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Chapter I: First Day

Chapter I: First Day

“Adding Nanomachine Number 30146” says a female computer voice.

Atop a cold aluminum bed a human being lies asleep. He has short white hair, white skin and has his eyes closed with his mouth covered. On top of him a mechanic hand moves and around this man's numb body five persons stand. They are dressed in what looks to be a mechanical suit, similar to one that astronauts use. Slowly one of them opens the man's liver. The mechanical hand lowers and a needle appears from within it. Slowly it pierces the liver.

“Nanomachine Number 30146 Added” was what the female computer voice said after the needle had pierced the man's liver.

The mechanical hand goes upwards and the men, who seem to be doctors, keep on the surgery they are doing on the man.

A man is watching the ongoing surgery from away, protected by a thick glass window. The darkness of that room covers him entirely.

“The Grand Weapon....” was all he said.

* GASP *

Dwayne suddenly wakes up, breathing heavily and obviously scared.

“That dream again” he thought as he continued his quest for oxygen. Immediately the alarm clock sounds: 6:55AM.

“Great...” says the young man of about 22 years. His long and straight white hair falls over his shoulders, and his lack of shirt revealed his quite athletic body. His gentle and kind face could lighten the day to anyone.

Immediately he stands up and heads to the bathroom.

“My name is Dwayne Erickson. I am your normal American boy living in year 2038 who has no memory of his past. Oh wait, I haven't explained anything yet! I am 22 years old. In year 2014 World War III took place, and it extended to year 2017. It was a war of America and Europe vs. Russia, China, Korea and Iran. From what I've heard it was not the most violent of all wars, not as violent as World War II, but surpassing WW I. Well, in this war over 150 million died worldwide, and though many feared of nuclear weapons falling everywhere it was not the case. New York City was the most affected city though, as it was targeted several times during the war, destroying the once capital of the world to smithereens, or at least a part of it. The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building were not destroyed though. Anyway, I was born in year 2016 when the War was at it's climax. Sadly I don't remember anything from that time, in fact I only remember my life after I was 18 years old, or when I studied in the University of NNY. It was a weird day actually, I just remember me waking up in a dorm room, but the even weirder thing was that I knew where I was supposed to go, and I had straight A's in my grades! In fact I was the smartest student around. I don't remember any family, and my studies are paid by the government. Anyway, I am living in the New New York City and studying in the University of NNY, studying to be a biologist. I have a crush on a anonymous girl! Anyway, this is my life as I remember it!”

“Well, at least the Tell your Life in a Casual Way assignment is done” says Dwayne as he looks at the paper while walking towards a massive building that read on a silver sign: “University of New New York”.

“Hey Dwayne!” says Kevin, a dorky looking guy with huge glasses and blond hair. “Hey Kevin” replies Dwayne with a smile.

“So, are you ready for the Biology class?” asks an over excited Kevin. “Of course Kev.... but why the excitement?” replies Dwayne. “Dude! It's the first test of the semester! Woohoo!!” yells Kevin as he jumps all over the place.

“Oh my God, I didn't study!” says Dwayne. “So.. you are going to fail the first Bio test?”. “I hope not!”. “Yeah... you are going to fail”.

“What will I do! The professor obviously will send us both away from each other so I can't copy from you! I am doomed!” yells Dwayne already getting ready for a big F.

“Well.. it's almost 8:30... let's go man” says Kevin. “Aw man...”

Walking through the halls of the University of NNY is quite an experience, with paintings on the ceiling and huge halls, and expensive looking tiles with drawings over them. The duo of friends finally arrive at Room 301, BIO 04 class, and sit close to each other. A few minutes later a beautiful girl with long brown hair and blue eyes enters the room. She's extremely cute and good looking and her height is around 5'9.

“Look who's there Dwayne!” says Kevin pointing at the girl. “Alexandra..” whispers Dwayne.

“You need to move man! Someone will steal the girl from you!” says Kevin. “Aw man.. shut up! I am doing a last minute study!” replies Dwayne as he avoids looking at Alexandra.

In a few seconds the professor, Arthur Longheart enters the classroom.

“Good morning class” he says, while sweating quite a bit. Arthur was a man of about 35 years, 6'5 and conserved his body quite well, and was dressed in a suit. Slowly he takes off his glasses.

“So, before we do the test please scramble around. Dwayne I want you away from Kevin” says the professor.

“Yes sir...” replies Dwayne as he stands up from the chair. The whole group scrambles around, leaving only one seat left... close to Alexandra.

