into the ground.

”DWAYNE!” yells Alexandra. The burglar steals the purse away from the old lady and runs away while sirens could be heard in the background.

“Dwayne! Oh my God!” she yells as he stands by his side. His eyes are closed and his breathing is getting heavier.

“Automatic Recovery Function Activated”

“Dwayne! Oh shit no! Dwayne!” keeps yelling Alexandra.

“No Energy Source Nearby”

Sirens are heard in the background… Dwayne is knocked out cold.


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