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Chapter IV: A New Hope

Chapter IV: A New Hope

The rain doesn’t stop for a second. It is tireless and just keeps going and going.

“Aunt…” whispers Dwayne as he grabs a coffin by one side. Other five people are doing the same, including Uncle Martin. It was the funeral of Betty McBathy. Over 50 people followed them, including Alexandra and Kevin, towards the place where her body would eternally rest. Leading their way was a catholic priest. Everyone was dressed in black as they reached the place of rest. Eventually they reach the place, where a tent had been put. The coffin is put on the center of the tent and the priest gets close to it. There he puts holy water over it and proceeds to speak:

“Betty McBathy. A woman of good, a woman of faith, a woman of hope. The kindest woman anyone could ever know. She aided orphan kids, she protected those with no place to stay, those with no food. Now she will spend her eternal life by the side of God. Let us pray for such a great woman, whose life was taken by a man she had once taken care of. Let us pray now for her soul and her eternal life”

Everyone lowers their heads while constant sniffing could be heard. Uncle Martin cried nonstop, not even for a single second as he prayed for his loved wife. Dwayne quietly cries, showing great strength, strength that had been given to him by a woman he once met, a woman that had no relation to him yet took care of him like her own child. Alexandra gently grabs Dwayne’s left hand, action which makes Dwayne turns his head to see Alexandra. She does the gentlest of smiles at him and he replies with a smile as well. Eventually after the ceremony is over the coffin is put inside the hole in the ground where her now lifeless body would rest. Martin yells by the side as he saw the coffin go inside the hole…and so it ends.

“What are you going to now?” asks Alexandra to Dwayne as he looks at the now covered tomb and reads the tombstone. “Me? I am going to my apartment and just sleep” he replies. “Will you be alright?” she asks. “I will, don’t worry” he replies with a smile. “Alright, if you need anything just ask” she finally says.

The night finally falls upon New New York. Dwayne stands in his room by the window.

“8 PM” he says looking at his wristwatch. He turns on the projection and changes the channel to CBS.

“The constant criminality in New New York City will-“ was all the reporter could say before Dwayne turned it off.

“I will give these people a new hope. I won’t let more innocent people die… I have the power to stop it and I will” he says as he closes his fists. He takes a deep breath.

“Crnobog Activate” he says. Then he feels that same energizing feeling he had felt before. His nails grow, his clothing changes, his hair rises and he finally transforms.

“I am going to protect them all” he says in the deepest tone anyone could her, a voice that could be considered like that from the devil himself. Slowly he opens the window and looks down at the street.

Down in the streets a woman walks along her child, while carrying what seems to be an expensive bag. She passes by a dark alley where she is suddenly grabbed by the hand and thrown towards a wall.

“Now sweetie, give us that bag” says a thug while his companion draws a gun. “Mommy…” says the kid. “Don’t worry son… take it all but please don’t hurt my child” the woman says. “Don’t worry, we will just have some fun with you and throw your body pieces into the Hudson. But the kid will live” says the same thug.

“What are you going to throw?” was heard. The thug with the gun quickly turns around but doesn’t see anything.

“Above you” says the same demonical voice. The man looks upwards and sees Dwayne, transformed into his monster form, standing over some side stairs. “What the hell!” says the scared thug. Dwayne jumps from the stairs and lands on the ground. The thug shoots and Dwayne receives the bullet… but nothing happens to him. He grabs the gun and pulls it away from the thug.

“What the hell are you…” says the scared thug. The other one is shocked in fear. Dwayne swiftly grabs his neck with the left hand, and with the right hand grabs the other thug’s neck.

“Madam… you can safely leave now” says Dwayne as he jumps upwards. The jump was so high he reached the rooftop of one of the nearby buildings.

“Mommy… what was that?” asks the kid. “I… I don’t… I don’t know” says the woman greatly scared. In that moment Police spider bots arrive. Up in the rooftop Dwayne throws both thugs towards a door.

“We… WE HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING!” yells one of the thugs as he kneels and begins to beg. “Silence” says Dwayne. The thug quickly shuts up. “You are going to jail. There, tell everyone about me, tell them that anyone who tries to hurt the people of this city will have some rough times with me. By the way… my name is Crnobog” says Dwayne. Both thugs begin to yell like girls as he extends his arms and grabs them.

Down below the police had already arrived and were interviewing the assaulted woman when suddenly the both thugs are thrown, tied with a rope to the ground.

“HE’S A MONSTER!!” they were both yelling. The police looked to the skies but saw nothing.

“So madam… I am starting to believe what you said about the devil coming and saving you” said the totally shocked police officer.

That same night, elsewhere in the streets of New New York, extremely close to Broadway, a police chase was taking place. Police choppers where following the escaping cars, while a news helicopter, CBS, reported from above.

“We are seeing a chase in Broadway! 3 burglars entered and breached the security of the Bank of America and are escaping with $5 million dollars and two hostages. The police is following them through land and air” said the female reporter.

It was starting to grow into a high speed chase. The crowded streets of Broadway had slowed down the chase a bit, but with orders from the police for civilians to move away from the streets the chase was growing faster.

“Let’s screw them up!” says one of the burglar as he shows his face from the window with a rocket launcher on hand. One of his companions, who seems like a woman, grabs the cannon of the launcher.

“Shit!” said the cop when in that moment they fired the rocket. They push the brakes as much as they can but the wet roads don’t help much. The police car begins to slowly slide as the rocket grows closer and closer. Suddenly it explodes without affecting the police car. Nearby cars and windows are broken by the shockwave.

“We are seeing something incredible! There’s a man jumping from rooftop to rooftop and he fired a lightning shot from his hands!” yells the reporter as the camera focus on Dwayne, jumping rooftop to rooftop.