“Nice...” thinks Dwayne as he sits by Alexandra's side. “Hey Dwayne” she whispers with a sweet voice. “Hey Alexa...” replies Dwayne. Both of them had known each other for a while actually, and they spend a lot of time together... but Dwayne was always shy when with her. “Did you study?” she quietly asks. “Actually.. no. I haven't been feeling well” he replies. “Well.. if you need anything, just ask” she whispers. He looks at her, a bit surprised. “Alright” he replies with a smile.

The professor hands everyone the test.

“Shit I am going to fail” thinks Dwayne. He tries answering some of the 20 questions, but has heavy problems with the test.

“Psst...” he hears, and slowly turns around. Slowly Alexandra hands him a note. “Gotta save your ass” said the note, and below it a lot of answers for the questions. Alexandra winks at him, and he replies with a smile. He finishes the long test thanks to Alexandra's answers. Eventually the class ends.

“I'll hand you your grades next week Tuesday. Class dismissed” says Arthur as he quickly walks out of the room.

“Well.. he sure is in a rush” says Alexandra to Dwayne. “Hey, Alexa... thanks for the .. help” says Dwayne. “No problem” she replies. “So.. are you going anywhere this night?” asks Dwayne as both walk together out of the classroom.

“Actually.. I have a date” she replies. “Oh.. a date...” says Dwayne. “Yeah.. with Marcus” replies the young woman. “Well... heh.. enjoy it” says Dwayne. “Thanks! Anyway, I have a class in a few minutes so see you tomorrow” says Alex, as he calls her. “Bye, take care” says the slow and quiet talking Dwayne.

Slowly he turns around and looks at his clock. “So she has a date. Well.. maybe Kevin is right... Maybe I didn't make the moves. Oh well...” says Dwayne, who is an extremely quiet and easy going guy. From afar two men look.

“So, that's the dork that's trying to steal your girlfriend?” says one of the guys, wearing a sleeveless black jacket with his chest exposed, and a leather black pant. His body was full of tattoos.

“Yeah. We need to get rid of that nerd” says the other guy, a handsome looking man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He is the typical popular guy, with a well built body and a smile that looks like a piano.

“So, Marcus, what do we do?” says the punk guy. “Ethan, let's wait until 3PM when he goes on his usual walk alone around the campus. Then we can kick his ass for trying to take Alexandra from me. Dork” says Marcus. “Alright” replies Ethan, the punk dude.

And so, the 3' o clock arrives.

“I'll see you later Dwayne. Off to home now, gotta do a lot of stuff” says Kevin. “Alright man. Take care, I am going off to walk” replies Dwayne. “Alright, I'll call you!” yelled Kevin as he walked away. “Smart ass” says Dwayne with a smile as he begins his routine daily walk.

“So.... Alexandra has another guy. Geesh. I am so dumb, why didn't I ever ask her. Why the hell am I so stupid dammit” kept thinking Dwayne as he walked by the basketball court, which was strangely empty.

“So.. here's the nerd” says someone from behind. “What..” thinks Dwayne as he swiftly turns around. It was Ethan.

“So.. Mr. Dwayne” says Marcus as he appears from the opposite side.

“What is what you want Marcus?” says Dwayne. “I hear that you are bothering MY Alexandra” says Marcus with a grin in his face. “She and I are friends since four years ago” replies Dwayne.

“Dude, shut up. A nerd like you can't hang out with my chick man. So.. I'll have to beat you up” says Marcus.

“Yeah, I'll help too” says Ethan. “I haven't done anything wrong” says Dwayne. “You know, you say you can't remember anything? Well, maybe now you will remember something. I'll help ya man!” says Marcus as he walks towards Dwayne.


“What was that?” thinks Dwayne as he turns around to see Ethan growing closer as well.

“Marcus please stop this. She and I are just friends!” says Dwayne. “You know, she's my woman. I am the popular dude, the one who gets the chicks and the sex! And I decided I wanted to gave Alexandra some of my love. That's all girls are for! SEX!” says Marcus as he grows closer to Dwayne.

“You dare put your filthy hands on her I swear I will kill you!” says Dwayne losing his temper. “Oh.. he got mad!” says Ethan. “Let's see you try!” says Marcus as he gave Dwayne a punch straight in the gut.


Then suddenly Dwayne felt something weird within his body. Like electricity flowing inside of him.

“What is going on!” he thinks.


And then all hell broke loose......


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