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Chapter VI: Battle at Grand Fiesta

Chapter VI: Battle at Grand Fiesta

Two days quickly fly as Dwayne continues to protect the city… by now most of the media nationwide is talking about the “Monster that saves people”. Today is Saturday, day of the Grand Fiesta which begins at 8AM and extends all the way to the midnight. Dwayne lies over his bed, with a far more tired face. He opens his eyes and looks at the clock: 10AM. “Well… I was going to reunite with her at 11, so I guess I am on time” he says as he stands up from the bed, his bones cracking. “My body is growing weaker…” he says as he looks at a nearby mirror.

Time flies quickly and Dwayne takes a cab and arrives at the meeting point: Right in front of the huge neon advertisement that reads “Coke Oxidus! We will STONE you!” There he waits for some minutes seeing the happy families with their sons.

“A family…” he thinks as he sees many young couples in love and even more kids with their parents. Over them a flying airship is throwing candy to the people below. The estimated amount of people there could very well be over half a million… yes, it was that crowded. Huge balloons representing famous characters like Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo floated in the air. Another advertisement not far away read “ X-Soft Double 720. 10 DNA CORES! VOODO GFX 5000X! Virtual Graphics in amazing 5850p virtual display! This Holiday!”.

Then someone hugs Dwayne from the back. He quickly turns and sees its Alexa. “So, what are we going to do! The dance party begins at 1PM” she says. “Meanwhile we can walk around-“ was all Dwayne could say before Alexa spoke again “we can walk around like the couples”. Dwayne blushed… quite a bit should be added. And so they did….

“So Dwayne….” She says. “Before talking… want some cotton candy?” he asks. “Wow… so cliché. Did Kevin teach you that?” she says, obviously teasing the nervous Dwayne (but who is definitely more confident than normal). “Well… the old tricks are the best” he bluntly replies. “Ooook… well then, buy me a blue one” she says. “Oh, I was going to get you a pink one. Forgot for a second that you were not the most feminine girl around” he says with a smile. “Here you go!” says the salesman, handing Dwayne a green cotton candy and the blue one. Slowly he gives Alexandra the blue one, who replies with a “Thanks”. Both walk away eating their cotton candy, silenced for a few seconds.

“Sooo..” finally says Alexa, breaking the silence between them (of course the noise was high). “What is that you want to talk?” asks Dwayne. “I don’t know…” she replies, growing a bit shy, a first for her. “I like you… that’s what you wanted to hear?” he says. She stares at him a bit surprised. “Since the day I met you in the classroom… the first day I remember things. I was a bit lost…. I knew what had to do, but at the same time didn’t know. You were the first one to help me” he replies with a far more serious look. “Wow… Kevin did give you lessons” she says, trying to break her own shyness. “Nope.. this I am saying by myself” he replies, now with a gentle smile. She stares at him straight at his blue eyes and after a few seconds, smiles. “Now this is progressing” she says letting out a chuckle.

Right then a rock group calling themselves the “Aeroators” take stage. “We are going to sing you all our hit… Solo Love Me Baby!” says their vocalist. “Some live music, at last” says Alexandra. They begin to slowly play their instruments when a loud explosion is suddenly heard, scaring every single soul around. A Flintstones balloon had exploded, and from behind it a flying man appeared.

“Awesome effects” says Alexandra. “That’s not an effect” thinks Dwayne.

“Time to scare the hell out of the world” says the flying man… none other than Mordred. He gets closer towards the ground, where some run away scared and some stay put thinking its part of the show. From his robotic hands automatic guns appear. Swiftly he begins to shoot the civilians down. Everyone begins to run scared and chaos ensues.

”Dwayne!” yells Alexandra as she grabs his hand.

From his shoulder a small cannon forms and within seconds a rocket is shot from it. The rocket hits the stage, lighting the fireworks behind it. A huge explosion takes place as the burning wood of the stage goes flying and about to fall to the innocent people behind.

“Dammit!” says Dwayne as he tries to do something but is held back by Alexandra. “Let’s get out of here!” she yells pulling him back. “No wait! I need to stay!” he replies as Mordred begins his shooting again. The wooden stage falls over a group of people killing them instantly.