“Launch the Spider Bots!” says one of the chasing police officers. From beneath the ground and from holes some of the buildings have hundredths of spider bots appear. Their speed is incredible and are able to vertically climb buildings.

“There’s a freak on the top of the buildings!” says Officer McCaulthy to Sergeant Morales. “I am freaking hearing the radio man!” says Morales.

“There’s someone up in the buildings!” says Saya, a Japanese woman inside the car of the burglars. “Shut up, I am just driving” says Erheitz, no one is sure if this is name but it is known he is the leader of one of the biggest gangs in New New York, and constantly robs banks. He’s known for his amazing strength, something shown in the bulk of his muscles and the scars his face and body have. Their friend, Mario, an Italian man with a nice moustache and a red hat, is the one handling the guns, including the rocket launcher.

“Mario, stop the police and the bots” says Erheitz, who seems to be enjoying a lot the chase. Mario grabs an AK-85 from his small arsenal which includes 7 guns, two AK 85’s, and a portable rocket launcher where the cannon can be taken out so there’s greater mobility. He gives one AK 85 to Saya who happily grabs the gun. Their two hostages have the mouth shit and are tied tightly with a rope. Both Saya and Mario shoot from the car one of the police cars, the one in front of Officer McCaulthy and Sergeant Morales. With surprising aim they hit the tires of the car who slides to the side and eventually crashes inside a restaurant injuring some.

“Activating Tire Shield!” says McCaulthy as a steel armor appears in front of the tires and by the side of tires. Saya and Mario begin to aim the closing Spider Bots.

“Time to go down” says Dwayne. The persecuted car makes a sharp right run in an intersection. The duo of officers turn around.

“Take those officers down” says Erheitz. Saya aims at the windshield.

“Put the magnetic shield” says Morales. “It’s not working!” says McCaulthy as he frantically keeps yelling “magnetic shield”.

Saya shoots her AK 85 when suddenly Dwayne appears, having thrown himself from the rooftop of a building, extends his left arm and extends his fingers and from there shoots five lightning rays. They hit the ground and destroy the bullets before reaching their destination.

“There’s a weirdo!” yells Mario. “What the hell…” say surprised Morales. Dwayne lands over the road breaking it the instant he falls. Swiftly he runs behind the car with the thieves inside.

“He jumped from above and nothing happened to him!” yells Saya who begins to shoot Dwayne. Many bullets hit him but nothing happens. The news copter zooms in on the extraordinary event. Dwayne keeps running forth and forth, reaching the car.

“Nothing is happening to him!” yells Saya. “Grab the rocket launcher Saya!” says Mario. They grab the rocket launcher, Saya grabbing the cannon. They shoot a rocket straight at Dwayne. Shooting from his fingers lightning he causes it to explode. From within the smoke he appears and jumps.

“My God…” says Mario as he watches Dwayne jumping and falling over the trunk of the car. The trunk of the car breaks apart at the same time breaking the axis of the tires. The car goes out of control.

“We are going to die!” yells Saya as the car slides and hits straight on a windowed building. The broken crystals fly around as the car turns over and comes to a raging stop. The car lights in fire while the alarm of the building begins to sound. Dwayne appears from outside and opens one of the doors. Gently he grabs the two hostages and takes them outside, leaving the 3 burglars inside the car. Safely he puts them away from the building and heads towards the inferno car. From within it Erheitz appears, bloody. Saya crawls outside of the car while Mario is stuck inside, his face burning already.

“Let me get your friend out” says Dwayne. “Fuck him” says Erheitz as he closes his fists. Then the car explodes and a yell is heard… Mario just died. Another yell is heard, this time from Saya. Her right leg had been injured by the explosion and she was yelling of agony. In that same instant the officers stop and quickly get out of the car. “FREEZE!” yells Morales. Meanwhile the news chopper records everything. “This is going to make me famous!” yells the overexcited reporter while still on air.

“Monster… who are you?” says a smiling Erheitz. “My name is Crnobog” replies Dwayne. “Nice name…” he replies with a grin. Then he charges at Dwayne. Dwayne evades the incoming punch swiftly and kicks Erheitz right in the chin. He backs away but surprisingly replies with a right hook which catches Dwayne off guard. The punch makes contact in his chin, making him back away.

“You can resist bullets but not a punch? Hah!” says Erheitz.

Dwayne then jumps over Erheitz. The later turns around and grabs Dwayne’s neck. He counters by piercing his nails into Erheitz’s right wrist. Immediately he lets go of Dwayne’s neck. He finishes it up by giving Erheitz a nice kick to the face. The weakened thug is unable to stand up, while the shocked officers look from afar. Dwayne turns around and sees them.

“Send the ones alive to jail immediately” says Dwayne as once again he jumps upwards, towards a rooftop. The news chopper keeps recording him, but suddenly a lightning ray passes nearby the helicopter, immediately damaging the camera because of magnetism. Then Dwayne disappears.

“Awesome…” says the reporter.

Dwayne reaches his apartment, entering by the window.

“Deactivate” he says as everything returns to normal.

“I am alright.. nothing happened to me… great” he says, now with his normal tone of voice. He turns on the Projection Set and in the news footage of himself running over rooftops is shown, and the headline says “A New Hope”. “A new hope…” whispers Dwayne as he turns around taking his shirt off. Immediately he notices red marks all over his body.

“The bullets do affect me” he says when suddenly his body begins to tremble. “What the hell!” he says as lightning begins to surround his body. He grabs his head and begins to yell.

”AAAGH! WHAT IS GOING ON!” he yells as his heart gets overexcited. His arms weaken and so do his legs. Eventually he stops moving and slowly closes his eyes, falling to the carpeted floor. There he lies unconscious…..


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