Thursday, October 12, 2006

Welcome to the Omen of Chaos Blook

Welcome to the Omen of Chaos Blook! First of all you might be wondering what a blook is. Simply put, its a story serialized in blog form. If you want more info the awesome Wikipedia has more info on it! . I am the author of Omen of Chaos, an action story with a super hero touch in it. I'll be updating Omen of Chaos every Monday and Friday if I am able to, if not I will try and release the chapter before or after the deadline. This is not the first story I have ever written, but it is the first I am "brave" enough to publish to the whole world. First of all, my style is simplistic and minimalistic. I don't tend to go into excess detail of things, I'll just give you, the reader, a simple base and then you can develop the settings or characters in your mind, as YOU want them. Plus, I find excesive details a bit boring sometimes. Second, I recommend this story for anyone 15+ because of the mature content sometimes thrown in. Though I will avoid adding lots of gore and blood to the story, sometimes they are a need to have a dramatic effect on the reader. Third, I try to avoid tense (past, present, future words) problems down at all costs! Also I try to mantain ortographic errors to a minimum. Please, point them to me and I'll fix them right away!

If you are wondering what Omen of Chaos is all about then you will have to read it! I am just going to tell you that the setting is year 2038 in New New York City (not a typo!). World War III took place in 2015-2018 and New York City was severely affected by it. So, it was reconstructed and it is now called New New York City. Our protagonist is a young man of about 22 years called Dwayne Erickson. He has no memory of his life as he just woke up in an apartment, 18 years old, and knowing everything he had to do unconsciously. Of course, all this will change one fateful day, when his real secret is revealed to him. Slowly he will grow conscious of what he really is, and what happened to him before. He will awaken a deadly power that transforms him into a demon, but using that power he plans to get rid of the criminality of New New York City and save people's lives. Of course... someone is up to the task to stop him from doing so, a man calling himself Mordred.

I just summarized the first arc of Omen of Chaos, so I hope you liked it! Give the story a chance, and I hope you enjoy every second you spend reading it. Remember.. Mondays and Fridays every week!


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