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Chapter III: Genesis of a Hero

Chapter III: Genesis of a Hero

Dwayne opens his eyes and looks at the clock: 6:15AM. “Oh my God I slept that much? And I didn’t even take a bath… geesh, disgusting” he says to himself. He takes a shower, gets his bag pack and out to the wild of the city again.

“I really hope that what happened yesterday was just a bad dream” he thinks. Eventually he arrives at the University, and as always, meets up with Kevin in the central plaza.

”Hey dude” says Kevin, always nerd looking. “Hey Kev” says Dwayne. “So man did you her it?” asks an excited Kevin. “What? What?” says an curious Dwayne. “Man!! Marcus was found shaking close to the University’s main gate, yelling that he had seen the devil! His friend Ethan was trying to control him, but at the same time was saying it was true. Man it was hilarious! Alexandra was trying to control him but he kept yelling “Get away from me” to her” narrated Kevin. Dwayne opens his eyes widely in surprise… it wasn’t a dream what had happened, it was reality.

“Man get happy! That means you have a chance with her again!” says Kevin overly excited. “Yeah… maybe” replies Dwayne. “Man, you alright?” asks Kevin. “Not feeling too well…” replies Dwayne. “Well… gotta take the Bio class! Let’s go!” says Kevin.

They arrive at the classroom and sit as always. Alexandra enters a few minutes later and sits by Dwayne’s side.

“Alexa” he says to her. “Hey Dwayne..” she replies, with a saddened look all over her face. “I know what happened with Marcus…” he softly says. “You don’t know anything. You just know what everyone is saying... that he is crazy” she talks back. Dwayne stares at her for a few seconds and lowers his sight. “Am I meant not to be loved?” she says with tears going down “every man I go out with always breaks up with me and this time one of them went crazy!”. Dwayne lets out a small snicker. She looks straight at him and lets out a giggle. That’s the way they treat each other… just laugh and fun at all times, no matter what happens. “Oh it’ll pass Alexa. As I’ve always told you, you just need to wait until the right man finds you” says Dwayne. “And as I’ve always told you I think I have found him but he dares not make the first move” she bluntly replies… it was the same reply as always. Dwayne, as always, gets all red. “Oh man you are a loser...” whispers Kevin.

“But seriously, what happened to Marcus is definitely not normal. Not only that but his friend was also saying it was true.” She says. Dwayne staggers a bit, but eventually speaks: “We could never know the truth”. In that moment the professor arrives. He’s sweaty, as many times lately.

“Class, I won’t reunite you for long today as I have important matters to quickly attend. Remember, by next Wednesday October 20 you all have oral presentation. Now, if you excuse me I am leaving” says Professor Arthur. And as quickly as he entered, as quickly he leaves.

“What’s up with the Professor. He’s in extra weird mode lately” says Kevin. “Yeah…” was Dwayne’s reply. Alexandra stands up and walks out of the room, waving good bye to Kevin and Dwayne. “Off to work now!” she says. “Man!! You need to invite her to the Grand Fiesta of New York Reborn! GO NOW!” says Kevin pushing Dwayne forward. “Wait Alexandra! Dwayne has something to say!” says Kevin. Alexandra turns around quickly, like someone expecting something. Dwayne stands there in front of Alexandra for a few seconds, not saying a word.

“Ale… Alexa.. err… I.. I was wondering if you.. if you could come with me to… to… the Grand Fiesta” says a staggering Dwayne. Alexandra winks at him. “Sure. I am a bit late so I’ll call you for the details!” says Alexandra as she gives a kiss to Dwayne’s cheek. “See you!”.

“That wasn’t so hard!” says an excited Kevin. “Oh sure, you weren’t the one speaking”. “What will you do this night?” asks Kevin. “I must stay and study for the Anthropology class. Test tomorrow” replies Dwayne. “Oh alright, was going to ask you to come over my house and play that new Ninapple video game console… well, see you later!” says Kevin. “See ya”.

Dwayne stayed most of the day in the University, especially studying for his test. “Its 8PM, time to go” he says as he looks at his wristwatch.

He goes outside. A non stop rain is falling. He walks, and walks, and walks. He turns a corner, and then sees this man with his face covered, aiming a gun at someone inside his car. Then a shot is heard. Dwayne stands there frozen, and the murderer looks at him. Scared, the burglar runs away. Dwayne quickly gets out his shock state and runs towards the car. A old hand is hanging by the broken window. Dwayne finally looks inside…. It was Aunt Betty, shot in the heart.

“A… Aunt…” he said in total shock. He slowly touches her pale and cold face, not knowing how to react. The old woman slowly opens her eyes and looks at him.

“Like the son… I never had” then she closes her eyes. “AUNT BETTY!!!” he yells with tears falling down his chin, mixing with the water of the rain pouring. Shaking, and nervous he activates a device in his wristwatch. “Call Emergency!” he yells. Inside his ear he hears the tone ringing, eventually it is picked up by a woman.

“Please.. Please HELP ME! MY AUNT WAS SHOT! I NEED HELP; QUICK…..” then he falls to his knees. “Locating GPS… sending ambulance. Please, stay there sir” says the female officer on the earphone. “Why…” he faintly says as he looks at the darkened skies.


Something had taken over his body. He slowly stands up and heads towards a nearby building. He enters like a zombie and takes the stairs. He walks up a 25 story high building and reaches the rooftop. There he walks towards the edge of it.

“What are you?” he asks to himself.

“I am you. You are me”

“What do you want?”

“To do what must be done. To do what I must do. To do what I am meant to do”

“Can you.. can you help me… save lives…”

“I am you. You are me”

“Then.. I am going to use the power I have…. My own unknown power to save people’s lives…”

GM 00666. Nano: EC11889. BIO 002a. Awaiting for Voice Command Input”

“Once.. you input the command yourself… what is it?”

“I am you. You are me. You know it, you just have it sealed inside your own head. This voice you hear, it is just a mechanism put in to give you the information needed to what you must do. The Command is your name… and your name is Crnobog. You have awakened, now this mechanism is useless. Remember.. I am you. You are me”


“Input Accepted”

The rain grows even more intense as lightning struck nearby buildings. His hair rises. His face grows pale. His clothes change. The same as last time.

“This is myself…” he said in a dark, demonic tone of voice. He stands up right over the edge and looks over the nearby buildings.

“I won’t let people close to me die. I will protect the people of this city… of this world. This is what I was meant to be… this is the reason I was born for. To save people.” Then he remembered something,

“The Grand Weapon…”

Dwayne lied atop a cold, steel bed. Slowly he opened his eyes.

“He is working” said a nearby doctor. “The Beta is done…” said another one. “Now my dear friend, we will input all the information you need to live. You will never remember this, until you are awakened or needed” said a scientist, his face entirely covered.

“So.. I have awakened” he says as he looks down, where the police and an ambulance arrive at the scene of crime. He raises his left hand and looks at it. It’s pale, and with long nails.

“I will protect them all….” He says one last time as he stands firm over the edge of the building. His jacket moves along the wind and lightning falls around him. The police and civilians down the street look at those events.. a lightning striking the same place, but over six simultaneously. The smoke clears and no trace of Dwayne…

From down the street the same man, the one in the raincoat, smiles as he looked at what had happened. His earphone rings.

“He has awakened sir” he says.


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