“Alexandra! I need to stay! Run as fast as you can from here, I need to help this people!” he says to her. “But .. but” was all she could say before Dwayne kissed her right in the mouth for a second. “Now get out of here!” he says. “Ok…” she replies, running towards the human stampede trying to escape from the chaos.

“Easy target!” says Mordred as he aims at the multitude of people below. Suddenly he’s shot from below by none other than Sergeant Morales and by his side Office McCaulthy.

“Freeze!” says Morales. Immediately Mordred fires a rocket from his shoulder, straight at the duo.

“Move from there!” yells Dwayne to the frozen officers (figures). He pushes the duo away and rolls over the ground, the rocket falling close to him and the explosion throwing him far away. His body rolls over the ground but he swiftly stands up, now bleeding from the forehead. Mordred takes aim and shoots a rocket straight at Dwayne. The rocket flies too fast but he manages to back away a few inches. The shockwave sends him flying towards the windows of a nearby store. He crashes inside it, but Mordred doesn’t stop for a second and shoots another rocket, this time hitting the building. Debris comes flying down all over Dwayne.

“That’s what you get for messing with my prey! HAH!” yells Mordred as he flies over the multitude of people running away, between them Alexa. As she runs she finds a girl that had just fallen to the ground. Swiftly she grabs the girl.

”Run girl, run!” she says, but the girl’s right knee is wounded. She picks the girl up and runs away.

“Boom!” says Mordred as he shoots a rocket. It hits a car in the streets causing a huge explosion that kills a few hundred instantly. “My God, my God” kept repeating Alexandra as she kept on running.

In that second a Police Helicopter appeared and opened fire on Mordred. The bullets can’t pierce his armor.

“Fools!” he says as he shoots another rocket at the helicopter. It explodes scaring even more the people below.

“This is my revenge! Everyone will know of me and those fools of the Genes department will recognize me! Imbeciles!” he yells.

Not too far away, the debris that had fallen over Dwayne begins to rumble and move. In a few seconds all the debris flies away as Dwayne rises, transformed into Crnobog. His forehead was bleeding and his body seemed weaker. Extending his arms and then his fingers he shoots lightning straight at Mordred, hitting the armored madman.

“What the hell!” he yells as he falls from the air towards the ground.

“Hey… isn’t that the place where that guy fell. Where the demon is right now?” says McCaulthy to Morales. “Yeah…” replies the surprised man.

Mordred slowly rises from the ground as the running stampede looks back.

“Look! It’s that demon!” yells a crazy woman.

Dwayne jumps upwards and lands in front of Mordred, who has already stood up.

“So… you are the nice monster” says Mordred with a smile. His face is covered by a medieval armor, and so is his body.

“Who are you?” asks Dwayne in the demonical tone of voice of Crnobog. “I am Mordred, and who might you be?” asks Mordred. “I am Crnobog” Dwayne replies. “What a nice name… so you are that lame ass super hero everyone talks about. I thought you only appeared in the night” says the challenging Mordred.

“Stop this right away!” he says. “Oh, why should I?” asks Mordred. “If you don’t I swear I will kill you!” says Dwayne. “Let’s see you try!” says Mordred as he sends a fast quick straight to Dwayne’s face.

“Active!” says Mordred as the robotic arm puts more strength in the punch and sends Crnobog straight towards some debris. He quickly stands up and shoots lightning, hitting the armored man straight on.

“Depolarize!” he says. The lightning doesn’t affect him a bit. “What…” thinks Dwayne. Mordred turns on the jetpack and rises in the air. From there he shoots a rocket straight at Crnobog, hitting him straight on. The demon is sent flying away and crashes in a pickup car.

“Why… am I losing…” thinks Dwayne.

“Rise from 20% to 30%” he heard inside himself. Then lightning surrounded him and his eyes turned to a shining red. His lips turned to a purple color and weak flashes of lightning began to surround his body.


Crnobog raises from the debris and extends his right arm.

“Its my time to fight” said a voice inside his head.

A constant thunder appears in his right hand which is then surrounded by red blobs… looking like blood. They form around the lightning, eventually forming a dark scythe.

“Crnobog 35%”

“Oh… a new weapon” says Mordred as he looks at Crnobog who behind him has a raging fire thanks to the pickup truck.


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