Monday, October 16, 2006

Chapter II: The Awakening

Chapter II: The Awakening


Dwayne's body got surrounded by electricity.

“What the fuck” says Marcus as he steps away scared. Dwayne lies with loose arms and his head looking down. A few electricity bursts appear around him.

“What is going on!” thinks Dwayne as his chest begins to jump. “Agh!”. Slowly, strands of hair begin to spike up. His chest keeps on jumping, trembling like an earthquake.

“GM 00666. Nano: EC11889. BIO 002a. Awaiting for Voice Command Input”. It was like a computer voice inside his own head.

“What is that...” says Dwayne.

“This guy is fucking weird!” says Ethan, obviously scared.

“Freaking nerd!” says Marcus as slowly and trembling he grabs a gun from his back. Dwayne looks at the gun.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH” was Dwayne's loud yell. Then there was silence.

Slowly Dwayne raises his head.

“Codename: CRNOBOG” he says in a far deeper, and maybe demonic voice. Marcus legs begin to tremble at the sight of a monster in front of him.

Dwayne's hair was all spiked up. His eyes had a far more menacing look in them and his lips were pale. Also his skin had a grayish tone in it. Slowly his clothing began to change. A long sleeved gray jacket then appeared, and behind it a black shirt. The jacket was opened, exposing the black shirt behind it. Also his jeans began to change to a black leather pant and black boots appeared instead of his tennis’s. Also long 9 inches nails grew from his fingers. He looked like a demon.

“Fucking monster!” yells Marcus as he lets go the first bullet. It hits Dwayne straight in the chest, making him back away. But it didn't do anything else.

Dwayne jumps high in the air and lands behind Marcus. Marcus backs away as fast and as far as he can from Dwayne. He aims his gun and shoots. All bullets hit Dwayne directly, piercing his body but not inflicting damage.

“Archaic guns” says Dwayne in the same demonic voice as before.

“Marcus.. we better get the hell away from here!” says Ethan. Dwayne slowly walks towards the due as Marcus keeps on shooting not doing any damage. Swiftly Dwayne disappears and appears in front of Marcus and grabs the gun. Slowly he crushes it in front of him. Ethan then takes action and lets go a punch which is stopped in it's tracks by Dwayne's left hand. Slowly he crushes Ethan's right hand, making him fall to his knees due to the pain.

A police siren is then heard.

“Damn it!” says Marcus as he slowly walks away from Dwayne. He then takes action and grabs him by the neck.

“Dw...Dwa...Dwayne...” whispered Marcus as Dwayne put more strength in his right hand, ready to crush his neck.

“HUH!” says Dwayne as he lets go both Marcus and Ethan. He then grabs his head and falls to his knees, followed by a loud yell.

“STOOOP!” he heard inside his head.

“This guy is fucking crazy!” says Ethan as he stood up and ran away as far as he could. “Damn it!” says Marcus as he follows Ethan.

“I need to get out of here!” thinks Dwayne. He runs away from the court, still in his monster form. A few second later spider bots arrive. They are robots in form of spiders, quick moving and agile, with a base in their center which has cameras and a small satellite to relay images. They swiftly scan the place, not finding anything.

Dwayne meanwhile hides in a dark alley between buildings and sits in the ground. Slowly his hair begins to go back to normal and his skin becomes white once more. His nails return to normal and the Gothic clothing that had appeared begins to disappear and instead his normal clothing appears.

“What the hell happened just now…” he thinks as he breathes heavier and heavier every second. He raises his right hand and stares at it.

“I need to return to my apartment” he thought as he stood up. Slowly he walked away, not noticing the person hiding behind a trash can. The man stands up, revealing a guy of about 65 years. His white moustache and long, straight hair revealed this age of his. Covered in a brown raincoat he stares at the weakened Dwayne, who is walking away. Finally… he smiles.

“What was that voice..” he kept thinking as he got closer and closer to the building where he lived in.

“Dwayne!” yelled a feminine voice. Slowly he turns his head and sees a woman of about 60 years standing by a door with the sign “McBathy’s Food”.

“Aunt Betty…” he says. The woman, with gray hair and very short in length, walks towards him.

“You look bad kiddo” she says, staring at Dwayne’s pale look. “I am not feeling well Aunt” he replies. “I haven’t been taking care of you for 4 years for nothing! Now, let’s go into the restaurant and I’ll give you some nice soup and some medicine. Come now kid” says Betty who gently grabs Dwayne’s left hand. Slowly they cross the street and enter the “McBathy’s Food” restaurant. It’s an old fashion restaurant, with sports themes on one side and on the other side a kitchen theme.

“Oh boy, you aren’t looking so well!” says old Uncle Martin, owner of the McBathy’s restaurant along Ms. Betty. He was old, maybe around 62 years old, not very tall and a bit cranky sometimes as well. “Yeah, I found him walking to the apartment” says Betty. “What’s gotten into ya kid?” says Martin.

“I really have no clue. Just… not feeling too well” says Dwayne. “Well then, some chicken soup will fix that right away!” says Aunt Betty.

Some minutes pass and Aunt Betty hands Dwayne the bowl of soup she promised. Not hesitating a second, Dwayne gets to work right away. “Darn were you hungry kiddo!” she says. “Yeah…” he softy replies. “Now here’s the medicine… take it right away after you eat” says Aunt Betty. “Thanks” Dwayne replies. Swiftly he finishes up the soup and takes the medicine. “Sorry to bother you always Aunt” he says. “Aw don’t worry about nothing! I promised to myself that I would take care of you when you ran out of your apartment yelling “where the hell am I!”. You looked so cute and lost that I just had to take care of you! Now, go and study. If you need anything just call me right away, Ok?” says Aunt Betty. “Of course Aunt… see you Uncle!” says Dwayne as he waves his hand at the two elderly. “Hopefully he isn’t into drugs…” says Martin. “Aw Marty!” replies Betty, scolding the old cranky man.

Dwayne finally gets into his apartment and throws himself to the bed.

“What was that…..” he kept thinking. He grabs the remote controller and turns on the holographic projection set (In other words… a future TV).

“CNN WITH THE NEWS!” was the headline. The female narrator then continued: “President Adam F. Goodwill today spoke to the people of the world about the heightening tension of US and China. This is what he had to say:” On the projection President Goodwill appears. He had a small brown beard , a bit pointy, and well styled brown hair. His blue eyes impressed anyone who saw them. Since 2032 he had been the President of the United States of America, and was already on his second term. “We will not be intimidated by the Republic of China’s latest decisions. They won’t threaten us with the claims they have biological weapons. The freedom and the democracy of the United States won’t be affected in any way! If the Republic of China is to attack us then we will reply with a massive retaliation, like nothing seen since World War III!”. The reporter continues: “Many analysts say that this tension between the two super powers of the world could end up in World War IV. In other news the constant killing of civilians and the continuous stealing of properties in NNYC is escalating every day as-“ and then the projection was shut off.

“I want to relax not to get more nervous” says Dwayne. He stretches his arms a bit and slowly closes his eyes.


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